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Turn of the Century Tunes…on a HOT day!

Just for fun, it might be good to get a cool lemonade, sit back and sing along:


You’ll notice that the words are supposed to be romantic even if it is 99 degrees outside.  I don’t know where you are, but in Florida…holding someone’s hand in hot weather means a sweaty palm and hot between the fingers! So, if you want to be romantic with Tootsie Wootsie, head for the air conditioning.

Most people will also not know that  “Tootsie Wootsie”, who is the loved one in “Good Old Summer Time”…or a term of endearment to many…is really a demeaning Australian term for a woman. Of course, we know that we would never mean anything demeaning to the women we know, or especially to this cute little girl in our video below.   We’ll not let that term in this summer time song get under our already hot skin. We’ll just go with the flow!

So here goes, sip your lemonade and sing to the top of your lungs.  Your dog will probably howl, your kids will run to their rooms and your wife or husband will look at you like you are nuts…and maybe even the neighbors if you have your laptop out by the already too warm water in the pool.  Keep smiling and keep going on for summer is here whether we like it or not…and August is a long time from now.   It is what it is!

Turn up your sound and click here.   2 videos:







Freedom of Speech…and a Mower


“Got to get up from here and do something about those sign stealers”

This blog is not a political endorsement, but it is  FREEDOM of SPEECH and our ability to express it.

Good for this guy who not only knows his rights, but also has a  great design ability.   Standing up for his rights as an American, but not out yelling at anyone or causing damage to property in order to be heard.  He’s just using  what is his own….and making a statement.  It is a good thing that we still have freedom and the “correctness police” cannot bang on our doors or take over our property.  Maybe we can all learn something from him and his creative spirit.  Thumbs up to this American.  He reminds me of the spirit of the people I am getting to know here in the Virginia mountains.


VA Sunday 021

Some things are just too much fun to pass up.  Our Golden Retriever named Gracie looks just like the dog in this video below.  She probably will never have the opportunity to frolic with a “Bambi”…even though many deer have come through our yard in Virginia.  She is just as calm as this Golden and patient.  Her mouth may not be strong enough to find a rock and carry it to shore since in “people years” she is about 92. If her eyes were not getting dim and her hips not so painful, she’d probably like to do a little dancing.

Nevertheless, Gracie and almost all Goldens that I have known are the most gentle and loving pets one could ever have. If you are a family looking for a dog for your children, consider the Golden Retriever. You’ll not be disappointed.   Just for fun…enjoy this video and make your day brighter.  You might even consider kicking up your heels abit.  If not, most likely it will bring a smile to your face.

Just for FUN! How smart is your dog?

Our dog rules…and dog lovers will know what I mean.   If we put on shoes; pick up the car keys…and we don’t spell out such words as “truck, ride, go” etc….she will sit by the door as if to say, “There is no way you are going to leave me behind!”

On the other hand, if we say that really bad sentence to her… “Go get on your bed…we’ll be back”, she will obediently do that, but will never look at us even if we call her name.  (pouting…I think they call it.)

A friend of ours sent this video clip, and just for fun…I thought I’d pass it along to my readers and especially those with dogs.   Yes, they are not only man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but they are truly smart!

Playing by the pool on a hot summer’s day can have a few challenges, but this little guy got it all figured out.   (Turn on your sound)


GREAT NEWS for a change! This will lower your blood pressure.


You may be able to significantly lower your blood pressure with nothing more than a daily dose of dark chocolate. In a 2008 Italian study, people who had both prediabetes and high blood pressure managed to do just that by eating 3 1/2 ounces of dark chocolate each day for 15 days. They lowered their systolic BP (the upper number) by 4.5 points and their diastolic (the lower number) by 4.2 points, thanks to the flavonoids — antioxidant compounds — found in dark chocolate. A sustained improvement of that extent could lower your risk of cardiovascular problems by 20 percent over 5 years.

