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Wow…what a Bill

Don’t ask me who writes the Bills that are to be passed or not passed by our Government. If you ever read the wording of any particular one, you would be certain that you should have gotten a law degree rather than whatever education you have.

Case in point…

The Massive Spending Bill that will be voted on today, Friday, November 5, 2021…or so they say, is an example of hidden agendas.

Want a little dose on one of the the “hardly readable” paragraphs in this Bill, that will “bug out” your eyes?

This particular page of the part of the Bill, known as “Comprehensive Paid Leave” gives the ins and outs of getting paid for leave even if you don’t have a job at the time in which you apply for it. Wow, what a bill…who wouldn’t want that?! Why try to find a job if you don’t have to work?

So try to read this Bill…maybe all 2,135 pages of it! How many of your representatives have even tried to read it…before voting on it? ( This tiny portion about Comprehensive Paid Leave reads something like this:

‘‘… beginning with the most recent calendar quarter that ends at least 4 months prior
to the beginning of the individual’s benefit period specified in subsection (b); and
‘‘ ending with the month before the
month in which such benefit period begins; and
‘‘ has at least the specified amount of wages
and self-employment income during the most recent
8-calendar quarter period that ends at least 4
months prior to the beginning of the individual’s
benefit period specified in subsection (b),
….” and it goes like this, which would put anyone to sleep or simply blow your mind!

If you are strong and endowed with fortitude, you can read it for yourself by clicking on this link and going to the page 1,065 referred to above. The beginning looks something like this…and goes on and on.)

Subtitle A—Universal
Comprehensive Paid Leave

Supposedly, this Bill has been whittled down to these precious few pages and this particular part had originally been asked by the Administration for at least 12 weeks of paid leave, which is now down to 4 whether you are working or not.

What?! With all the businesses crying for people to work, we will pay them even if they are NOT WORKING! Call out the lawyers one more time and write something people can understand. Perhaps, simply make out a list of businesses, including truckers and dock workers and the small businesses on your corner… so that these people can find a job! They could add some colorful language… like, “Get off your butt..and…” You can add your own language to this little phrase. (We, of course, are not writing about those who are ill or elderly and can’t work, for there are other resources to help them in these cases.)

Paying someone to not work, who is able-bodied is crazy…if not worse than crazy.

Our country was built on WORK! Remember the building of the railroads? Those interstate highways, on which you ride daily, didn’t get there by themselves. People worked hard to give us the privilege and comfort to ride on them.

The food on your table got there only by the sweat of the farmers and workers who grew it… or the cattlemen who raised your “hamburger.” You probably can think of hundreds more examples of what WORK gives us everyday. When work stops, we have people crying about “Christmas presents” and thousands of containers parked off our shores. What “community kitchen” will STRETCH to feed those who have crossed over our southern borders illegally? Someone will while some American citizens wait for a similar handout.

What are our young adults going to learn from such actions today…do nothing…and get paid for it?

Some senior citizens are going back to work because there are not enough young workers. Thank God for those young people who don’t sit around waiting for a handout.

Speaking of Government handouts, “Keep yelling for more!.” one might say,…because they can always write ANOTHER BILL. Remember, there is NO FREE MEAL… Your taxes of working people and those who have worked for years are paying for it all!


Proverbs 12:11 Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense.

Proverbs 12:24 The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.

We, in Free America, must remember that not all people of the world are free to choose to work, but are forced to work by the tyrants who rule over them. There are NO HANDOUTS in these countries.

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