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PATRIOTS…and the 4th of July

Do you think Americans are mostly patriots? If we went to the malls and ask our young people,

“How did we get the 4th of July?”

Would they say something like, “Well, everyone wanted to have picnics and set off fireworks.”

Would they really know what the 4TH OF JULY is all about?

If you think they couldn’t give a good, intelligent answer, then send this blog and short video to your grandchildren or friends who have children. It might be a moment in history when they could speak up quickly and say, “YES, those people, who ran our government back then, were giving us the right to freedom. It was our INDEPENDENCE DAY!”

Keeping Independence Day truly alive is talking to our children about its real meaning and flying our flags. We all need to be PATRIOTS.

Don’t forget to fly your FLAG and help those adults, as well as the children, in the community remember the real reason we have HOTDOGS, HAMBURGERS AND FIREWORKS that SCARE OUR REAL DOGS HALF TO DEATH!!


Turn up your sound for this 4th of July History lesson.

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