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Getting Perspective…what Glory!

moon-and-medeoriteIt was three in the morning. As I looked out the window onto a dark mountain whose tiny night lights shined in the valley, I saw something spectacular.  It was the heavens above…not the earth below.  There are no street lights in the mountains to interfere with the glory  of the heavens that a cold night reveals….millions of stars and planets.   It certainly puts one into a more realistic perspective.  Problems seem to disappear…and one has to truly wonder with the writers of the Scriptures, “What is man that You are mindful of him.”   If God is big enough to make all this and still see the sparrow when it falls, then He can take care of me.  I think of my Mother who passed away at 93 and wonder what she is experiencing in this great universe.  Truly the Heavens declare the Glory of God.

One may ask, “How do I know there is a real God and how can I know that He knows and loves me?”    This video may help you with that answer.  Produced by outstanding scientific minds who know faith, this is truly a beautiful view of our world and universe.

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A Touch of Autumn in Japan


If you have never traveled to Japan, you will enjoy this overview of the city and country life.  At the end of the video are some steps in Tokyo that my husband and I climbed and listened to a piano concert by a very young girl, who could hardly reach the floor with her feet.  The students of Japan have a great emphasis on learning some form of music.  The high school that I visited has a whole wing of baby grand pianos and the students were practicing.  I learned another impressive thing about the Japanese education.  Two young men were sweeping the halls and scrubbing the floor outside their classroom.  I asked if they were being punished for something.  The reply was, “Oh no, they are taking turns in having pride for their school.”

The calmness of Japan and its beauty is something we will not forget.  Take a ride on the bullet train, walk the streets, and enjoy nature at its best.

We were Meant to Soar

Many of my readers have been watching the hatching of baby eagles in Washington, D.C.  They were little fuzz balls.  Now they are teenagers.  Oh, such an awkward age!  Not so cute anymore as they were when they peeked out from under the parent eagle’s feathers.

eagles growing

© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG


We know that if the parent eagles do not teach the little ones the lesson of soaring, they will forever act like a chicken, groveling in the dirt…never becoming what God intended for them to be.  This is the lesson of life that all of us must learn…that we were meant to soar and so were our off-spring.

Once we have been liberated from a life of dependency, it is up to us how we spend the next years.  The lesson that the parent eagles give to their young is one of “tough love”.  The lesson is for the young eagles to learn what it feels like to be lacking in order to become independent.  The parent eagles may  soar around a nest with  food  that they, themselves had hard-earned through their own efforts. As cruel as it seems, they often do not offer any of it to their young, who are calling from the nest.

No, there are no cellphone connections to the lake where they were catching fish. “Mom (or Dad), can you loan me a few dollars? I’m really hungry up here.” No, the adult eagles don’t respond to such cries for they know that their little eaglets were meant to eventually fly on their own and find their own food…to glide and soar in the beautiful blue skies…to dive for their own fish or prey.  They had to be taught and it seems that God has put into their existence the need to pass this lesson on to their growing eagles. (It appears that our Washington Eagles may be at this stage for there is no food in the nest as there used to be.)

We in the human world find these lessons hard to teach.   Withholding is very difficult for us as parents. If withholding was never in the “academy of life’s lessons”, dependency would always be the way of life, as it would be for the eagles.   It may be hard, but teaching young ones to soar will have its own rewards.  That is because “We were Meant to Soar.”

The lives of eagles can teach us some important principles.

Explanation: The video below has some information that may be more of a myth than the truth.  Below video is a link explaining the actual life or rebirth of an eagle.  However, the video is a good comparison to life.  (If the reading is too quick, put it on pause for a few seconds until continuing.)

Click to   Watch the Washington Eagles

Explanation about rebirth of the eagle      2nd explanation



The fuzzy Eagles are Growing Strong


Eaglet-hatched-eagle-cam2 Early 2016

Some time ago I blogged about the eagles nest at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.   At that time they were little fuzzy balls hiding under their parent’s wings.   If you saw them then, but not since, you will be surprised at their growth.  It may still be a while before they fly, but it has been an adventure watching them…in the sun and rain.  You can enlarge the screen for great viewing and get it started by clicking on either Cam A or Cam B on the link below.

