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Animal Lessons…a new book series

Very young children love to be read to and shown pictures…especially of animals.  If there is a pet in the home or the family takes trips to the great outdoors, animals are always in the mix.

Our family dogs and cats give us love and attention and love is mostly what they crave …next to a big bowl of food.  cat and dog eating


All animals, domesticated or wild, feel better when they have a full tummy.

bird eats orange

A bird finds an orange treat

squirell eats a strawberry

A squirrel is happy for a hand-out!

snail eats stawberrry

Wow! Some little creatures bite off more than they can swallow.

Food changes all moods…human and otherwise.  This led me to think about how animal books could teach very young children how to behave.  Parents, you will like this first in a series on “animal lessons” as you try to feed, put to bed or teach sharing with your child.

Here is my newest book for a little one that you may know…The Moody Musical Cat.

It wasn’t food that changed his behavior, but music.  Surprise! Surprise!

  View The Moody Musical Cat 

Moody Musican Cat Front

  View The Moody Musical Cat 

Hurricanes…the Victims and Help

As of today, Hurricane Dorian has stayed almost stationary, only moving slightly, while pounding the people, buildings and all on the Bahamas for 45 straight hours. It may continue to move up the Eastern coastal areas of the United States with great concerns for many.  We are totally grateful to the hundreds of workers with their fully equipped trucks waiting to restore power, as needed. These have come from as far as Canada to Daytona Beach, Florida. The Red Cross and other first responders are coming to help.

Keep all those who are suffering today in your prayers while we, in the inland areas, move around mostly in comfort and safety. The bands of rain continue to blast as the hurricane passes.

It is not only the devastation of any hurricane for the humans in the path, but also the animals.  One woman in the Bahamas decided to do something about this. This short video tells of her compassion.

Click for short video. Turn on sound

 Compassion for Animals

If you are one of our readers and not in the U.S. and would like to see what has been happening in the Bahamas, here is another link.

The Tragedy of the Bahamas



Fancy (aka Blossom) Finds a Home

Once there was a little boy who lived in a far away place with many Golden Retriever dogs.  They were his best friends besides his mother, father, and little sister.  One day he saw that his big mama dog had nine little pups.   They were all squirming together in a blue box.  This little boy’s mother took very good care of them. pups in box sm   They were so furry, warm and little.  He loved holding them and watching them being fed by their own mother.pink blossom l green clover purple violetsm  Out of all the puppies, the little boy had a favorite.  The name that the family gave her was “Blossom”.  She was the lightest color of all the pups and they put a little pink collar around her neck to identify her from all the other pups.

The puppies grew and grew.  The little boy played  with all of them, but Blossom kept coming to him and laying around the family’s feet.  She definitely was his favorite.  Sometimes she would get really sleepy or she did the puppy thing and wet her bed or did other unmentionables, but he still loved her. Jackson holding Fancy Blossom would lick his fingers and sometimes his nose.  Her little nails were razor sharp. She would jump and play, making him laugh.  She would try to climb up on him, making him her best friend also.  Then she would lay her head on him and settle down… nice and calm like. He would rub her belly that was warmer and smoother than anything he had ever felt.  However, the calmness did not last long for Blossom wiggled to get free. She  had to explore the world and tussle with the other eight puppies in her litter. Jackson holding Fancy2Jackson holding Fancy3

One day some people came to see the puppies.  They told the boy’s mother that they wanted  a sweet dog for their very own because their Golden Retriever named Gracie, who was fourteen years old, had gotten sick  and gone to be with God.  The lady said they would never forget their Gracie girl, but hoped they could find another special girl puppy  to take home with them out of the nine pups at his house.  He thought that they could find a girl because there were four of them and five boy dogs…but he hoped it would not be his Blossom. Fancy sm The man picked up Blossom very carefully and then he handed Blossom to his wife, who let Blossom sleep on her shoulder. Fancy sleeping on Nancysm

It made the little boy  sad to know that maybe they would pick his favorite dog.   If his Blossom had to go away, he wanted her to have the very best family in the world.  The way the man and lady handled her made him think that they would love her….maybe as much as he did.  They would not get her that day because she was too young and had to stay with her mother for some more weeks.  She also had to get shots from the doctor who was called a Veterinarian.  When the boy’s mother put all nine puppies in her car to see the doctor, it was a fun time at his office because everyone wanted to see the adorable, new pups.

