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THE ARTIST’S EYE Music of Vivaldi and video photography of Anton Van Munster


The artist’s eye and the creative spirit is one that stirs the soul.

Music is the universal communicator. It’s beauty is appreciated by the good and the worst of human nature. In reviewing the videos that Boyer Writes believes is important to share with  readers around the world, I found the amazing recording of the Berlin orchestra recorded in 1942.

In the audience were the criminals of the 3rd Reich. On the walls was the Nazi swastika. This occasion and  celebration  was for Hitler’s birthday. Hitler knew that he could stir the masses through music. This was a performance like no other. It included the excellent Berlin  orchestra and hundreds in a mass choir. The talent of all performers was obvious.  Yet, the faces of those now famous military men, who watched and appreciated the music from the front row, also knew that during this very performance thousands were being murdered in the death camps.   Just a short distance away the musicians in the Jewish ghettos were playing their instruments to encourage endurance and survival.   Nevertheless, music is the thing that touches our souls if our souls have not become hardened.

The music and video that I have chosen for this weekend is that of Antonio Vivaldi. Beautifully played by an Italian strings group in a setting of old Venice.  Anton Van Munster, who passed away in 2009, used his director’s eye and photography to set this to music. You will have a glimpse of the people in the art  of old Venice and a comparison with  people of today. An artist shows his art work of a sinking Venice. One notices that the fabulous statues and buildings are slowly succumbing to the rising waters in his interpretation.

Perhaps my favorite part besides the music were the artists who painstakingly restore the old works of art, paintings, and sculpture. The world is in need of beauty.  We at Boyer Writes hope this brings some of it into your life.

This video is to be enjoyed when you are not in a hurry. For best viewing, enlarge the screen as shown on video when hovering over picture.

Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons and Le Quatro Stagioni with violin solo by Fredrico Agostini.