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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction according to Mark Twain when he said, ““Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be possible and truth doesn’t.”

What seems impossible suddenly becomes a reality. Is it the hand of God that reaches down to mankind…even to save a little child, who is helpless? It must be God for we are told about such events in the Holy Scriptures concerning a little baby that was named Moses. Moses, who would have been killed by the pharaoh of Egypt, eventually became the great leader of the Hebrew people.

The Discovery of Moses in the Bulrushes by Pietro da Cortona 1596-1669 ; Royal Albert Memorial Museum

The story of Moses starts in Exodus 2:1-10. By the end of Exodus 1, the pharaoh of Egypt (perhaps Ramses II) had decreed that all the Hebrew boy babies were to be drowned at birth. But when Yocheved, Moses’ mother, gives birth she decides to hide her son. After a few months, the baby is too big for her to hide safely, so she decides to place him in a caulked wicker basket in a strategic spot in the reeds that grew along the sides of the Nine River (often referred to as bulrushes), with the hope that he will be found and adopted. To ensure the baby’s safety, Moses’s sister Miriam watches from a hiding place nearby. The baby’s crying alerts one of the pharaoh’s daughters who takes the baby. Moses’ sister Miriam watches in hiding but comes out when it is clear the princess is planning to keep the child. She asks the princess if she would like a Hebrew midwife. The princess agrees and so Miriam arranges to have the real mother get paid to nurse her own child who now lives among the Egyptian royalty.


There is a modern story of a baby who was mysteriously left behind in Afghanistan as his family flew on one of the last planes for safety in the United States. Many of you may remember this.

Afghan baby is handed to an American soldier for safety (photo credit Omar Haidiri)

The horror of that event was that the family got separated from the baby and has for months been trying to find him. How the baby got from the hands of the Americans to an Afghan taxi driver is not clear, but for the last months the taxi driver, Hamid Safi and his family have been caring for the baby… long after the last plane left Afghanistan.

Afghan Baby, Sohail Ahmadi, found safe in the taxi driver’s home
Taxi driver, Hamid Safi tearfully parts with the baby to the Grandfather, Mohammad Qasem Razawi (photo credit Reuters Ali Khara)

The Grandfather of the child says he will try to get the baby to his parents, who are now in America. Much like the baby found in the bulrushes, there was a go-between person to bring the baby to safety. What are the odds? GREAT…VERY GREAT!

GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS. He has His hand on the smallest. He has His hand on the greatest. He tells us that he has a plan for each of us, as mysterious as it may be. We pray that little baby, Sohail Ahmadi, will grow up to know God took care of him and has a special plan for him in his future.


“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. ‘” — Jeremiah 29:11


There are people around the world that are in great distress, but God knows the plans He has for each and every one. He promised the Jews that someday they would be brought back to their land that He had given them…and it came to pass after they had been scattered around the earth. He also has brought individuals out of deep despair and burdens. His promises are true…even if they are mysterious to us. As a little child, WE ARE HIS CHILDREN.

VIDEO…turn up your sound. St. Francis de Sales choir in Ajax, Ontario

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