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Nuclear Meltdown

Whether it is accidental, natural causes or deliberate...any nuclear facility meltdown will send radioactive materials throughout the world on the winds circling the earth. Trying to fix the problem before it is too late is a herculean task. This is why the world is on edge about this facility and all the others in Ukraine!

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. In 2006, the government planned to build 11 new reactors by the year 2030, which would almost double the current amount of nuclear power capacity. Ukraine’s power sector is the twelfth-largest in the world in terms of installed capacity, with 54 gigawatts. LVIV, Ukraine/KYIV, March 4 (Reuters) – Russian forces in Ukraine seized Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant on Friday in an assault that caused alarm around the world and that Washington said had risked catastrophe, although officials said later that the facility was now safe.

Let’s go back to 1986 in history when Chernobyl had a melt down. This area was in what we now know as the independent country of Ukraine. The Russians, who had to try to fix Chernobyl after the meltdown are now, once again, in charge of the largest nuclear facility in the world, as they have invaded Ukraine. The recent firing on the facility by Russian military, causing a fire, are now controlling the facility. Had the other reactors lost their cooling power, it could have easily been another Chernobyl…contaminating the entire world.


Here is history about Chernobyl and the worst nuclear accident in history.

Will it happen again?

The Chernobyl disaster was occurred on 26 April 1986 in Ukraine. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two, the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers…many of whom died from radiation. (Wikipedia)

A Ukrainian woman lays flowers at the memorial for those who died at Chernobyl
There are four major nuclear plants in Ukraine, and the defunct Chernobyl.

6o Minutes gave this report in 2014 on Chernobyl, the same year that Russia invaded the eastern part of Ukraine, with their eye on taking over the entire country…as it is trying to do now, 2022. Viewing this may give us some insight to this nuclear meltdown and how dangerous it is that the invading country of Russia has the Ukrainian Power Plant in their control.

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