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Dark Day for Women

As we watch the men fleeing toward the airplanes at the airport in Kabul, we know the women and girls of Afghanistan are left to the dark days ahead.

One would wonder and ask, “Do not even the Taliban value the very young and vulnerable…or the mothers who gave them birth and fed them throughout their years??” Apparently not! Throughout history women have taken second place…or last place until more modern days…and even with schooling, voting rights and more, women in many parts of the world still brace for what the future holds. Some feel that they are being thrust back into the dark ages.

Jesus reached out to the woman at the well whose reputation was not the best. The woman chosen by God for the birth of the Savior of the World was a young woman, who was willing to put everything in the hands of her God. She is now honored throughout the world.

God created both men and women when He first made mankind…and womankind. He didn’t say that one was to be subservient to the other. Yet, this has happened with many cultures as the woman is considered the “weaker sex.” This is meant only in a physical way. Her body is different and her muscles may be weaker, but her mental ability is strong and creative if she is given the chance to grow with the talents God gave all people. Many women have made history by their great abilities and continue to do so.

Massive numbers of women today are little more than “slaves” to the men in various cultures. Who will protect them if they are unable to protect themselves? Who will be able to stand up against tyranny when the young girls, who are still children, are being forced to marry men who will continue abuse? Only God knows.

A girl looks on among Afghan women lining up to receive relief assistance, during the holy month of Ramadan in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, June 11, 2017. Credit: REUTERS/Parwiz – RTS16JM5


What will the women under the rule of the Taliban suffer under sharia law? If you don’t know, here is a list, which is probably not complete.

( Credit: From News 18)

Rules of the Taliban for Women:

• Women should not be seen on the street unattended without a blood relative or a burka.

Since no man should hear a woman’s footsteps, high-heeled shoes should not be worn by women.

A woman’s voice should not be heard by a stranger when she is speaking loudly in public.

In order to prevent women from being seen from the street, all windows on the ground and first floors of residential buildings should be painted over or covered with a screen.

Women are prohibited from having their pictures taken, filmed, or displayed in newspapers or books or in stores or at home.

To remove the word “women” from any place names.

Women are not allowed to appear on their balconies.

Women are prohibited from appearing on radio, television, or in any public gathering.

Forced Marriage

Numerous reports have emerged of the Taliban going door-to-door, drafting lists of women and girls aged between 12 and 45 years who are then forced to marry Islamist fighters.  Reports have also emerged that in recent days amid the takeover of many provincial capitals of Afghanistan, Taliban commanders have demanded that communities turn over unmarried women to become “wives” for their fighters — a form of sexual violence, according to human-rights groups.

60 Minutes aired a program some years ago in which they interviewed several women who had been able to flee to the United States. One told her story about the Taliban coming to her house and telling her father that he wanted his 14 year old child to be his wife. The father refused. The man returned later and killed the girl’s brother, who would be the “man of the house” in her father’s elderly years and took her sister with him. This is when she fled and does not know to this day what happened to her sister or her father.

There are brutal punishments for women such as public executions, chopping off hands, stoning or beatings by the “religious police.” All freedoms, such as education and a freedom of life-style will be taken away from the women. Obviously, there is no freedom of choice to even small decisions, like wearing fingernail polish. If caught, a girl can have her fingernails pulled out.

The life of women Credit Newsweek

What has happened over the last years for women in Afghanistan?

Before the Taliban once again started taking over areas of Afghanistan, some women began to live life more freely. Their girls were allowed to attend schools. Some women even started running their own small businesses. They found that there were things that they could enjoy, such as music and art, which had not been part of their daily lives. Women musicians and artists began producing and performing their music, which helped them move into the modern world.

This is what one woman, who led an all-female orchestra, had to say if these were ever taken away, which they will be under the Taliban. No more music… especially no Western style music.

“Women can’t go back to the dark days — they can break our instruments, they can ban the music, but they never take it from our hearts.”

The Future for women in Afghanistan is dark indeed.

PRAY…PRAY…PRAY Tears of women will continue to flow. Young men, who are so desperate to leave that they cling to airplanes….some dropping to their deaths, will face terrible torture and even a worse death. This is a human tragedy of great proportions…as evil marches across Afghanistan.

We ask God to pour out his mercy. Work miracles for those who call out to Him… and Christian love, that has no bounds, by the Christians left there to face the future along with their Muslim neighbors. We pray for all Mothers, who care for the children. We pray for the young girls who want to learn to read and perhaps become teachers or doctors someday. We pray for the elderly who are left to fend for themselves.

God have mercy…Christ have mercy!


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