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Is History Repeating itself?

Vandalism at an Arizona Synagogue


After the vandalizing of an Arizona Synagogue, this message hit the internet:

“‘I’m a complete mess in tears as I write this. I just got off the phone with my Rabbi our synagogue was vandalized someone through a rock at our glass door,” she wrote. “This was NOT an accident! I feel numb. Send prayers our way. It’s just the beginning.”

To all Jews and Palestinian families who are caught in the barrage of missiles and counter rockets, we as Christians are praying…for we are told to do so in the Holy Scriptures.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you! Psalm 122:6


When reading an article this morning written by Yael Halon, I could not believe that Jews are once again being attached in America, Europe and other areas simply because they are Jews. I am certain that when WWII was over and the horrors of the Holocaust was revealed that “NEVER AGAIN” would always be the cry of the world!

Here are some recent incidents here in the USA alone:

  • CALIFORNIA: “I’ve taken this route a million times and I’ve never been afraid. I was waiting by the light for it to change and suddenly I saw a bunch of cars coming and I see out of the corner of my eye they were waving the Palestinian flag. They started speeding up and I heard them chanting ‘Allahu akbar.’ That’s when I started running for my life. I was petrified. I just kept thinking, ‘I’m a father of six and I want to come home to them tonight.’ I thought they were going to kill me. My mind was racing.” ” 
  • NEW JERSEY: An Englewood family was confronted by a pro-Palestinian demonstrator on their way home from synagogue on Sunday as their children – ages 9, 8 and 7 – were left “shaking and terrified for their life.”

“A black BMW sedan pulled next to them and shouted, “FREE PALESTINE, F— THE JEWS YOU MOTHER F—ERS. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, GET OUT OF HERE,” the mother said. “They tried to pull over to another family who started running away. My children were shaking and terrified. My children who play outside my backyard all the time now refuse to be outside alone. They are shaken up and worried.” (Our apologies for the language…but it’s the real world.)

ILLINOIS “It’s a really scary time to be outwardly Jewish. This is Skokie. It’s a heavily Jewish town. What’s bothering me is that everyone is saying, ‘Oh, this is just about Israeli and Palestine, it’s not about Jews.’ No, they’re targeting synagogues. That’s a direct target on Jews. This has nothing to do with Israel. There’s something unsettling seeing two armed guards and police at my son’s school for drop-off and pick-up every day,”


  • UTAH A swastika was drawn on the front door of a synagogue in Salt Lake City. The Rabbi said, “It’s alarming to see how quickly misinformation and falsehoods spread online, and from a complex political issue in the Middle East, we’ve arrived at a place where Jews are debating whether they should walk in the streets of the United States with a visible Yarmulke on.
Yarmulke or kippah traditionally worn by Jewish males to fulfill the customary requirement that the head be covered. It is worn by men in Orthodox communities at all times. Among non-Orthodox communities, those who wear them customarily do so only during prayer, while attending a synagogue or in other rituals.

A prominent attorney in New York City said, “Wearing a Kippah in NYC always felt safer than anywhere else in the world. I’ll never take mine off, but I will for the first time have to teach my children to be careful if they choose to wear theirs publicly.”  


Christians, have you ever considered that one day, when persecution and hate comes your way, that you might not be able to wear the cross that you lovingly display around your neck? Even well-known TV personalities wear their crosses to identify themselves as a Christian. Would a Jew be able to display his/her star of David in the same way today?

Think about it. Have we not learned anything from past history? Instead of teaching our children divisive curriculum in schools, the first obligation is to teach history and what we can learn from it in today’s world…for ALL people.

In our country, a Muslim should be free to worship in his Mosque…a Jew in his Synagogue… a Hindu in the home or mandir and Christians in their Churches. Every religious person should be able to express his views freely by his attire. Every place of worship should be respected and free from destruction or vandalism. There is no place for hatred, violence or intimidation. Are we not the land of the free? You may say, “No…not any more.” We must speak up then and preserve what is ours before it is too late.

Again…we at Boyer Writes ask for your prayers for all people of the Middle East and for those here at home who have nothing to do with what is happening there. They simply want to go to work, school and to their place of worship. Is that too much to ask in our land of “freedom for all?”

Cross of Christ
Should he not be able to wear the Star of David, proudly without fear?