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There are some remarkable people that were much like any of us in their early life. The only difference may have been their desire to please God on every level.

The man that I am writing about today is about the life of Saint Paisios of Mt. Athos in Greece. Having traveled to Greece, my husband and I saw the beautiful monasteries high on the mountains of Athos. It was only open at certain times and still serves the spiritual life of monks who have dedicated their lives to prayer and service. At one point in his life, it eventually became the home of St. Paisios.

We are told in the Holy Scriptures that all who believe in Christ are “saints of God.” However, there are times that the lives for some are so utterly amazing that the term of “sainthood” is bestowed upon them by religious orders.

What makes a saint? It takes looking at the progression in a whole life of a person and the steps and roads taken that had to be the leading of God…for nothing else could give an answer to such a life.

Father Paisios served in the military during World War II. As a young man, filled with life and dedication to God, he served his country of Greece, as did many others. He saw the results of invasion and death. While in the military, he took dangerous assignments when he knew that other men had families. His comrades in arms, at first thought of his beliefs as odd, but grew to greatly love him.

On the left…early life of St. Paisios

Finding his way in life after the war is one of true inspiration…as well as the special gifts of God that were bestowed upon him. His life’s story is remarkable and I believe can be an inspiration to all Christians everywhere. Paisios was truly a “vessel of Grace.”

Later years

Turn on your sound and click this video for the life of Paisios Enlarge screen for best viewing

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