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This week of 2022 has been one of remembering the great life of Queen Elizabeth II of England. However, we MUST NOT FORGET all those who did not have the opportunity for a long life because of evil men who wanted to destroy America. They not only destroyed Americans, but hundreds of their own people and others from countries around the world, who worked in the buildings or flew on the planes. This is why we must NEVER FORGET. It was an attack on humanity.

I remember it vividly because my husband and I lived in Venice, Florida, where we found out later that the terrorists may have walked by our house to take flying lessons at the small airport down the street. When the attack on New York happened, my neighbors, who were of the Muslim faith were terrified that they would somehow be implicated. These were older people who had been American citizens all their lives. I decided to take them a basket of fruit and together we wept for our nation. As Christians, this was the most we could do and pray for all those families that would never see loved ones again.


For those who are too young to remember or not even born, it is our duty to pass on the lessons of history that they will also never forget.

(The following is part of an article in USA Today by Orlando Mayorquin. Pictures by AP News)

The country was forever changed on this day 21 years ago. Terrorists hijacked and crashed passenger planes into buildings in New York and just outside of Washington, D.C. One hijacked plane dove into an empty field, its hijackers’ plans foiled by a group of courageous passengers. 

Nearly 3,000 victims’ lives  were claimed by extremist group al-Qaida’s 9/11 attacks. New York City lost more than 400 first responders who rushed to help at the burning World Trade Center. More than 83,000 first responders have enrolled in a Centers for Disease Control program that provides support for a number of medical conditions, like cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, that arose from being at the site of the attacks. 

Sept. 11, 2001, set the stage for a new “global war on terror” launched by former U.S. President George W. Bush. The United States military and its allies set out to eliminate al-Qaida terrorist network harbored by the Taliban in Afghanistan in a costly war that ended last year with the United States withdrawing its troops and the Tailban taking control of the country.

We have to ask ourselves if there are terrorists who would attack once more? According to a more recent report, 42 people on the terrorist watchlist have been apprehended, attempting to enter the United States through our open southern border illegally.

Today we place our American flags on our lawn and we WILL REMEMBER 9-11.