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Do you know about HOLODOMOR?

When I traveled to Donetsk Christian University in Ukraine to teach English, I had no idea about the terrible history that the families of my students had endured. I do know that shortly after I left Ukraine, the Russians took over the University; sent the students home and held the faculty hostage for a number of days. The school was then turned into a military barracks.

No, I am not talking about the recent tragedy for Ukraine by the total invasion by Russia and the war crimes being committed there on the Ukrainian people. I am writing this blog about the earlier years under Joseph Stalin and the Communist party, when Russia starved the Ukrainians and tried to deny it by controlling the media. This is remembered by the Ukrainians as the HOLODOMOR.

Ukrainians dying from hunger on the streets during the Holodomor, 1933

Video: Here is the full story. (Turn on your sound. A commercial may come up…if so, I apologize.)

Here is the real story of the HOLODOMOR. Don’t forget that during this time, the West did not step in or try to help. The people perished by the millions when the “Bread Basket” of Ukraine was taken over. The Russians have never admitted to doing this and how their actions effected other countries as well who needed grain from Ukraine. Even today because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the parts of the world dependent on the Ukrainian breadbasket will see hunger and starvation.

Keep Ukrainians in your prayers daily…and the Russian families who have lost sons in the war because Putin has sent them to fight an independent country. War is not only “Hell,” it is a continuation of man’s inhumanity to men….women and children. Dictators never learn.