(After thought:  Today is Mother’s Day here in the U.S.A and it was interesting to see the Mother…or Father Eagle sit on the eggs day and night without concern for storms coming their way.  Isn’t that often the case with our own little ones that we care for from their very first day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers everywhere.)

No more fuzz!  Eagles are growing up!  For your live viewing pleasure, click this link:


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The Beauty of the Earth

Driving from Florida to Virginia, it was evident that winter was almost over.  The snow is gone in the sunny south and Spring is just around the corner.  The tiny buds on the trees make a sea of different shades of green.  Driving up the Blue Ridge mountains, just over the North Carolina border into Virginia, the trees become less green with the change of altitude.  Nevertheless, the trees show their leaves are breathing to be free… bringing into view their glorious shades of color and new growth.

It is  hard to imagine that not so many  years  these mountains were stripped bare by logging.  It might be good to  remind ourselves that  magnificent trees throughout our country  were cut with no regards to the multitude of years that it took for them to grow. An example are the redwoods shown below.

cutting down the redwood forest.jpg


spring mountains Blue Ridge

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA and NC

Trees are probably the most resilient of living things.  Their life cycles go on and on with some  into the hundreds, if not thousands of years, until one day they crash onto the carpets of the forest bed.old tree

 They breathe life to everything around them.  They bring rain and moisture to the earth.  Birds love them as do the tiny creatures that make them their homes.blue birds in tree


 In fact, people love them so much, they build homes in them.

tree house design


Golden Eagle Treehouse



Trees provide shade, a place to rest and food.

deer and tree leaves

Further up the mountain, the dogwoods are starting to fan out their pink or white crosses of Easter, which we know is to be a continual spiritual season.


 Under the trees are  wildflowers blooming along the roadsides.  God’s beauty is certainly upon the earth.  Take time today to have a good long look at the trees around you.

 Your life will be calmer and happier than it was before you looked. 

16 of the World’s Most Magnificent Trees 


VA Sunday 021

Some things are just too much fun to pass up.  Our Golden Retriever named Gracie looks just like the dog in this video below.  She probably will never have the opportunity to frolic with a “Bambi”…even though many deer have come through our yard in Virginia.  She is just as calm as this Golden and patient.  Her mouth may not be strong enough to find a rock and carry it to shore since in “people years” she is about 92. If her eyes were not getting dim and her hips not so painful, she’d probably like to do a little dancing.

Nevertheless, Gracie and almost all Goldens that I have known are the most gentle and loving pets one could ever have. If you are a family looking for a dog for your children, consider the Golden Retriever. You’ll not be disappointed.   Just for fun…enjoy this video and make your day brighter.  You might even consider kicking up your heels abit.  If not, most likely it will bring a smile to your face.

“A Better World” says a 101 year old man

Woody 100ls

Woody ready to work in his garden

Woody 100lr

The Blevins in their younger years


He lives in our town in Florida. Woody Blevins  is turning 101 this year.  Over the years our small town of Howey in the Hills has watched Woody get up each morning; work his ornamental garden, care for the flowers and make his town and ours a more beautiful place. His lovely wife, Leah, who is a excellent pianist, has worked in the garden along side of Woody.



Let’s take a lesson from a dear man who just wants to leave this world “a better place.”   Happy Birthday, Woody!

Click to hear Woody at 101  ( Turn up your volume to hear Woody better.)



Live cam Baby Eagles hatch in D.C.


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High in a tulip poplar, nesting bald eagles are carefully watching their baby birds hatch. This tree is in the United States National Arboretum  in Washington, D.C.   It is a wonder of nature that we are now able to enjoy.  Click on Live Camera below.   Decide on Cam A or B and then enlarge picture for best viewing.  Watch as often as you’d like.  ( Update:  Now both eggs have hatched and the parent eagles are busy keeping them fed and under their feathers. If you watch long enough, you may see them at feeding time.)

Live Camera catches their every action.

Learn More about the U.S. National Arboretum

Credits:   © 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG.