Finally the day came when the man and woman came back to the boy’s house.  They lived a long way and had to drive many miles to get their new pup.  His Mother had told him that Blossom seemed to be the right one for them and  would go to a far away place and live with them.  She told him that she was certain that Blossom would be taken care of and loved in her new home just like they had loved their other dog, Gracie, for so many years.  That made him feel a little bit better.  He learned that Blossom would not have her name they had given her, but would be called Fancy.  She would now be their Fancy girl.   Her real, long name would be Fancy Continental Girl because her new family lived near Fancy Gap, Virginia and their house was on the Continental Divide.  He was not certain what all that meant, but probably would learn someday.

He heard the car coming and the man and woman walked in the door.  They had a big bag in their hand.  The lady said it was a surprise for the family and needed his help in handing out some nice things for everyone.  She let him give out the surprises to his father, who got a big jar of home-made pickles from Peggy down at the Mayberry Country Store.  His sister got a very little dog that looked something like his Blossom.  His mother had a package of little blankets for the new baby expected at their home.  In fact, the new baby was going to come live with them on August 27 which was also the lady’s birthday.  She thought that was really great!    He wondered if there was anything for him.  She handed him the bag and he opened it to find a big stuffed dog that looked a lot like his nine dogs.   Hugging it close to himself, he gave the lady a big smile.    He knew it  would not chew on his fingers with the little, sharp teeth like  Blossom did and maybe he would sleep with it that night to make him feel a little better.
Jacson and stuffed puppy Bethany's son

The lady and man put his Blossom in the car and everyone waved “Goodbye”.   That night the little boy did go to bed with his furry dog that looked  so much like his favorite dog, Blossom.   Just like the couple that came to his house, Jackson knew he would never forget his special dog, Blossom, who was now called Fancy.  Maybe he would find another favorite dog someday that would stay with him forever.  If so, he would probably call her Blossom.


The story above is true and we at Boyer Writes are glad to share that Blossom (now Fancy) is in her new happy home….that is when everyone gets enough sleep after the 2 am whimper says,  “Don’t forget I’m just a pup who needs to hit the grass outside.  If you don’t listen, I will hit the blanket in my bed.”

We definitely listen to her and hope the day will come when we all get enough sleep, especially my husband who always takes her out at night.  He’s not afraid of the bears or other animals, like skunks, around our mountain house.  Needless to say, they sack out together a good deal of the time. Bill and Fancy sleeping

As I am writing this at my computer, Fancy is sleeping again, curled up at my feet, just as she did at the little boy’s house. Fancy headshot sm

When not sleeping, Fancy is eager to play with the ball, chew on her bone and ride in the truck.  We went to see our dearest uncle John, who is 93 and still plays golf. Fancy and Uncle John 2 Fancy took to him right away but decided not to go in the house with my cousin’s two big cats.

We hope you have enjoyed our journey to find our new puppy and the adorable little boy and his family that we will never forget.  Here are a few pictures of life with Fancy Girl:

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Photographing God’s Creation



Ever think to photograph some neat, formation of the simplest of things?   Ask someone to guess what it is…and then share with them that it is only the foam in the bottom of your blueberry shake.  To their surprise, an abstract is born…and it was fun creating it as I did with my morning drink.   Our imagination can create many things, but only God and His wonderful nature can create the beauty shown below. It’s summer and the flowers are showing what they have waited all winter to display…their beauty and elegance. 

Today I share with you my photographs taken of flowers from the deck of my home and one of God’s creatures that strolled through my yard. She looked very surprised to see me, but quickly went on her way. Morning deer sm2.jpg

As I looked out over the flowers, the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina and Virginia stay true their name… for they are a true -blue ridge.  Blue Ridge

 Look around you today.  See all the wonderful things God has made and rejoice.

VIDEO Turn on sound



The Way of Escape…and Hope

Leopard restingLife is complicated.  Often people find themselves in situations where they begin to believe that there is no way out or no way for things to be different.  This may be a personal habit or addiction that has brought life to screeching halt.  It could be a time when one finds himself (or herself) in a situation that they had no control over.  This can often lead to depression or a feeling that God does not hear or that He does not care.

