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If one life is saved, it is a life God can use for His glory. This is the story of just three women…beautiful women who survived an abortion attempt by their mothers.

Their stories have a far reaching message to anyone considering ending their pregnancy. There are options in saving a life. It could be to allow this little one to be adopted and have the chance for a wonderful future. As one surviving woman said that having been born is effecting for good the lives of her own children. Each woman tells her story. Look into their faces and eyes. Their lives were and are valuable!

(UPDATE: After posting this blog, I received an email from a friend who sent this testimony. I am happy to include it for your reading. The last name is excluded for privacy.)

“I want to tell you a story this morning and I hope you will read to the end. Many years ago, the year was around 1981, a woman in her late twenties, and in relatively poor physical health, found herself pregnant. At a meeting with her doctor, in his office with the door closed he asked if he could have a candid conversation with her, to which she agreed. The doctor explained that given her age (29 doesn’t seem very old to give birth today, but remember the year) her health ( diabetes, early stages of heart disease), she needed to consider all of her “available options”.

“What options” she asked her physician. He went on to explain this was a high risk pregnancy for her and the child, and the chances of carrying full-term were low and the chances for serious complications for her were very high. From across his desk he asked if she had ever considered having an abortion.

The woman was in shock. She, being, a Christian, had never considered ending the life of her child. She sat for a moment before responding, when she did, here is what she said: “If God doesn’t want this baby to be born, then He will take it. I’m having this baby.”

With these words, she accepted the risk and left the office. Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her name was Ellen______ and the name of her son? Todd ______ ….that’s Me. I am forty years old today and eternally grateful she chose life. Because of her choice, everyday I get to wake up and serve God. Because of her choice, her granddaughters get to wake up every day and live their lives! Thank you momma for choosing life! #chooselife

Frankly, I have heard all those who speak out FOR…or AGAINST saving a baby’s life, but I had never heard the testimony of those who had been saved from an attempted abortion.

God, help us to understand Your value on life.

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