But you need to eat the right type of chocolate. Darker chocolate contains more antioxidants and less of the sugar that may counteract chocolate’s beneficial effects, according to research from Yale. Choose dark chocolate with a minimum of 65 percent cacao.

  • MUSIC LOVERS…it’s your day!

Music is a perfect tool for loosening your arteries. Listening to 30 minutes a day of “rhythmically homogeneous” music (that is, anything with a steady beat), combined with breathing exercises, can lower your systolic blood pressure by more than 4 points after 3 months, according to a 2008 Italian study. Breathing in and out with an inhale/exhale ratio of 1 to 2 while listening to slow, steady music relaxes your vessels, says Randall Zusman, M.D., director of the hypertension division at the Massachusetts General Hospital heart center. (You notice he did not say…hard rock or heavy metal.)

  • LIGHT ALCOHOL DRINKERS lift your glass.Alcohol-drinking

Danish researchers who analyzed data from 75,000 men found that those who had two drinks a day were 31 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease. That’s because alcohol, in modest amounts, makes your arteries larger and more pliable, which in turn lowers your blood pressure.

But don’t have more than two drinks — doing so will raise your blood pressure. Scientists still don’t understand why, but Dr. Zusman thinks it could be related to alcohol’s adverse effect on other blood-pressure-regulating pathways.  (Of course those who may think they are…or know they are alcoholics should not have even one glass of anything with alcohol. Try an Arnold Palmer…half ice tea and half lemonade.  Very refreshing!)


 Laughing at a funny movie causes blood vessels to dilate by 22 percent, according to a 2006 study from the University of Maryland. The physical act of laughing causes the tissue forming the inner lining of your blood vessels to expand, allowing for an increase in blood flow and reducing blood pressure, says Dr. Miller. “The magnitude of change is similar to the benefit you might see with aerobic activity, but without the aches and pains,” he says.

  • ENJOY ROMANTIC LOVE….Any kind of rest and relaxation is good for the blood pressure. However, if you so desire and are able…here is also a recommendation.    In a 2006 study at the University of Paisley, Scotland, they found that  keeping  your blood flowing by enjoying romantic love (no explanation needed) will in the long-run help your blood pressure. 

(Some quotes taken from a writing by Danielle Braff)

  • VISUAL PLEASURE:   It has long been known that watching fish in a fish tank lowers one’s blood pressure.  It is also my belief that observing nature and beautiful art does the same thing.  Watch a butterfly as it glides along.  Look at the beautiful colors in works of art are some examples.
Russian artist Makovsky

Russian artist Makovsky

For your enjoyment…and better health… the sounds of soothing music and beautiful art of two great artists:

  • Russian artist Konstantin Makovsky who was one  of the most highly appreciated  Russian artists of the time, painting many portraits and beautiful scenes. (One shown at top of page.) Makovsky became a victim of a road accident when his horse-driven carriage was hit by an electric tram. He  died in 1915 in Saint Petersburg.   (Turn on your sound)


ARSEN KURBANOV was born in 1969 in the city of Makhachkala, Dagestan ( the former USSR).

Why are We Afraid of a Dead Body? Odd, but Good Question!

Historic Hearse

Historic Hearse

When life leaves a body, it is but a shell of what was originally there. It is quite mysterious, but the truth is that life that was breathing, talking…even eating has left that body.  I am hopeful that when my time comes that I will have a moment before seeing my Maker to hover over the place I am leaving and say a fond farewell to this body that has served me well.   It has given me pleasure…taken me places that I wanted to go…whether it was just across the room or across the sea.    The body is an amazing creation of God.   When we need it no more, we know that God with His Almighty power can raise every hair and molecule from where it has been laid to rest…whether in a beautiful casket or in a cremation urn.   He put the earth and universe together, so I have no problem with what He will do at the Resurrection.

All of this leads me to ask a simple question….”Why are we so afraid of death… or a dead body?”  Is it that many people fear this great mystery because they are not ready to face death?   Do some think that the Grim Reaper will somehow come to their door next and they would not greet it so kindly as in this picture.grim reaper2

Regardless of the reasons, we know our upbringing ,or our culture, may see things differently.