We are reminded in the Holy Scriptures that He does care and will make a way out for us if we seek Him in our concerns.

1st Corinthians 10:13
“The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.”  (New Living Translation)

I saw a video of a  Pimpalgaon Siddhanath village in the Junnar division of Maharashtra, India.  A leopard had fallen into a 60 foot well with no way to escape.  As I watched the video, I was struck with how similar this is to the desperation of many people in their own lives.

  • The leopard hung on to a few sticks bundled together.
  • He struggled; fell off the sticks and struggled some more
  • Even when the men of the village tried to help by lowering a box for him to get into, he fought back with a loud snarl and practically made things worse when his claw caught on the box.

How does this seem similar to human situations?    When in a desperate situation, one may refuse all help…or not even recognize that it is help being offered by those who care.  One may struggle to work things out alone, knowing that there is the possibility of staying in the same quagmire. (An awkward, complex, or hazardous situation)

  • Finally, the leopard sees things differently.  He stops slapping at the box lowered to him and makes a decision to take the only way out.
  • The box, being lowered by those who cared,  had become his answer to a chance at living instead of drowning.

Read this scripture…and know that God has a purpose that you should live and give you hope and rest in your life.    He will make a way for you if you ask Him to do so. Reach out to those around you who have your best interest at heart.

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  New International Version


The Golden Retriever….Getting Over our Differences

Anyone who has owned a golden retriever will tell you they are the sweetest, most gentle dogs imaginable. Today we are adding another attribute…patience.…even the patience of Job!   I can remember when our Gracie would curl up on our back entrance with a neighbor cat named Patches.  Patches, an adult cat, would wait for Gracie to come out and then very carefully tip toe her way between Gracie’s paws.  Settling down very quietly and carefully, Patches was happy as could be with her best friend, our Golden.

Gracie next to treeNow you have to know a little about Gracie.  She is 13 years old (that’s 91 in human years) and one would think that she might be a little difficult…not wanting to be bothered.   Not, Gracie! She seemed very content to have this feline invade her space. She also is truly our “golden” dog for she has had two surgeries on her hind legs. Without the surgeries, she would not have been able to walk and a dog that weighs over 100 pounds could not be carried outside every time she needed to go.  You get the picture…so we “bit the bullet”, so to speak.  She was able to walk  just fine and even went up steps..    Back to Patches… unfortunately, while we were gone on vacation, Patches disappeared and the neighbor did not know where she went.  She liked to roam at night and we hope she was found by a friendly soul and not one of our great Florida hawks.  Our Gracie is a real “senior dog” now and doesn’t climb steps anymore. She has to be lifted into our truck for the rides she loves to take.  From room to room she follows either my husband or me. She never wants us out of her sight. Whether up in the mountains of VA or at home in FL, she makes herself at home. VA back yard view 079bill and Gracie at Overlook and mtssm


A blessing beyond explaining…our Gracie.


The video you are going to see could be Gracie, even though it is not.  This Golden has the same white face of an older dog and a Gracie look-alike in every way.   Be ready to be touched by the patience exhibited by this kind dog…and one may say, “Why can’t people who are different get along as well?”


VA Sunday 021

Some things are just too much fun to pass up.  Our Golden Retriever named Gracie looks just like the dog in this video below.  She probably will never have the opportunity to frolic with a “Bambi”…even though many deer have come through our yard in Virginia.  She is just as calm as this Golden and patient.  Her mouth may not be strong enough to find a rock and carry it to shore since in “people years” she is about 92. If her eyes were not getting dim and her hips not so painful, she’d probably like to do a little dancing.

Nevertheless, Gracie and almost all Goldens that I have known are the most gentle and loving pets one could ever have. If you are a family looking for a dog for your children, consider the Golden Retriever. You’ll not be disappointed.   Just for fun…enjoy this video and make your day brighter.  You might even consider kicking up your heels abit.  If not, most likely it will bring a smile to your face.

Dogs are Amazing Animals

Dogs have been called “Man’s best friend” (or women’s), but they are much more than that.  So often we forget how intelligent they are.  One thinks they don’t speak our language, but so often they understand exactly what we are saying.  It may be that they hear a word or two and associate it with an activity that they have done before.   Who really knows, but our dog can jump up and be ready to go even if we are spelling the words.  Maybe it is in the tone of voice.

