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As we celebrate the 4th of July and all that America means to us, we must not sit back and watch the slaughter of the brave Afghan men and women who helped us during 20 years of war! We must remember on this patriotic holiday the over 2,000 American men and women who died in Afghanistan. Some of those have been the interpreters…now being sought out by the Taliban.

Expedite! Expedite! Time is running out.

Afghan Interpreter helps U.S. forces fight terrorists

As we sit happily with family eating our hotdogs and flying our flags, over 18,000 Afghans, and perhaps thousands more WAIT for their lives. What are they waiting for?…a simple piece of paper called a Visa and transportation to some safe place. The latest report, with the Taliban on the move, tells us that the airport may be the first to be taken over. So, what is the delay?

Our top military generals say that they can get the interpreters out IF “We are given the green light!” Who is holding up the “green light?” How about an executive order? TOP PRIORITY! “GET THEM OUT NOW” could be the piece of paper or phone call needed.

If we can sit back and watch people by the thousands cross our own borders without paperwork, why the hold up for visas for the Afghan fighters? Why the hypocrisy? Many of the Afghan interpreters, men and women, have been waiting for years for the Visa that they have asked for. Now time is running out. President Biden, you said back when you were a young Senator that you didn’t want us to evacuate the men and women of Saigon in Vietnam. Is this your true feeling now about these deserving Afghans? This would be unimaginable! However, what do any of us know. Actions speak louder than words.

Below is an article and video by CNN. It is eye opening, especially when reporters were told by our President just recently, “Don’t ask me about Afghanistan... I want to talk about happy things, Man…”

Wait for the video to start (after the commercial)