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Your Story…Your Life

Having encouraged my readers to write about their life, I decided that it was time to write about mine, which I just finished!! It wasn’t easy because I had to dig deep to think about the things that molded me as a child and as an adult.

  • What were those things that still leave an impression on me?
  • Who influenced my life?
  • What about my faith and encouragement during hard times?
  • What have I learned from having lived all these years?
  • What are my hopes and dreams for the future?

These are all important questions when reflecting on something as important as a LIFE story!

How about you? Are you ready to tell your story…the life that was given to you by God and the life that your family and friends will want to know about in greater detail than they know now? It is a part of your legacy.


Most people don’t know where to begin. This is where I come in for I not only enjoy writing for others, but believe it is a mission of mine that is important.

I often ask, “What are you waiting for?”

Worried about the technicalities of writing? I know how to do all of that.

Here is information you may want to know before taking the first step of writing YOUR STORY:

  • You sit down and decide what all you want to write about. Make some notes if that helps…or an outline.
  • Then begin writing in your own words. Don’t worry about perfection.
  • Keep in mind that a book will require at least 100 pages to print. You can add pictures that may also help with the page count. Using the best quality pictures, you will email them to me and I will crop them to page size.
  • Send your manuscript to me by email boyerwrites@yahoo.com
  • I will read it over and give any suggestions back to you.
  • When you have finished YOUR STORY, I will send it to my contact company in England. They are great about working out all the page numbers, table of contents, headings, and general layout. (No cost to you.)
  • I will receive this back via pdf form and then I will send it on to a publisher.
  • At this time, I am using Barnes and Noble Publisher for all my books because they are easier to work with than some other publishers. I am pleased with their quality. They will print softback or hardback covers, which are a little more costly.
  • By the way, I will also design the cover of your book. That is the really fun part for me as I enjoy creative artistic challenges. Here are a few books covers that I have designed. (click arrows for slideshow)

After your book is published, it will be available online at Barnes and Noble for you to order as many copies as you would like to order for family or friends.


I am not a business, so all I ask is that you give a donation that you think is appropriate for the work involved in getting this book printed and I will send it to a charity or Christian mission group of my choice.

READY TO GET STARTED? Fill out the form below…or if for any reason, you do not hear back from me asap, please email me a note at my email, boyerwrites@yahoo.com

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy West Boyer

Use the form below to contact me. In the message, tell me something about yourself, your location and goal for writing your story. I will reply as soon as I read your message. Thanks. N.Boyer

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