Dogs have been known throughout the world as “wild dogs”, “working dogs” and “domestic dogs”.   They are able to be highly trained and often perform in circus shows and other events.

The downside is that when we find a dog with great traits, intelligence and temperament, they can be over-bred and inter-bred, ending up with many health issues.  Which has been the case with Golden Retrievers that are probably the best companion dog in the world, with a temperament of “gold”.  We always suggest families with small children consider the Golden Retriever when choosing a pet.

Meet our dog, Gracie…age 13 and loves everybody. VA Sunday 021

Having said all that, I have a question.  Are you lacking a dance partner?   Maybe this lady in the video below would rather have a good, intelligent, obedient dog as a dance partner any day.  It appears that she found one…even if he does have four legs.

A dog show in Moscow…give it a moment to start.


A Little Wobbly…and Need a Little Help to Stay on Your Feet?

Life making you a little wobbly on your feet?   It seems that circumstances can make us feel that way. Everyone wants to be sure-footed….knowing exactly where to place the next step.   We don’t like the idea of doing something we have not done before…or facing issues that we’ve not previously had to face.  Sometimes when these things come along, it is nice to know that we can have someone to be there for us…someone to talk to…or to give us a little nudge.   It is also good to have their experience and make us certain that “we can do this”.

Nature also give a little nudge when needed.  We often wonder at the fact that there seems to be a built-in understanding of what has to be done.     See below what I mean…and apply it to your situation.  Look for those who can help you not to fall as you venture out.


RELAX…Life has too many stresses

For your weekend pleasure….dwell on these guys….and RELAX 











God’s Handiwork….rest from today’s news

God’s Handiwork!   Sit back…forget the news for the day and refresh your mind to what beautiful things are on the earth.

Compliments of National Geographic:

VIDEO:   This moves very quickly.  Be ready to pause if you’d like to see something for a longer time. Turn on sound and enlarge picture for best viewing.

Cat Takes Care of Dog



Puppies and a pig

Puppies and a pig

In the animal world, some are able to set aside their natural differences.   Perhaps we humans could take a lesson from a blind and hard of hearing chocolate lab and a cat named “Pudicat”.  It is well known that cats usually do not like dogs.  I have seen this unusual situation even with my golden retriever, Gracie, and a neighbor cat…now deceased.   Gracie would be laying outside the door and “Patches” would come up to her.  Ever so gently, Patches would tip-toe between Gracie’s legs…maneuver a bit   and lay down between Gracie’s paws.    Gracie never tried to move her…or pull away.  They would lay there for a very long time.  Usually it was Patches who would get up and travel along her way.

In the video below, you’ll  notice the words...vulnerable.sensing….which  says to us to  be more keenly aware of the vulnerable around us…sense their needs and do something about it if we can…just like “Pudicat”.


The Love of Food….is the greatest love?!

Food“There is no love so great as the love of food”  reads a slogan on a restaurant take out bag.  This is one truism that seems to be a part of every living thing.  Of course we are not including the love for God…or His love for us in this statement.

People just  don’t know when to stop eating…or refuse to eat what is good for them.   Thus, the cries of the health critics.  Every January, the “lose weight” commercials ring in the New Year!    People get out the tape measure and decide if this is the year to “make it happen”.   My hat is off to those who actually follow through and change their health for the better. Sometimes it is truly a matter of life and death. overweight people

School children are told to eat a “healthy lunch” as they pass by the apples and pick up the french fries. I don’t know about yours, but my dog will eat most anything.  Actually,  she spits out his apples sometimes too.

As the world trembles in war-torn areas and food is in shortage, we remember what Mom used to say about the “starving people in Africa”. She would have to add many more nations in her reprimand today. We also  know that a nation of much…is also a nation of waste. Recently, I was served an over-cooked piece of salmon in a restaurant. The waitress insisted that she take it back. That was a hard decision…to pay for something not cooked properly…or know that the returned entree would go in the garbage…unless they had a stray cat out the back door!

I’m a southerner…originally from North Carolina.  There is nothing like a real “country spread”.  Everybody brings their favorite dish.  Recently we had a family reunion.  There was enough fried chicken to sink a battle ship….not to mention the homemade desserts.   Afterwards, we divided it all up…and the coolers were loaded down with another meal for another time. Heavenly!

