N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ

The Cries from 9-11

In the midst of the voices from Afghanistan that beg, “Please don’t leave me behind!” there are other voices crying from eternity. They are the ones who simply went to work on that morning expecting that they would leave their office to do the things that they loved most…. see family; have a drink with a friend or think about their plans to someday see more of the world. Each had their dreams, their troubles, their ambitions and more.

Those voices ring loud and clear…DON’T FORGET US!…and our families who are left to grieve year after year. Those voices cry out in many languages, for many nations were represented in those towers.

NO, DEAR ONES, WE WON’T FORGET YOU…or those you loved. We also will not forget the brave men and women (and their dogs) who dug for you in the rubble. Many of them also lost their lives to sickness that they breathed in the collapsed buildings. Neither will we forget them.

We will fly our flags on our buildings and lawns, say our prayers and thank God that your life meant so much to so many.



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Full message given by former President George Bush who was President on 9-11 twenty years ago.

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