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New Devotional Book by N.W.Boyer

As a Christian author, it is my joy to share a book that I have recently written.  My latest devotional book is called Around the Corner. 

The reason for that title is because throughout my life there have been surprises “around the corner” that have given me inspiration and understanding of people throughout the world.  These stories, events and thoughts are what I want to share with my readers.

Divided into 31 days, the daily reading has not only stories of adventures, joys and “Things that I have learned”, but also Scripture readings and prayers. It also includes some of my original art and photography, which also are my creative thoughts.

It is my hope that you will enjoy Around the Corner, in book form or on Kindle, for your inspirational reading.  If you like either, please pass this blog post onto your friends and family.

Click here:   Around the Corner…paperback edition 

 Around the Corner…Kindle Edition

Around the Corner Front Book Cover



New Devotional Book with Photography and St. Paul’s Words


Devotional Life of St Paul jpeg2

After a trip to Greece this year to follow the “Footsteps of St. Paul”, the inspiration came to share my photography and words of Holy Scripture that St. Paul spoke to the early churches.  He and the men and women during the years of spreading the Gospel through missionary journeys suffered greatly the persecution that eventually led to his beheading in Rome.  Because of them, we have the writings of the Holy Scriptures today of the good news of the Christian faith.

Follow with me now some of his words to the Jews in the Synagogues, the faithful in the churches and to us, the modern day church.  I have included archeological finds and ruins as well as the amazing monasteries of Meteora.

This devotional is now available on Amazon in paperback and e-Book form.

Click here to view new devotional book

All books written by N.W.Boyer for adults and children (click on each book for more info)



Photography on the Blue Ridge

The mountains of Virginia have been buried in snow and shortly the mountain will awaken to the warmth of the sun.  I’d like to introduce you to Photography by Boyer.  Throughout the summer, I will be sharing my photographic adventures. At times, it may even be a travelogue through pictures.  If you are interested in photography and would like to be notified when pictures are uploaded on my photography blog, just send me an email (boyerwrites@yahoo.com or howey126@hotmail.com ) or follow on Photography by Boyer.

See the photography of the  beautiful Blue Ridge during our stay in 2015 on this link:

Photography by Boyer

August VA 026 copy


The Beauty of the Blue Ridge in Fall

More recently I wrote about The Mountain Way of Virginia and North Carolina.  The history is fascinating and the people hardy, but the mountains are a marvelous beauty!    This week I spent driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting some of the small towns, like Floyd, VA.   The towns vary, but all have the Mom and Pop restaurants with home cooking: grits, country ham, fluffy biscuits with or without a rich, brown gravy.

It seems that “outsiders” have found the mountains, as I have run into a Greek restaurant owner; a Colorado sign maker,  and  Jacksonville Center for the Arts  in Floyd  has invited musicians from the Czech Republic and a pianist from Russia.  Yes, Blue grass music is widely played, but it is not all that is part of the mountains.

overlook and parkway 011overlook and parkway 013


Rich in history; proud of their past…one will see memorials to the Civil  War dead and those who fought the elements to live in this beautiful place…like Ed and Lizzie Mabry who built their Mill…now preserved for all to enjoy on the Parkway.

Mabry Mill sm

Mabry Mill

Today, you are going to have a visual experience.  As you look, thank God for all He has created and share it with friends and family that may not have a mountain experience.

Fall Tree sm

Sugar Maple

Fall leaves 2015 sm

Sugar Maple Leaves

Little hole in mountain leaves sm

View off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Pumpkins in the Fields

horses VA sm

Horses and Cows graze along the Blue Ridge

Parkway field fence best dm

Split Rail Fence frames the Blue Ridge Parkway beauty



Nature up-close and personal

To immerse one’s soul in a quiet place…whether it is a walk in the woods or simply looking at a leaf or twig very closely…very, very closely is my challenge to you today. Below are some slide presentations  that I made a few years ago, while examining up close and personal some parts of nature not seen by many. Since photographing these, they have been  blown by the wind…kissed by the rain…never to be the same again.

SLIDE PRESENTATIONS IN NATURE:  (Scroll down to see all the slide shows)


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BOYER WRITES ushers in SUMMER with a little FLAIR

For this Sunday, Boyer Writes thought you may need a little break from “heavy” reading to just simply enjoying  a little jazz and the beauty of SUMMER!   ENJOY and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

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The Old South may be Going…if not already… GONE with the Wind

MUSICAL SCORE FROM GONE WITH THE WIND  (Click and read below while you listen)

To go back in time….to know what life was really like in the days around the Civil War, one might look at the famous movie by Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind.  She won a Pulitzer prize for her book and actors such as Clark Gable and Vivian Lee became famous for their roles.   Butterfly McQueen, whose life we feature at the end of this writing, tells us what it was like to portray the southern black slave of that day.  She, of course, only acted in the role, but the real slaves of that time were not only the house maids, but the field hands, working either on the cotton plantations or in the rice fields.