We also have our favorite foods. I picked up a book the other day entitled “Just Pass the Chocolate and Nobody will Get Hurt.”   I think the book was really about  over-coming stress…not the demands for food.  It was a clever way of getting attention because almost everyone loves chocolate.


Scarlett OHara Scarlett OHara,  a character in Gone With the Wind, lived during the Civil War, when everyone was hungry.    She swore “I’ll never be hungry again!”  Another one of her lines was “I’ll think about it another day.”  That’s usually what we say about pushing back from the table.

Food…we love it! How thankful we are that we don’t have to go to bed without it!

There is something about a filled tummy that makes us feel lazy.   Think I’ll go to bed now.

Post note:  After this post, I got a comment from my fellow-blogger in England.  He has given me permission to write his comment which may be helpful to some.

“With all respects to those in the photos, I would be ashamed to go out looking like that. For the last 3 Christmas periods I have started by New Year diet 2 weeks early, in mid-late December.

It might sound like a crazy idea especially in the UK where Christmas and New Year is a week long event and myself with a birthday in the middle but really it is the perfect time. Nowhere does the message of Christmas encourage over indulgence. This time of year is already a blessing for its religious message, cultural and childhood traditions… time off work, good shows on the TV etc.

I don’t need the extra happiness of too much good food. Maybe in February when it is still dark and snowy that is the time for chocolate. Perhaps in July when the weather is hot and it seems a good idea to have some ice-creams. Not Christmas though.

Starting an eating plan in December is easier too, it means you’re already in the groove for new year resolutions and you’ve missed out on one of the heavier eating periods of the year. A double bonus!

Last January I started a ‘no sugar diet’ http://stephenliddell.co.uk/2014/01/25/sugar-is-the-new-tobacco-why-are-all-my-healthy-foods-so-full-of-sugar/

which i have stuck to do this day. http://stephenliddell.co.uk/2014/06/17/the-no-sugar-diet-5-months-on/

I didn’t do much else. As much as I don’t like pigging out, I am definitely not one for the gym or having muscles but rather the old fashion ideas of heating home-cooked wholesome food and doing lots of walking. I was happily surprised that I had lost one or two sizes more by November.

It’s never too late to start and during my 30’s probably lost around 3-4 stone and that has stayed off or reduced further in the last year or two and I haven’t spent a penny on fancy foods or sports equipment and clothing. My 40-42 inch clothes are long since replaced by the 32 or even 30 inch waist on a good day.

I hope someone will write back in 2016 to tell of their good news too!”


Take a look at these guys…who, by the way, seem to think food is pretty great also.

Tight Places and Decisions…Oh, God, get me out!

Finding one’s self in a tight place, we can only say with a whisper, “Oh, God, get me out of this mess!”   We hope He listens…and we can find a relief from some situation.   It may be life threatening…or not.   Nevertheless, the spot one is in may be life changing.

How did we make decisions that put us in such a bind?   Usually it is our own doing and not that of another.  My son showed me this saying which is certainly a truth about our own decisions:

“Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument  or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision  and choice you make. Period.”

The argumentative person will probably say, “What if someone does something to me that changes my life or makes my life miserable when it was not my fault?”The answer to that is our decision to walk through it with dignity and courage or to sink into self-pity and depression.

For the decisions we make for ourselves and that part of life with which we are struggling,  we probably will  “swear” that we will do things differently from that moment on.   Sometimes we seem to have built-in traits that lead us to the same mistakes over and over again unless we are extremely careful…and thoughtful.  Prayer for clarity of mind often helps.

Sometimes, however, it is family or trusted friends  that come to our rescue even if they are not obligated to do so. We can certainly thank God for them.   It may take time…and patience…but if they don’t give up on us, there may be a joyful conclusion to the matter.  At least we knew we had love and a listening ear.  In the end, the decisions are still ours.

Recently, I saw a video that gave me the thoughts written above.   I want to share it with you…for most of us can see the parallel.   

Video:   One little kitten made a very bad decision that put him in an extremely tight spot…in a suspension spring under  a truck!  Of course, this kitten did not know consequences of its decision to climb in where no cat should go!   Nevertheless, he traveled about 50 miles at about 80 miles per with no other option but to go along for the ride.   The driver, noticing a ball of fur and a faint “meow” when he stopped the truck, decided to spring into action….a great decision for the little kitten!