I remember when I was a child, living in the country of North Carolina, my grandfather died.  I had known him as “Papa’.  It was the custom in those days to bring the body to the home and let him lay there for people to come in and see him one last time and pay respects to the family.  A bedroom was cleared out and Papa was placed there.   Sometime in the evening, I went to see him. I was a curious child and I had never seen a person who was dead.  I carefully lifted the thin, see-through veil that was placed over his face and touched his cheek.   I was surprised that the cheek was hard and cold.   I knew instantly that this was not the Grand-papa  who had told stories to us in the kitchen.   He was not the man who had grown strawberries in the fields and talked with me about the family history while we chucked corn.  Neither was he the man who had taken me by the hand and walked to the country church.  He was not the man who Grandmother had threaten to call if I went one step further down the dirt road to the main highway. (I  said I was going to run away at about age 7.)   There was nothing in seeing him dead that made me fearful for he was just not the same.    Yes, death is a mystery, but I believe someday I will see Papa who has gone on before me.

One thing is certain…most people try to make a funeral a special event.  I just went to a friend’s funeral where they called it a “celebration” because her life had been a celebration and this is what she wanted.  They released balloons at the graveside in honor of her and the love she gave while alive.

The vehicles where the body is carried to a final resting place have evolved over the centuries.

Horse-drawn Hearse

Horse-drawn Hearse

Modern, Elegant hearse

Modern, Elegant hearse

Not so elegant hearse

Not so elegant hearse

Fancy Asian Hearse

Fancy Asian Hearse

One may ask, why are you writing about such a subject?  Don’t you respect those who may have just lost a family member?  Absolutely, I do…but when I received an email from my good friend, Margie, with the following video, I asked myself the question, “Why are we afraid of a dead body?”    That question brought the thoughts that I have just shared with you.

Can one joke around with people’s fears…when it is such a serious matter? Maybe so… for they did so in South Africa.  Remember the old TV program called “Candied Camera”?   The men shown here decided to see how people would respond to a completely staged request  to take a so-called “dead body “to a funeral.  The most that we can say is they had a great sense of humor. Luckily, no one actually died of a heart attack!   I think the  reactions  speak for themselves.


If you have genuine fears about your own death,  Give your life to Christ for the Holy Scriptures tell us:

“I am Resurrection and I am Life, says the Lord. Whoever has faith in Me shall have life even though he die...and everyone who has life and has committed himself to me in faith shall not die forever.

  As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives and that at the last He will stand upon the earth.  After my awaking,  He will raise me up; and in my body I shall see God.  I shall see, and my eyes behold Him Who is my Friend and not a stranger.  

 For none of us has life in himself, and none becomes his own master when he dies.  For if we have life, we are alive in the Lord and if we die, we die in the Lord.  So then, whether we live or die we are the Lord’s possession.” 

Dogs ….LOVE ‘EM and Watch ‘Em SWING

62a - CopyYesterday was a DOG DAY!   I took our golden retriever, Gracie, to the vet to get some attention to a  splotched, red belly  and  her itching.  It seems she is allergic to everything.   We call her our “GOLDEN” RETRIEVER for the vet bills would make anyone cry.

Dr. West said, “Going to give her a shot now…you go home…rub this medicate all over her belly…rinse…and then put this lotion on all the red spots.”   So, out we go…get the hose…wash the belly and do all the above.   The shot helps but Gracie, flapping her ears, gets us up around 2:00 am to drink…drink…drink…and go outside.

This wonderful girl of ours has a real plush DOG LIFE.   She is truly our “baby” since all of our children are out of the nest.   When our last “goldens” got cancer and passed away, Bill and I cried for days.

Watching the ducks with Gracie's "Bill"

Watching the ducks with Gracie’s “Bill”

Who says it is a “DOG’S LIFE”….for she is one loved pup and when she looks in my eyes, I’m butter.

marchAbstract 078

They are smart, loyal and loving.