An Escape from Haunting Thoughts…even for a few minutes

Tired and weary of  the daily news?   Politics: hearing the same talking points over and over… and man’s (or woman’s) inhumanity to man that  pull our thoughts into the bad, the ugly, the terrible?    So am I and that is why I decided my post on this blog today would be the absolute beauty of the world and the animals that inhabit it.  We need a break.

The amazing photography of Joe Riis gives us a close-up view of what is often hidden from us.  This particular video takes us out into the miles of land that migrating deer cross each year.   It shows the obstacles that animals  must navigate around as they enter our inhabited territories.    Just for a brief few minutes, give your mind a rest and focus on beauty. Replay it if it goes by too fast.   We all need a breather from the things that haunt our thoughts.

(for best viewing…enlarge picture and turn on sound)

The Beauty of the Blue Ridge in Fall

More recently I wrote about The Mountain Way of Virginia and North Carolina.  The history is fascinating and the people hardy, but the mountains are a marvelous beauty!    This week I spent driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting some of the small towns, like Floyd, VA.   The towns vary, but all have the Mom and Pop restaurants with home cooking: grits, country ham, fluffy biscuits with or without a rich, brown gravy.

It seems that “outsiders” have found the mountains, as I have run into a Greek restaurant owner; a Colorado sign maker,  and  Jacksonville Center for the Arts  in Floyd  has invited musicians from the Czech Republic and a pianist from Russia.  Yes, Blue grass music is widely played, but it is not all that is part of the mountains.

overlook and parkway 011overlook and parkway 013


Rich in history; proud of their past…one will see memorials to the Civil  War dead and those who fought the elements to live in this beautiful place…like Ed and Lizzie Mabry who built their Mill…now preserved for all to enjoy on the Parkway.

Mabry Mill sm

Mabry Mill

Today, you are going to have a visual experience.  As you look, thank God for all He has created and share it with friends and family that may not have a mountain experience.

Fall Tree sm

Sugar Maple

Fall leaves 2015 sm

Sugar Maple Leaves

Little hole in mountain leaves sm

View off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Pumpkins in the Fields

horses VA sm

Horses and Cows graze along the Blue Ridge

Parkway field fence best dm

Split Rail Fence frames the Blue Ridge Parkway beauty



Just for FUN! How smart is your dog?

Our dog rules…and dog lovers will know what I mean.   If we put on shoes; pick up the car keys…and we don’t spell out such words as “truck, ride, go” etc….she will sit by the door as if to say, “There is no way you are going to leave me behind!”

On the other hand, if we say that really bad sentence to her… “Go get on your bed…we’ll be back”, she will obediently do that, but will never look at us even if we call her name.  (pouting…I think they call it.)

A friend of ours sent this video clip, and just for fun…I thought I’d pass it along to my readers and especially those with dogs.   Yes, they are not only man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but they are truly smart!

Playing by the pool on a hot summer’s day can have a few challenges, but this little guy got it all figured out.   (Turn on your sound)


Music and Flowing Water

VA brookThe restfulness of a flowing stream gives moments of peace.   Take time to relax this weekend.  Look at the new leaves and the flutter of the birds and the opening of a new flower.Va flowering2Birds yellow finches  VA

God’s creation is a thing to cherish.











The Ocean and Relaxation

If one has ever gone to sleep near the ocean, the sounds and movement of one wave hitting the shore one after another gives the serene calm that is needed in this stressful world.   For your listening pleasure, Boyer Writes presents music and the sounds of the ocean.  Whether you want to listen while you read, work or sleep, may it give you a totally relaxing experience.   Happy weekend!

(Since the picture is the same throughout, we suggest that you enlarge the picture and simply listen.)

The Violin

For your weekend listening pleasure….the sounds of the violin and the beauty of nature.

A Little Wobbly…and Need a Little Help to Stay on Your Feet?