(Ahead of time, however, I will apologize for anything said in this video in the Russian language that you may understand…and I do not.  The men working on this rescue may have said some pretty “interesting” things (considering the laughter) …but the fact is certain that they also were determined to give a second chance to the tiny one being rescued.)

“Thanks, Gentlemen.  You are truly good Samaritans…even if you may be anything other than gentlemen.”

(If you don’t have time to watch the entire procedure,  push over toward the end…to see the best part!)

Patience…a moral excellence?


A butterfly lands on his head.

A butterfly lands on his head.


Most of us do not have a great deal of patience.  It is difficult to wait for a ride; stand in line; stand-by for a phone call…and much more.  We want things to happen immediately…if not sooner.   We have heard the saying “Patience is a virtue” and a virtue is defined as  moral excellence.

Most people would not consider their morals as excellent….unless it is the fact that they take the high ground  concerning violence, honesty, morality control and the like. Patience is not what we think of as part of  being a moral person, but it is in many ways. Probably one thinks of it more as an attribute.    The person who pushes the elderly lady out-of-the-way because he/she is impatient or belittles a child because one does not want to be interrupted is bordering on the immoral…because those very acts are closely related to a lack of patience and human selfishness and arrogance.

Our dog, Gracie, has learned patience.  She knows that “You have to wait” means that she cannot go or do whatever it is she wants.   Often on hearing these words, she will lay down but constantly watches  to see if the time for waiting  is over.  If waiting becomes too long, she may raise her head; cast her eyes back and forth…and wait some more.   Children have a harder time with waiting.    This may be because the parent gives in to a look, a cry, or a whine.  Actually, I sometimes have trouble with this myself where Gracie is concerned.  There is something about those pleading, big eyes…well, you know!

Giving in, however,  does not teach the  patience virtue where people are concerned. We have much to learn from our animals.    Oh, if it were easier.   Perhaps blood pressures would be lower; stress would not be a problem and we might all live longer.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “When is she ever going to finish this writing?”    Aye, my friend, your patience is to be rewarded a little further  with a  visual of  animal’s patience with their human masters.

Mama Knows Best!

When you were born, you had a mother.  She may have been a good mother who gave you the attention and love that you needed.  For some, unfortunately, mothers do not always fit that description.  A child has to fend for his/herself and try to make some sense of life.

For those who had mothers who said too many times:

  • Be home on time
  • Call me to let me know exactly where you are and who you are with
  • Eat your vegetables
  • Wash behind your ears and brush your teeth
  • Calm down
  • and much more

I am sure some of you paid no attention to this advice, but went your own way…or paid part-time attention to these words of wisdom.  However, as we grow older, we realize that mother often was right about many things, whether we believed it or not at the time.  She may have saved us from some problems…accidents…and more.

Recently, I saw a video which proves without a doubt that “Mama knows Best”.   Even an animal knows when her little one is in danger….and will go to great lengths to save it from the dangers  of the world… especially those made by man.

Thank you to Ricky Forbes who photographed this in the Kootenay National Park in British Columbia

A Wounded Warrior and His Dog Tuesday

My readers will notice that many times I will write  and show videos about people and their dogs.  These are not just any dogs, but ones with great ability to feel compassion, love and learn from their masters. .whether the person is disabled, wounded, or just in need of love.

My husband and I  have a special place in our hearts for our Golden Retriever named, Gracie. Of course, the true-life  story you are going to see on this video is not only about a man who gave a full measure of  service to his country, but found through his Golden Retriever, named Tuesday, a bond that most likely saved his life from depression and despair. Tuesday gave him purpose and a renewed spirit after his devastating head injury on the battle field.

Our animals are a gift from God. Treat them with love and gentleness.

Birth_ the Miracle of Life

In Spring, we see the buds on the trees and then the flowers.   In the Fall, we see the cycle of life once more with the trees going into a time of rest…just to begin the cycle of life once again.   It is the same with other forms of life and in each case it is a miracle given from God, the Creator.