Maybe that is why I get such a kick out of things like the following…which you will love if you like Swing Music and dogs…..  

  Just get “in the mood” and enjoy!    (Click; turn on your sound (maybe really high!)  and enlarge picture for best viewing.      Swinging Dogs

Just Relax…for longer life!

You are in the middle of trying to explain yourself and someone says, “Just relax!”    What they are really trying to tell you is that you are more stressed on the subject than you need to be…or they may be saying, “I am really tired of hearing you go on and on!  I need some rest.”

This leads us to explore what relaxing is really all about and whether it is necessary. Donna Raskin, in her article, The Benefits of Relaxing, seems to think that relaxing is a  good thing.

 “Relaxation and flexibility are joined in the fitness world because the mind-body connection seems to best flourish in an atmosphere of gentle, slow movement. You can breathe deeply, slowing down your entire respiratory system and, in turn, soothe your nervous and parasympathetic nervous system.”

I think being soothed would be a great thing.    It has always  been my thought that  the people south of the border took an afternoon siesta because of the hot weather. However, I live in Florida, which can get really hot in August, and never do I see a business close at noon to reopen later in the cooler evening. Just the same, it sounds like a good idea to me.

Animals seem to have it right. Take a look at these guys. We smile…but do they have something going here?

Now, this is complete relaxation!!

Maybe this is relaxation with a couple guards!   It’s easier that way…knowing someone is watching!

This could be just ridiculously relaxed….but can we learn something from this way of life?

  • Forget who is around…just do it!
  • Someone may see the example and join us…you think?
  • If you see someone already relaxed, just climb up and settle in.  They won’t care.

A good nap….a place on the floor…or in the easy chair….soothing music….may increase our lives to nap another day.           (I’m hurrying to send this up to my husband who practices more often what I preach!  I have to work at it….or not work at it…as the case may be.)   

Below some music to relax by    Sweet dreams.  


Let Us Rejoice Advent Dec 14

David danced before the Lord. Have we forgotten how to rejoice in God? So often we think that our religious expression has to be somber and without emotion. Yet, we are told to rejoice in the Lord. He is our maker…defender…creator…and our JOY!

Hava nagila הבה נגילה Let’s rejoice

Nervous about “Going for it”?

The fragile egg

So often we are nervous when it comes to acting.

We anticipate what the outcome will be; unable to take the leap; frightened by the smallest situation. It is hard to trust.

It is easy to say that we have placed this action in the hand of God, but there is still the hesitation. I bet you have been there and may be  sitting in this situation now.

We are also told not to put our “eggs in one basket”.  This may be true, but what if there is just one  egg…and it has to be decided if we crack it or not?

I love the video that I am going to show you. It will bring back many memories of late night TV.

 Take the drama at hand. Analyze it and see if you can count how many hesitations there are. The tension in the air is palatable.

 When we sit on the fence, we not only increase our own doubts and blood  pressure but also increase the dread  in those around us. Is it not true?  I even found myself wanting to say out loud to the video…”Just get on with it!”

God knows the outcome. Maybe the action will not be perfect.  We may have to clean up the mess and get another egg to act upon. 

 Try not stringing out the call to action. Sitting on the fence has always been painful. Go for it….and laugh a little.    

     CLICK HERE  for a great video that proves the point.

(For best viewing …turn on sound and enlarge screen.)


Going to the Dogs!

Gracie, the Lap Dog?


Dogs are such wonderful creatures!   They are intelligent and loads of fun.  It’s amazing what they can learn.  When one says, ” He’s  gone to the dogs!”, it may be a compliment.   Everytime our golden, Gracie, goes to bed she rolls over with all four feet in the air.  No matter how many times she does this, we just have to laugh!   

Not dead...total relaxation!


   Here are two videos that prove the point.  They are both a little mesmerizing…but I think you will enjoy them.  

Four men and their dogs
The Dancing Dog