N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ


History is a great teacher and we have to ask ourselves, “Are we about to repeat it again in some way?”

At this Season of Lent before the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Easter, it may be good to remind ourselves of history and its lessons. It is important also to remember what it costs to be a Christian.

The conquering, brutality that changed the world

The first part of this video is intense with the retelling of the story of the crucifixion and how this one man’s life will change the entire world. Yet, it takes us through the inventions of the Roman Empire, like engineering and discoveries that impacted all mankind.

It will take you also through the messages brought by the Disciples, who risk everything to bring hope and forgiveness to the ends of the earth. The destruction and deaths of the innocent thousands may be only a reflection of what has gone before…and perhaps even what is happening today.

God have mercy. Christ have mercy.

Blessings, and continue to pray for our world in this 21st Century.

Boyer Writes

(44 minutes…Turn up sound. Unfortunately, you will have to click off the commercials…but it is worth the viewing.) THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE/ MANKIND: The Story of All of Us

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