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When things are happy and life seems to be going along smoothly, it is easy to drift along without too much emphasis on prayer or drawing really close to God. Yet, just when all seems rosy, there is that phone call or text message that tells us that something is terribly wrong. It most likely will be about someone in the family, who has become very ill or has had an accident.

During this time of the COVID-19 virus, the terrible part is that patients have to be isolated from the ones who would rush to their bedsides and give them the most comfort. Some of you know what this is like. My heart breaks for the elderly who have not been allowed visitors and have died alone.

Yet, the thing that we must remember in times of difficulty is that we are NOT alone… not really. God is with us. Regardless of the circumstances, He is there. He is also with those who are in the midst of a life threatening illness. The sooner we really believe this, the calmer our life will be.

What is it that makes us so remote from the feeling that God is really with us? It is hard to say, but even Jesus felt this when he was dying on the cross and He cried out
“Why have You forsaken Me?”

It is true sometimes that we feel that God has forsaken us. It is pure, child-like FAITH that tells us down deep that He has not. Sometimes this assurance only comes when we are quiet before God. It is those times when we have no words to say…just simply sitting quietly. Well meaning friends may tell us to “Leave it in God’s Hands.”

They are right, but just HOW do you do that?

There may not be a real answer to this because everyone is different and their circumstances are different. However, it may be somewhat like pushing a rock (or our burden) up a hill and we get tired…even exhausted. Finally, we leave the rock to lay exactly where it is. If God wants to send a great flood to move it, so be it! If He doesn’t, then we know that WE are not able to move the rock…only He is.

So it is with difficult situations. Instead of pushing the rock, maybe we should just sit down on it and rest. God is in control of whatever happens in all difficulties. He is our Rock and our Salvation…of what shall I fear? It is God Who raises us up in the midst of our troubling times.

Be silent and know that I am God.


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2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful Nancy! We all need this reminder
    at times!


    August 8, 2021 at 01:34

  2. Wendy

    I have reflected some on Jesus’ words on the cross from the psalm that begins by asking God why have you forsaken me? That entire psalm seems to be about his passion My own conclusion and it is only my own, is that on the cross Jesus assumed all of our sin and suffering including our feelings of forsakenness by God. He took that for us. Jesus will never for sake us he is Emmanuel ‼️


    August 8, 2021 at 00:48