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Baby…It’s Cold Outside!


Animals Talk

Around 6:30 this morning, I took our dog, Gracie, outside…and there was a little cat named Patches shivering at the door. We have asked to take Patches, but the neighbors would rather keep her. Regardless, she is at our door late night and early morning.

The weather channel paints a very cold night around the country and perhaps even freezing here in Florida, which led me to thinking about cold and our resistance to it.     “Just let me be warm” we lament.     When living in Virginia, I remember the wind chill factor being below zero. It took me forever to get all the layers of clothing on just to take Gracie outside. She then proceeded to take her time, staring into the woods as if one of the deer  would surely be out to have her for breakfast!     Pulling  my parka over my head and turning my back to the wind, I waited and waited…until finally she did her thing and we could rush back inside. It is not much better in Florida when it rains and rains with lightning flashing….but “go” she must!

Most people are very protective of their pets. The wild animals use their senses to find a place to crawl into out of the weather. We are  lucky that most of the time our homes are warm and we sleep under cozy blankets. The homeless must really have it rough…and so do many pets when  neglect is the usual.

So…tonight…take in the plants, make a little box for an animal who may not have a place to keep warm and enjoy your heated house.  Slide down under the covers. Think to yourself  how really delicious it is to close your eyes in a world of warmth when “Baby, it is really cold outside!”.  . Many around the world are not so fortunate. 

Below is a slide show entitled “Baby…It’s Cold Outside”. Turn on your sound and enjoy.

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There’s no doubt that the world is made up of really different living things. People are different from animals. Land animals are different from sea animals. We could go on and on from the very large to the microscopic. Somehow, there is a connection.  God must have made it that way.


I have noticed that even with all the differences,  some ….and I repeat “some” tend to overlook those differences and go on with living and forming the most remarkable relationships . We hear that “opposites attract” in courtship.     An extremely outgoing couple  may  find it hard to get a word in edge-wise.    Somehow there has to be a compliment to make things work.

Our dog, Gracie, is featured on one of my writings with her friend, the cat from down the street. I have never understood if the cat thinks Gracie is her mother…or Gracie thinks the cat is her child, or perhaps they are  just  friends.   It does not seem to matter that Gracie is a large, Golden Retriever and the cat is extremely small.  One or the other gets licked or rubbed up against. They lay down together…or sometimes just ignore  each other.

 Regardless, it all led me to think how we often recoil from someone who is so different from ourselves. It may be the culture, personality, or even skin color that keeps us miles apart. Little is said that would open the door to understanding or to closeness.    Do we not see that we were all brought into this world the same way….and we will go out of this  life just the same…when we take our last breath.     Will there be surprises in heaven…or hell, if there are such places…as we believe?     I wonder if all the differences will remain and God will just say’, “Get over it!”.
I know you will not leave this writing until you have gone to my video  link relating to these thoughts. You simply cannot miss it….and you may wonder if it is real.       However, your eyes will see it and know that our differences do not matter….and we actually  have no excuses.
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Our dog, Gracie, loved to lay on the ground when it snowed. One would think that her soft, white belly would freeze, but she didn’t seem to mind. Gracie couldn’t wait to take long walks into the woods so she could see if the deer had been there that night. Once she caught a little fawn in her soft mouth; holding it until we arrived to command her to let go. She obediently did so without any harm to it at all.
The arrival of the Canadian geese on our pond was an exciting time for Gracie. She would run down to the side of the lake to watch them as they honked their arrival. The freedom to roam our 23 acres was a dog’s paradise, except the time she poisoned herself with a dinner of mushrooms. None the less, when the snow began to fall quietly on the deck and in the trees, Gracie was ready to taste it all for herself. “Isn’t it time to cut some wood? What do you mean clean my feet? Snow is just water!” she seemed to say with her eyes.
The quiet of a winter snow is a wonder for all of us. Gracie just shared it with us as we curled  up next to the fire. What’s a dog to do, but  listen to embers pop and crackle.  

Just settled in, late at night, and that look is on her face.  “Take me outside now or you will not be happy!”   Gracie did not care that it took getting the clothes on; putting on the boots  and heavy coats, as well as the hat and hood.   Once outside,  the below O degrees, factoring in the wind chill, just didn’t hurry her any.  After all she was outside and could stare at the dark woods, listening or looking at the bright stars in the winter night.    Ah!  Winter!   It is a dog’s life.       BOYERWRITES   by N. W. Boyer               (Turn on sound and click “play” on first page of slide show.)

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Animals can get it right!


 Recently, my dog Gracie, found a new friend, the neighbor’s cat named Patches.  Gracie didn’t ask for Patches to love her.  Patches just walked up, laid down in a submissive pose, and continued to wiggle her way between Gracie’s paws.  Two animals usually so opposed to one another would call for a bark and a Halloween stance.  Neither happened.  Gracie quietly laid  there sniffing the fur different from her own.  Amazed, I have watched this friendship grow.  Having a long, fluffy tail that may have looked somewhat like a pillow to Patches, she gently pawed through it as if to make a little pillow for herself.  Even the Vet could never do this, as the tail is definitely off limits!   How is it that animals can find a way….and humans cannot?   Different does not always mean that there cannot be peace.

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