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Disrespect for History

Beautiful Maine Monument honoring Americans who died

There is a NATIONAL monument in New York that honors those who were brave in battle and perished. Now it is no longer the beauty seen above, but is SPLATTERED WITH PAINT… by those who are ignorant of history and could care less! What dishonor to 258 Americans who fought on the Maine.

Should any of these vandals find this blog, as they hold their phones to show what destruction they have done…here is a history lesson…not that you would respect our American history!


The Maine Monument stands at Merchant’s Gate, a park entrance named in 1862 to recognize the importance of commerce and business in New York City. The monument honors the 258 American sailors who perished when the battleship Maine exploded in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, then under Spanish rule.

Notice the writings on the top of the Maine Monument: “…who died in the war with Spain that others might be free.

The bronze for this group of statues reportedly came from metal recovered from the guns of the Maine. On the park side of the monument is fixed a memorial plaque that was cast in metal salvaged from the ship. (Wikipedia)

Those vandals who splashed the paint are NOT FREE to DISHONOR the memory of those who lost their lives guaranteeing freedom for all Americans…past and present!

Think about it! As we dishonor our history, we lose more than integrity…but FREEDOM itself! Do we have to stand guard…or erect barriers around all the memorials in our country? Will the so-called “protesters” then climb those barriers to destroy?

Wherever in our country this type of vandalism happens, it is a TOTAL DISRESPECT for those men and women who fought and died for our freedoms.

Perhaps those, IF arrested, should have to pass a history test before being allowed their freedom. A swinging door at the jail is not the answer to those who would destroy our country. Maybe they would like to find another country in which to live…but then,…who would want them?

While every life lost, in war or through other events, is a tragedy…perhaps we should take a look at the last 10 years of the police who have died in the line of duty. Recent FBI data show upticks in police officer killings during years when there have been major incidents of civil unrest across the country. (Source FBI to ABC News)

I wrote recently about the “tiny word ALL” and such an inclusive word when used against any group of people is more than unjust. It is a not reality. Yet, day after day, the decent police of our country put up with this “garbage,” as they try to do their jobs and walk or ride their beats.

They are the ones trying to protect the fronts of stores that are being smashed. They are the ones who respond when someone is being threatened. They leave their families not knowing if they will be home that evening. Can we say that much about those who smear paint over the beautiful monuments of America? What are they sacrificing under the motive of free expression for a particular cause?

The tax payer will pay for the refurbishment of public properties. The small business owner will pay for his ruined store fronts and the goods stolen inside. Most, even if they have insurance to cover some properties, will never recover. People, who can afford to do so, are moving out of the big cities. Thousands are coming daily from the Northeast to places like Florida in the south. It is also happening in the western part of the U.S. Why? Because they have had it with crime. They want to live in peace.

You will notice in the video, that is shown below, that over and over the letters “ACAB” (All Cops are Bastards) are painted on the monuments. This lie and those who get into the faces of the police when they are trying to keep order is despicable. Yet, the NYPD tried to speak softly and politely as they released this video about the damage to the Maine monument. Readers, VIEW the video and be DISGUSTED!

The Disgrace of Disrespect for History