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Introducing a New Book “The Least of These”

During this year of limited mobility, I started a sequel to my historical fiction book, THE SEEDS. It was exciting to use one of the main characters from The Seeds into a new book. Previously, he was involved in an intense drama to find a Nazi General hiding out from those who would bring him to trial for war crimes. This time my character’s search would be for an answer to faith.

Taking Charlie into my sequel book, THE LEAST OF THESE, I found with thousands of words later and numbers of chapters, I was able to help him see the world in a different way. I’ll share with you a secret… in my writing, many of his contacts with people and places actually happened in my own life. Having experienced some of what he encountered made writing much easier and enjoyable.

Charlie is from Israel and is the son of a Messianic Jew, who believes that Christ is the long awaited Messiah, as proclaimed by the Prophets in the Holy Scriptures. The book of Isaiah, as well as other portions of sacred books, tell that this man of God will come…and so they are still waiting. Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, who by His death and resurrection from the dead, paid for the sins of mankind… proving that He was the very One who fulfilled the promises about the Messiah.

Charlie also wants to know why Jesus Christ looked at the poor and outcasts of the world’s societies as ones to be ministered to by His followers.

Christ said, “…Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Charlie’s quest in THE LEAST OF THESE is to travel to parts of the world, even to some places called the “Ends of the Earth,” to see what God wanted of him if he also was to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, in Christ as the Messiah.

Writing is one of my joys in life and I pray God will give these words wings to be an inspiration to many of my readers. I invite you to take a look at both of these books, now available on Amazon in paperback and e-book forms. N.W.Boyer

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