Much was said about the new birth of a king to be recently.  It was as if the world stood still for a few days…waiting…waiting.   There was finally rejoicing as the new parents showed this new, fresh life for the first time.   Yes, his baby boy may make a difference to the world, but somewhere another of God’s creatures is giving birth with no fanfare at all.   None the less, it is a beautiful thing to behold and we are once again amazed at the way the body can produce something that at first seems to be only a mass…but after the struggle, it slowly makes its way out of its protective enclosure. It then appears as  pure elegance. The tender care of both mother and father…with quick adaption to a new life of fresh air and the effort to stand.    Truly, it is the miracle of life.

One may even think of this miracle as a metaphor, in miniature, of our own life…with its glory and our own effort to live and “stand” until the end.

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Dogs ….LOVE ‘EM and Watch ‘Em SWING

62a - CopyYesterday was a DOG DAY!   I took our golden retriever, Gracie, to the vet to get some attention to a  splotched, red belly  and  her itching.  It seems she is allergic to everything.   We call her our “GOLDEN” RETRIEVER for the vet bills would make anyone cry.

Dr. West said, “Going to give her a shot now…you go home…rub this medicate all over her belly…rinse…and then put this lotion on all the red spots.”   So, out we go…get the hose…wash the belly and do all the above.   The shot helps but Gracie, flapping her ears, gets us up around 2:00 am to drink…drink…drink…and go outside.

This wonderful girl of ours has a real plush DOG LIFE.   She is truly our “baby” since all of our children are out of the nest.   When our last “goldens” got cancer and passed away, Bill and I cried for days.

Watching the ducks with Gracie's "Bill"

Watching the ducks with Gracie’s “Bill”

Who says it is a “DOG’S LIFE”….for she is one loved pup and when she looks in my eyes, I’m butter.

marchAbstract 078

They are smart, loyal and loving.

Maybe that is why I get such a kick out of things like the following…which you will love if you like Swing Music and dogs…..  

  Just get “in the mood” and enjoy!    (Click; turn on your sound (maybe really high!)  and enlarge picture for best viewing.      Swinging Dogs

Just Relax…for longer life!

You are in the middle of trying to explain yourself and someone says, “Just relax!”    What they are really trying to tell you is that you are more stressed on the subject than you need to be…or they may be saying, “I am really tired of hearing you go on and on!  I need some rest.”

This leads us to explore what relaxing is really all about and whether it is necessary. Donna Raskin, in her article, The Benefits of Relaxing, seems to think that relaxing is a  good thing.

 “Relaxation and flexibility are joined in the fitness world because the mind-body connection seems to best flourish in an atmosphere of gentle, slow movement. You can breathe deeply, slowing down your entire respiratory system and, in turn, soothe your nervous and parasympathetic nervous system.”

I think being soothed would be a great thing.    It has always  been my thought that  the people south of the border took an afternoon siesta because of the hot weather. However, I live in Florida, which can get really hot in August, and never do I see a business close at noon to reopen later in the cooler evening. Just the same, it sounds like a good idea to me.

Animals seem to have it right. Take a look at these guys. We smile…but do they have something going here?

Now, this is complete relaxation!!

Maybe this is relaxation with a couple guards!   It’s easier that way…knowing someone is watching!

This could be just ridiculously relaxed….but can we learn something from this way of life?

  • Forget who is around…just do it!
  • Someone may see the example and join us…you think?
  • If you see someone already relaxed, just climb up and settle in.  They won’t care.

A good nap….a place on the floor…or in the easy chair….soothing music….may increase our lives to nap another day.           (I’m hurrying to send this up to my husband who practices more often what I preach!  I have to work at it….or not work at it…as the case may be.)   

Below some music to relax by    Sweet dreams.  


Going to the Dogs!

Gracie, the Lap Dog?


Dogs are such wonderful creatures!   They are intelligent and loads of fun.  It’s amazing what they can learn.  When one says, ” He’s  gone to the dogs!”, it may be a compliment.   Everytime our golden, Gracie, goes to bed she rolls over with all four feet in the air.  No matter how many times she does this, we just have to laugh!   

Not dead...total relaxation!


   Here are two videos that prove the point.  They are both a little mesmerizing…but I think you will enjoy them.  

