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Getting Along

There are times when it seems that most people can’t get along. If one person, or group, has an expressed idea, it is used as a reason for total disagreement, a loss of friendship or even violence when confronted by a mob.

Perhaps one man made a very good statement about this situation. His name is Jacques Chirac, the former President of France:

Franco-American relations have been, and always will be, both conflictual and excellent. The U.S. finds France unbearable with its pretensions; we find the U.S. unbearable with its hegemonism. (meaning dominating) But deep down, we remember that the ‘boys’ – came to help us two times, just as the Americans remember that the French helped them with their independence. So there will be sparks but no fire, because a real bond exists.

Yes, “sparks can fly”, but there will be no real damage because we truly know that there is more that connects us than divides us. It is the “bonds” that hold us together. This is the real truth for Americans. Those who would push differences as something to be eliminated or punished for…should understand that the truth is that not all misunderstandings or differences of opinion will be abolished…never! It is up to us to learn to get along regardless.

As the French and the Americans, in the past, rallied to help in times of trouble, so it is also true today. Most Americans will go the second mile and be available regardless of who needs help. Also important is that we teach this to our children and demonstrate this principal, by example, in our everyday lives.

Disagreement has been going on throughout the history of mankind!

In today’s world, we most often soften our answers to those to whom we disagree by changing the subject…or we might say something that sounds more like an apology:

I’m afraid I disagree with you.

I’m not sure that’s always true.

Sometimes the divide is so wide, that it takes a megaphone to call out one’s view point!!!!!!

If one takes the “free speech” argument approach… or in groups, the message is usually soon forgotten until the next signs and placards appear. In fact, if carrying signs becomes too frequent, people tune them out all together. They become “just another protest or demonstration.” It is rare, if not ever, that a group marches up to another group and calming asks their opinion on anything. If they did, could they find anything in common in which they could be thankful or agreeable? We know the answer is “NO.” Most demonstrations, for whatever cause, is completely biased to their persuasion and would not listen to reason.

Someone I know has decided that taking the Covid shot is not in a future agenda. This is because this person has already had the virus and medical statistics say that it is below 1% possibility that a person who has had it will get it again. Close friends have taken the hard line to try to persuade that this is totally wrong. Are they doctors? Researchers? No, they are ordinary people being led by the pressures that have surrounded everyone daily. Whatever the viewpoint, right or wrong….isn’t it ultimately up to the individual? Whatever the issue, we have to learn sometime to “agree to disagree.” This is probably the most important part of getting along.

Social influence and pressure are hard for people to resist. Most people want to do what is best or right for themselves and others. It is up to each of us to decide how to stand on our own beliefs regardless of the crowd around us. That is not always easy. Getting along may not be the priority when facing other peoples thoughts and views. Standing alone may be something that we have to simply decide for ourselves and realize that we are not really alone. It may just seem that way. For everyone with a different viewpoint, there are also those who would agree…but may be too shy or reluctant to say so.

What do we do? We ask God to help us have wisdom in decision making and humility when it comes to trying to tell others that we are RIGHT and they are WRONG….SO THERE! We simply need to find the will of God in our relationships and our personal thoughts and opinions.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with My eye.” Psalm 32:8

Dear God, In my conversation with people, help me to think about what You would say to them. May my heart be one of mercy, grace and less of having to always have the last word…or my own way. Help me to seek to GET ALONG and to be more like You, Dear Christ. Amen


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