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Tearing down…while others BUILD

We have watched over the last few years as our monuments from history have been defaced, demolished or removed. This is today in American, when we should be learning from history and honoring the brave who fought to maintain freedom…however they saw it. It should be a time of unifying and especially honoring our military who have given life and blood for the causes that they have been sent to around the world.

We are also being told that Russia is one of the main enemies of the West…and especially the United States. So, why is it that Russia is doing the OPPOSITE of what some in the U.S. seem to be trying to destroy?

THEY ARE BUILDING STRONG IMAGES OF NATIONALISM THROUGH THE USE OF RELIGIOUS STRENGTH. (Compare this to what children and young college age students in America are allowed to learn about faith, history or any other unifying teaching. One could go crazy thinking of ridiculous things being taught like what pronouns NOT to use! But I digress…)

  • Why is Russia building a strong alliance with their national church, the Russian Orthodox Church?

Could it be that they know that having the church and Christian believers who stayed faithful, even during the Soviet era of Lenin and Stalin, are a strong force to be on the government’s side?

One of many military murals with Saints
  • Why does the Russian government feel it is important to build a strong belief in their children and young adults that the State and the Church are unified as one?

Could it be that they rightly realize that their children are the future and will have such a unified belief in government, religious faith and leadership, that they will defend the nation and its ideology to the death?

AN ORTHODOX-MILITARY CATHEDRAL in Russia has been built. (2020)

A high church official said about the cathedral, Today is a significant event for the Armed Forces and for our country. Today the first temple is consecrated to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. (WWII) I am absolutely sure that all those who will come here will recall past deeds and prepare for the future.”

The Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces is 95-metre high. (312 feet high) It is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. The richly decorated cathedral was built in less than two years in a Patriot Park about 55 kilometers (34 miles) from Moscow. The consecration was led by Russia’s Orthodox Patriarch, Kirill.

The cathedral’s six golden domes are dedicated to the patron saints of each branch of the Armed Forces of Russia. A museum at the church complex features exhibitions about the history of Russia’s armed forces.

Picture taken while the Orthodox-Russian Military Cathedral was being built.
Military Cathedral was consecrated in 2020
  • Why are the Orthodox Priests so committed to the government plans after the terrible imprisonment, murders of Orthodox priests and closing of churches during the Stalin and Lenin eras?

According to the Orthodoxy in Dialogue, it is this reason.

As far back as 1996, in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, Samuel P. Huntington predicted the rise of “political Orthodoxy” in Russia as a global geopolitical threat no less powerful and nefarious than political Islam. Some fifteen or so years later, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin announced the transplantation of “Byzantine symphonia” — a model of church-state “co-voice” — from 14th-century Byzantium to 21st-century Russia. The current escalation of Russian military aggression against Ukraine on the eve of the Ukrainian Church’s reception of autocephaly from the Ecumenical Patriarchate leaves us no choice but to take them at their word: Church and Kremlin indeed speak with one voice in Russia.” 

The face of Christ and the Apostles are prominent throughout the cathedral


It may be time that we take a HARD LOOK at what demolishing our history and turning inward against ourselves by ideology, race and creed is doing to this nation. It most likely is a recipe for disaster for one of the greatest nations in history.

What are we teaching our children and young people of all creeds and races that make up this nation? What are we, as adults, showing to them as an example of honor, respect, and appreciation for our military, history and government that has stood for liberty for all? Are we our society to be destroyed for the next generation? Our leadership needs to be aware of what is actually taking place in this world. It is not enough to meet with Russia’s president, Putin, and give him a list of what we expect of him. He will continue to do what he will do and the building of bridges between the Church and the State is one thing he is definitely doing. If some Russian believers think that they may be stepping into the wrong shoes, they will probably find, as our nation is finding, that any dissention is a reason for retaliation.

Taking a look at what Russia and the Orthodox Church of Russia are doing in 2021 does NOT uphold in any way the teachings of Communism or the Marxist beliefs that were responsible for the murder of millions during the Soviet era. However, even Putin understood the POWER of TRADITION in the lives of people and nations. He was quoted in the Times of London as saying, “It is one more symbol of the indestructibility of our national traditions, of our loyalty to the memory of our forefathers and their achievements.”

Taking a look, however, does make us think realistically at what is happening to us today, especially in other places, like Russia. How this strong alliance between the Orthodox Church and the government will effect those Christian believers of other church persuasion, or even other religions, is yet to be seen. There probably will not be much tolerance.

A STRONG RECOMMENDATION: The video below shows step by step the building of the Orthodox-Military Cathedral. It is fascinating. Take time to watch. You will be amazed at the beauty.

Parts of it were built and funded by citizens of the country who wanted to show their allegiance to this nationalistic project. Everything from gold, precious jewels and exquisite mosaics were part of this expensive undertaking.

(As a side-note, I will mention that when my husband took Americans on a renovation project for an orphanage in Russia, they had no hot water for all their children. Our mission group completely renovated a cafeteria for them. Also, I will mention that when I took American students on a cultural tour of Russia some years ago, there was a drive-on ramp every few miles in the country for the repair of their broken down automobiles. As we left Russia to go into Poland, the car lines were long as the average Russians took a day trip into Poland to get supplies not available to them in Russia. Let’s hope that the ordinary people of Russia are not suffering as they were when we saw them. )


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