Life making you a little wobbly on your feet?   It seems that circumstances can make us feel that way. Everyone wants to be sure-footed….knowing exactly where to place the next step.   We don’t like the idea of doing something we have not done before…or facing issues that we’ve not previously had to face.  Sometimes when these things come along, it is nice to know that we can have someone to be there for us…someone to talk to…or to give us a little nudge.   It is also good to have their experience and make us certain that “we can do this”.

Nature also give a little nudge when needed.  We often wonder at the fact that there seems to be a built-in understanding of what has to be done.     See below what I mean…and apply it to your situation.  Look for those who can help you not to fall as you venture out.


Hang Son Doong Cave Explored

Hang-Son-Doong-Vietnam-The world’s largest cave is in Vietnam.  It was explored first in 2009 and has been a source of fascination to those who have actually seen it. This particular cave is located in the caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang. Hang is part of the underground system connected to more than 150 different activities in Vietnam, located near the border with Laos.

The Huffington Post published this about the cave:

The Hang Son Doong Cave is over  5.5 miles long; has a jungle and river and could fit a 40 story skyscraper within its walls…The newly discovered cave has been touted as the largest in the world, although other caves vie for the title of longest   (Mammoth Cave in Brownsville, Kentucky nabs that title with about 400 miles of passageways) and the deepest  is Krubera Cave in the nation (not the state) of Georgia.  A local man discovered the cave entrance in 1991, but British cavers  were the first to explore it in 2009.A rock formation shines beneath a skylight in Hang Son Doong.

Mark Jenkins wrote for National Geographic some history of the cave:  Two decades ago, the leaders of this expedition, Howard Limbert and his wife, Deb, became the first cavers to visit Vietnam since the 1970s. Back then, the country’s caves were legendary but unexplored. In 1941 Ho Chi Minh had planned his revolution against the Japanese and French in Pac Bo Cave north of Hanoi, and during the Vietnam War thousands of Vietnamese hid from American bombing raids inside caves. The Limberts, experienced cavers from the Yorkshire dales of northern England, made contact with the University of Science in Hanoi and, after obtaining sheaves of permits, mounted an expedition in 1990. They’ve made 13 trips since, not only discovering one of the longest river caves in the world-12-mile Hang Khe Ry, not far from Son Doong-but also helping the Vietnamese create 330-square-mile Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which now attracts a quarter million Vietnamese and foreign visitors a yearHang-Son-Doong-Vietnam-2

One amazing thing is that deep in this cave, there is a rain forest.  It appears that part of the roof of the cave has collapsed and because the light of the sun has been able to shine through….the beauty of life in plant form began to develop.

Our video #2 below explores just this aspect…light and growth… which leads us to once again to think about what was meant when God said, “Let there be light!”

Light is all important.  It is the source physically and even spiritually.  We consider evil  in the world to be in darkness…and finding truth and salvation in Christ to be brought into the Light!      How beautiful is this analogy.   Truth is always so simple and clear. We are to bring “light” into this world, which turns into something wonderful.     Let’s take a look at Hang Son Doong Cave and marvel.


Video 1   Exploration of the Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam


Video 2 The Hang Son Doong Cave grows a rainforest

Merry Christmas from a small Florida town

Most people have not heard of Howey in the Hills, Florida, USA, but they are quite familiar with Disney World or other theme parks around central Florida.   Howey wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What is this small town like? The deep, red sun rises each morning over the lake with no snow or ice. The cypress trees blow gently and the birds from Bird Island parade overhead.  An occasional alligator can be seen and the cranes wade through the grasses. Yes, it is a special place.  It is a wonderful, small town where neighbors know each other; dogs are welcome and people stop to chat as they walk them along Little Lake Harris.   The police and fire departments are appreciated; the schools are honored, and the small businesses and residents are asked to take part in a great Christmas parade.   Where else would one find llamas dressed to welcome such a great holiday?   Take a look below.