My husband and I visited South Carolina recently and took a tour of the plantations that exist in the low countries.  Many have been restored, but most are finding it hard to keep up the thousands of acres and the huge mansions of that era.  It may truly be a thing of the past in a few years…or “gone with the wind” as so many fall into disrepair.    Maybe that is why it is important to take a look at what has survived and think of our country’s past.   I made many pictures of the old slave houses because soon they will fall into the dust…and without something to see…may be remembered no more by our future generations.

The long-time residents of the deep south, sometimes called the Bible Belt, take great pride in their history of a south that lost the war to the northern Yankees    Rebel flags are flown; monuments are placed in the public squares. It is difficult for some to not  believe that the South as they knew it  could  never “rise again”.    They still put up stones to the fact that their cause, the Rebel cause,  was the right one.  (See picture below.)   We know, of course, that had the South won the war, slavery would have continued.  There would not be desegregation, as we know it today, with opportunity for all citizens.  Our country would be a very different place.   However, in our travels, we saw such towns as Greenville, S.C that have made a beautiful down-town area with thriving shops and offices open to all.  Perhaps the South did “rise again”  even though many of their towns were burned to the ground during the Civil War.   It may have been a long-hard struggle, but I think those who bled for their cause, on either side, would be pleased to see how far the southern people have come.   It is up to them to pass on their history to the young people of today, pointing out the struggles.


There is a wonderful, natural beauty in the South Carolina lowlands…massive oak trees that grace the entrances to the large plantations, often overlooking the water that once were the rice fields.   (See the video below.)   Great camellia bushes bend with red and pink blossoms.  Hanging moss blows gently in the wind.    Most of the plantations were constructed in the 1700’s.  A few have the original house or foundation, but fire took its toll on so many.  The threat of fire was why most homes had the kitchen building separate from the main house.

Some of the houses, such as the Sampson-Hamby-Ward House, date pre-Revolutionary War times. This can be noticed by the hand-hewn sills and joists;  braced frame construction with hewn and pegged hanging joists.

Some of the famous plantations of the southern  low country are in the Prince George Winyah Parish, near Georgetown, S.C.

There was nothing gentle, or genteel,  about the lives of those who worked the hundreds of acres.    Rosemont Plantation produced 570,000 pounds of rice and had 291 slaves. .  Hopsewee Plantation house was built of black cypress over 275 years ago.    On this property of 240 acres, 178 slaves worked the rice fields of the Santee Delta, producing 560,000 pounds of rice.


Take a look at the  slide presentation of Plantations in the Low Country of South Carolina and some of the Slave Houses on the “Slave Street” at Mansfield Plantation.


An interview of Butterfly McQueen and what she experienced taking the part of a black slave in Gone with the Wind.

New Gallery by Boyer Opens

SEA SHELL SOAPSTo all our Boyer Writes Followers:IMG_0484

An online interior decorating site and gallery in Central Florida is now open for those who love ORIGINAL ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, GIFTS  for home and office …such as French soaps, washable indoor-outdoor carpets, made especially for all kinds of weather, and much more found at:

www.palmettospecialtygroup.com natural-fibers

One of our pages on the site, listed above, has  prints of the Florida wetlands. We thought you might like to see a video that goes along with  our Florida prints.  Around the world, when Florida is mentioned, often the only thing that comes to mind is Disney or Universal Studios.  There is much more! The natural Florida is nothing short of amazing.

After viewing this  Florida wetlands video, see all items at   www.palmettospecailtygroup.com by clicking on this link or a picture on the right side of this page.   Share with your friends.

(Credits at the end.)

Beauty of Hawaii

This month has been eventful with a trip to Hawaii where my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We’d like to share some of it with you.

Turn on your sound and enlarge the screen for best viewing.

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Boyer Gifts Opens Online

Color and the desire to create has always been my interest.   When traveling the world, I kept my camera close at hand because I knew I would be enjoying what I was seeing over and over.  Sometimes I took those pictures and began to design.  A flower turned into an abstract.  A mountain became a black and white.   Architecture took on a new meaning.   The middle of a flower may be too small for the naked eye, but the camera captures what we do not see.  My eyes had a way of seeing what something could be or maybe what something used to be.

Most recently, I went to my deceased  uncles’ old workshop.  Behind the shop was a car half hidden in the weeds.  Just across was an old shed filled with old wood.  This made me look for things that once were used and now forgotten.    There was a beauty in the old tin and the weathered grey  of the boards.    Out came my camera because I did not want this scene to die in the dust.


We would like to share with you a new venture that Bill and I are launching on the web.  It is called Photography by Boyer, a division of our Palmetto Specialty Group, LLC.    This is our original  photography and fine art from around the world.

The primary emphasis is on the BEAUTY OF FLORIDA, showing florals, wetlands, and wildlife.   You will see that we can provide not only  prints, but stretched canvas photography as well.

There will be other elements to the site that may interest our viewers:  a card series and gifts.   It is a secure site for purchasing with major credit cards.  Please help us with passing along the web address to friends and neighbors.

Web Address is Photography by Boyer


Take a look and see what you think.  We would love some feedback and lots of sales.   20% of all sales will go to humanitarian and Christian mission efforts.