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It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep. Thoughts are running through my mind of the children who sat in all my classrooms. I see their faces and many of them were the age of the children who have recently lost everything…their lives.

Eyes of the Soul

They are the ones with the bright eyes…the ones who smiled when I walked into the room. I was their teacher. They trusted me… even as the young children in Texas trusted their teachers. For some, the last thing they may have seen was their beautiful teacher trying to protect them.

Even if my students didn’t always like learning the hard things, they loved coming to school because we did some fun things…like planting a victory garden to honor those who went to World War II to keep the world free of evil. Unfortunately, evil still prevails.

My fifth graders, mostly 10 year olds, talked to Holocaust survivors one on one to understand history, write reports and stand up in class to tell others what they had learned. They learned songs and performed them before their parents and classmates.

The parents in Texas are weeping tonight along with all the other parents around the country and world who have lost their little ones. Today I write to HONOR the young children everywhere and the parents who love them.

A young boy who is eager to learn

Recently, I ran into the parent of one of my 5th grade students. He told me that she is grown up and has a family of her own. A number of years back, she went on a climbing expedition with her father to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. It was an adventure of a life-time. Her name is Kara. I HONOR HER.

Another of my students met my husband and me for lunch. He, too is grown up and is a fine young man with a career and family. As we parted, he gave me a big hug. I think that meant something to both of us…student and teacher, who remembers our lives together. It was an honor to see this grown man who I remember well as a bright, young boy who only wanted to do his best. His name is David. I HONOR HIM.

Children were meant to be full of hope, to laugh, to run and play, to climb mountains or hillsides and eventually have families. They were meant to be happy and live…not to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders while they are young. I think my skin literally crawled when I saw the news media interviewing the little ones who had just gone through a tragedy. Where were the parents to say, “NO...you won’t put their little minds through this all over again! NO…WE’LL GO HOME AND CRY TOGETHER!

Probably every teacher across the country is reflecting on those bright faces that they taught or are now teaching. There is no greater beauty than the smile, laughter and voices of beautiful children. Jesus said, “Let them come unto Me,” when the disciples wanted to send them away. He honored them…and loved them.

A friend of mine, who has taught countless children to sing and play musical instruments, is sharing her life memories of her special calling to teach the young ones in a new book I am writing. She HONORS THEM!

The inquisitive mind

There can be no evil worse than to harm or kill a child. There is a reason that the Holy Scripture tells us this in Luke 17:2 :

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

God will have the final judgment.

The JOY of LIFE!

On behalf of all teachers, we HONOR all our students and thank God that they have been a part of our lives.

This video is the voice of children reaching out to the difficulties of the world. If there are any prayers God will hear, they are the ones of a little child. WE HONOR THEM! We grieve for them.

Music is A CHILD’S PRAYER The flashbacks are of the film made about a real-life school situation in Wyoming…the children and parents… and the struggle for faith in the midst of crisis.

Turn up your sound.

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