Four men and their dogs
The Dancing Dog

Jake goes Home



He was just a little puppy that loved to lay  his head across  a little girl’s tummy.    Then he was gone.   Where was Jake?   Maybe he was just playing in the woods.   Seven years passed and this little girl was growing  up, but never forgot her Jake.   Suddenly one morning, a  phone call came and a  lady said that Jake was in another state….far from home.  They had found the micro-chip that had been placed in Jake years before.     “Do you want to come get him?” she asked.

 One never knows what life will bring.   It may seem like the same day as yesterday and then a surprise will come out of the blue!     Nothing stays the same.   Just wait, even if it is years, and things will change when we least expect it.   Perhaps this is God’s way of saying,  “I did not forget your prayers.   I saw the hurt in your heart.  You are my child and I will not forget you. ”     

Click here to see how Jake was found
Click here for the reunion with the family.

Making Room

How often do we not have room in our hearts for others?   Is there a limit to what our hearts can give when it comes to love?  Where love makes room, there is enough space for everyone.   I used to wonder about the Holy Scriptures declaring that God had gone to make a place for us…and in “My Father’s House are many mansions…”    Of all the people who ever lived on earth, dead and alive…that’s a lot of rooms to prepare!   Yet God’s love  is unlimited.  He promised to make room for all who love His Son, Jesus….so there will be room enough. 

Recently a friend sent us some pictures that also demonstrated that there is room for those different…those frightened…and those alone.   Even in the animal world, there is the need to belong; to be cared for; to find company and kinship.  Look at the pictures taken by a rescuer of animals after a tornado hit Kansas.  One by one they came to her car.   It may have been a tight squeeze, but the sound of another heart beating, breath breathing, and soft fur was enough to give relief in a time of trouble. 

A tornado hits a house in Kansas

One by one the dogs and a cat enter rescuer's car

Not knowing one another, they found room!

As these animals had someone who cared,  our Saviour cares for us.  We are the voices, arms and legs He uses to care for our fellow humans.  Room in the heart is an important thing.  Give it a try today when some situation calls for you to make room for love..God’s love.



This has been a very difficult day.  My blog will be short because frankly I am exhausted. 

 Things began to unravel as I headed home from a dentist appointment in Mt. Dora for my mother.  It was so sudden…and out of the corner of my eye I saw a little dog dashing toward my car.  There was no time to brake and I heard this terrible thump.   I knew …but didn’t want to know.  Looking in my mirror, I saw the white, still form laying in the middle of the street.  There was no way that I could go on.    Running back to him, I knew that he was gone.  “I am so sorry…” is all I could say.  Taking his little red collar in my hand, I pulled him over to the grass.      Where had he come from and where was he going?   Banging on a few doors, I asked, but no one knew.  Finally, I saw a man walking down the street.   I walked over to him and ask  ” Do you have a little black and white dog with a red collar?”   He said that he did.  

Being the dog lover that I am, I knew that if my Gracie, who is our third Golden Retriever should be accidently run over by  anyone, I would feel as sense of devastation.  Surely this is what this man would feel.   Taking his arm, I  began to tell him what had happened.  He told me that the dog had gotten out and he was looking for him. He had the dog since he was a puppy. 
  We walked over to the little body.  He reached down and took him gently in his arms.  Tears were flowing from my eyes and he was also fighting it. 
 “Lady” he said. “Most people would have gone on, but you didn’t.”    I knew this was true, but I knew that in just a brief moment a little life on this earth was gone.  Things can happen so quickly.  We are never ready for it.  I know this gentleman and his family will have a hard time tonight.
  On the way home, I thought how awful for anyone who  accidently hits a child running after a ball…and it is too late.   An animal is God’s creature.  People are his special creation.   Even though this was unavoidable,  it was a lesson to me to remember that all life is precious and to be extra special careful when driving this huge machine  that can instantly remove the breath of life. 
   I read recently about a sister and brother playing in a parking lot.  She would start to drive and he would playfully jump in front of the car as she hit the brakes.  Suddenly, he jumped one time too often and she was unable to miss him.  He died later.   Along this same line,  it is beyond me how anyone can take the chance in getting behind the wheel after only a few drinks.   Lives are changed forever…..in a blink of an eye.
My slide presentation tonight is in honor of all dogs….great and small.   Perhaps you will see a picture of your dog or one that you used to have, who melted your heart. 
It has been a long day.

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