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Another free digital slideshow by Smilebox

Fascination with Geometry in Nature and Calculating Numbers

Waterdrop  captured  by high speed cameras

Water drop captured by high-speed cameras

If one looks around in nature or even in the molecules of a water drop, the geometric shapes that can be translated into math are there.  Beauty is also there.  The changing colors; swirling shapes and much more than the ordinary person will see or grasp in a lifetime.  There is an order to things.  In this order, the number system is dominate.  Add a number…subtract a number…multiply a number…and consistently the numbers start to change, but do so in perfect order.snowflake waterdrops on spider web water crystals

To be a mathematician or a scientist who peers into the microscope or an astronomer who studies the skies must see the God of perfection.   Even such small things as a spider web, a water drop, or a snowflake show the geometric shapes  of the universe.








Numbers are fascinating! You do not have to be a math genius or be able to understand quantum physics to enjoy this amazing stacking of numbers! View the video at the bottom of the page  and see what you think! (Turn off your sound if you are not into rock music.)










Thanksgiving and the lowly sweet potato

sweet-potatos-in-gardenIt’s orange…and odd shaped. Not the world’s most beautiful vegetable, but one may be surprised at the good it does in this world of violence and discontent.   One report spoke of a third world country where children were going blind.  After the families switched from growing white potatoes to the sweet potatoes, the children’s eyes greatly improved. World Vision shows sweet potato story






World Vision is a Christian organization that has helped people find hope, health, and a lively hood.   Click here to read the inspirational stories of World Vision

sweet-potatoes2Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6,  vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Iron, magnesium potassium, natural sugar.   If you know what all these vitamins help in a healthy you…then you are probably thinking about the heart, skin, immune system, and much more.

In our previous blog, we talked about relaxation and it is our wish at Boyer Writes that you are feeling rested and “full-filled” as you enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family.  As you gather around the table, take a moment to give each person there a chance to say the things of which they are most thankful.  Even if a person is not considered religious, they usually have something to share because everyone knows at least one thing that is a blessing in life.

Just in case you want to add sweet potatoes to your meal, here is a special recipe for you and exactly how to make it.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Click to see video….Ahhhhh the gourmet classic sweet potato

Christmas Book “Crooked Creek Fir Tree”

Crooked Creek Cover imageThis is a first in a new series called “Lessons from Fairy Tales”.  

 Crooked Creek Fir Tree  is ready just before Christmas and is a modern-day version of the famous children’s book,   The Fir Tree, by Hans Christian Andersen.   The Crooked Creek Fir Tree learns a lesson in patience as he seeks to grow into his purpose in life.   Photography is also by Nancy W. Boyer and the plot is situated in the mountains of the Blue Ridge.   It is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Click here for CROOKED CREEK FIR TREE and other books by N. Boyer

The Beauty of the Seas…Dvorak

For your listening and viewing  pleasure….below the seas.

“Largo” from  Dvorak’s New World Symphony 

God’s Handiwork….rest from today’s news

God’s Handiwork!   Sit back…forget the news for the day and refresh your mind to what beautiful things are on the earth.

Compliments of National Geographic:

VIDEO:   This moves very quickly.  Be ready to pause if you’d like to see something for a longer time. Turn on sound and enlarge picture for best viewing.

Vivaldi and the Seasons


The first snows are beginning to fall in the northern areas of the U.S.A.   We remember each season with its beauty and praise of God’s handiwork.      Boyer Writes invites you to join us this weekend with the beauty of nature and  the music of Vivaldi.

(Turn on sound and enlarge picture for best viewing)



Cat Takes Care of Dog



Puppies and a pig

Puppies and a pig

In the animal world, some are able to set aside their natural differences.   Perhaps we humans could take a lesson from a blind and hard of hearing chocolate lab and a cat named “Pudicat”.  It is well known that cats usually do not like dogs.  I have seen this unusual situation even with my golden retriever, Gracie, and a neighbor cat…now deceased.   Gracie would be laying outside the door and “Patches” would come up to her.  Ever so gently, Patches would tip-toe between Gracie’s legs…maneuver a bit   and lay down between Gracie’s paws.    Gracie never tried to move her…or pull away.  They would lay there for a very long time.  Usually it was Patches who would get up and travel along her way.

In the video below, you’ll  notice the words...vulnerable.sensing….which  says to us to  be more keenly aware of the vulnerable around us…sense their needs and do something about it if we can…just like “Pudicat”.