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Today, August 31, 2022 happens to be the 25th year since the death of Princess Diana, who was killed in a high-speed car crash at the age of 36. Everyone knows about the tragic lives of many of the British Monarchy and the amazing longevity of Queen Elizabeth. However, few may know about the American connection between Diana’s family and our first President, George Washington.

Princess Diana Credit: Getty

Because I love history, it seems an appropriate day to bring this relationship between the Spencers of England and our own first President Washington to our understanding.

Some may remember the eulogy at Diana’s funeral, given by her brother, Charles, the 9th Earl. Because he was the son of her father, the 8th Earl, Charles is now heir to the massive Althorp estate in England.

Since the United States of American is a young country and our history does not go back thousands of years, as does England, I believe it is an appropriate time for us to once again understand how connected our country is to the great men who founded this country in the new world. It cost blood and tears when this new country fought for our independence from the aristocracy of England, which still exists in England today. Yes, everyone loves the pomp and great, lavish weddings, but history has its heartaches.

Recently I have learned some unrevealed history in viewing the episodes of THE CROWN. It is much like a “magnificent soap opera”, but gives a good understanding of the efforts made to maintain the legacy of Queens and Kings throughout British history. The ups and downs of the Queen with the numerous Prime Ministers is especially revealing. The manipulating to always come out looking the best is not only true of this country, but for most countries.

Because many of the characters portrayed in this TV extravaganza, have died and the Queen is still very much alive, it may be that she has agreed to set the history record straight on various points, before she meets her Maker. One will be amazed at her determination to carry out her vow as she became Queen at age 25:

I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.

LONDON – DECEMBER 1958: (Photo by Donald McKague/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Of course, the “Imperial family” has greatly diminished over the years. The Queen is this year 95 years old and has ruled England for 70 years. It is quite a legacy.

Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl, gives an interesting history lesson of the connection of the Washington family, who were actually their neighbors in England. The elegance of the estate is beautiful to behold and as he says, “Difficult to maintain and has become a full time job.” This is true of all the great buildings and estates. Some will survive and others will descend into the dust…and of course into the history books.

Yes, history has great connections because we are one world with many different people, who through the making of history is ongoing. For all of us, history is being made…day by day. Hopefully, we and the nations of the world, will learn some great lessons from the past.

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