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When you HESITATE…think on this thought from a wise man:

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than the things you did do. So THROW OFF THE BLOW LINES! SAIL AWAY from the safety harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER!”

Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 to 1910), known by pen name Mark Twain.

Excellent writing is a talent. For some writers it is a pastime of enjoyment. Most likely I fall into this last category. Yet, it is always my hope that somehow, with practice, I may eventually find my way into a “talent.”

Mark Twain is a man who had talent although he didn’t know it at first. He had many words of wisdom, with a touch of humor and a home-made flare.

He started out poor, living in the South of the United States with all its history of racial inequality, but it didn’t keep him from making his own friends regardless of color.

Twain was a product of his times with a mind for writing that eventually brought him fame and fortune. Best known for his books about the adventures of young boys, which reflected his own upbringing. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were among the best known works in children’s literature.

What makes a truly, outstanding man? He usually never starts out to be anything but what he is at the time. God has given men and women minds that can be used to discover the world and learn from it. This is what Twain set out to do…even when he was challenged by a man with a duel, which could have taken his life. The wise thing to do was to walk away…and he did…to live another day…and another…and many years to come. Perhaps even this part of his life is a lesson for all to learn when the odds are not in our favor.

The 70th birthday of Mark Twain was a lavish affair held at Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City. In introducing Twain, friend William Dean Howells, in quoting Twain, said, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, and Colonel Harvey, I will try not to be greedy on your behalf in wishing the health of our honored and, in view of his great age, our revered guest. I will not say, ‘Oh King, live forever!’ but ‘Oh King, live as long as you like!’” (PBS Ken Burns)

His life story proves that he lived what he wrote in that he did EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER

Perhaps as we look into the life of Mark Twain who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century, we can learn something for our 21st century.

BELOW ARE 2 VIDEOS: Twain’s Life and His Famous quotes



It really didn’t matter to Twain whether he was sitting with the poorest of the poor or in regal company. He was always totally down to earth. Here are a few of his most famous quotes:



The Hubble and a Milestone for Boyer Writes

Photographed by Hubble

October, 2009 was the first day I began a blog that was to be called simply, Boyer Writes.    This October, 2011 is the beginning of  three  years and my stats tell me that over 17,000 people from around the world  have logged on Boyer Writes either out of curiosity or to seriously read.   (Update to this blog:  It is now 2017 and many words later and more followers, I continue to write…and love it!)

My idea was categories that were educational and  varied.     Music, the Arts, History, Cultures, and perhaps most of all… Inspirational was my goal.    It would not fit everyone’s taste.   It would not matter if people liked it or not.  I did not put a lot of stock in whether people responded to the writings.   However, I did find that the favorable emails and comments helped spur me on to more creativity.   People began sending me videos and thoughts to share along with my words.  A thank you to all those who knew I would love what you sent.   Often I tried to incorporate them where it was appropriate.  Sometimes, especially when it was political or not in the best of taste, my discretion seemed to whisper, ”  This is not what Boyer Writes is all about.”

I  often get up in the middle of the night with a thought that just won’t go away.  I write and my husband says the next morning,  ” You were up again…weren’t you?”

Yes, I was up again and sometimes I pray over the words and sometimes I just laugh. As a Christian, I believe that  the sleepless hour is the time that the Spirit of God comes and says,  “I can finally get your attention.  I have a thought for you.  Get it before it is gone and just write!”

To be able to express one’s self is a joy that brings a type of contentment.    The nice thing about sending out the Boyer Writes notices that another writing is on the way,  is that a person has the option to read or not to read.   I have the option to write or not to write.   Isn’t freedom of choice a great thing?

Is anything I write earth shattering or just “out of this universe” ?  Of course not, but I am an educator and once an educator…perhaps always an educator.   I think maybe I have something in common with the Hubble telescope.    You ask,  “How can that be?”

  • I feel that I have a mission.   Hubble  was sent out with a mission.  It was to explore the universe  and return  information and pictures. It had the ability to see where no man had seen.
  • I believe I am being sent out through cyberspace to a world that I do not know.  I think people sit down to their computer to explore.  They are looking  for something to read that will be meaningful.
  • The scientists who developed Hubble had to use trial and error, researching how to make this telescope that would bring a window to the universe back to the world.  I also  found in my writing that I had to research and even more so, to rewrite. I learned  how to dig for the details of a subject; to be as correct as possible.
  • Revision is important in any project.  Technology  is no different.   There was a time when Hubble’s pictures did not show images clearly, being somewhat  fuzzy. How easy it is to be unclear…but revision is possible if one works at it.     After astronauts were sent to add better equipment to Hubble, focus was made correct and it was relaying a stunning universe to the earth as it was intended.      It is clarity that I hope for and the inspiration that I long for.
  • Hubble helped scientists look at  Black Holes that are  star devouring parts of the universe. Sometimes, I, too, find   I have a  black hole within my life that made it difficult to write.   This dark place for me  has been  the loss of a  relationship with a son and  the death of my mother.   The writings  almost came to a halt because I felt  swallowed up by these events. Nevertheless, I  know that these black holes bring me better understanding of things my readers may be experiencing.  It was just a matter of “climbing back on the bicycle” and going once more.   Life does not stand still and neither does the universe.   New stars are being born…the comets speed to their destination and the planets make their orbits.
  • Hubble lets us know more about our sun, the planets, and the galaxies.    I simply want to know more…period.

How small a speck are we in the great scheme of things.  I wonder at the universe.  Are there beings fighting out there like we are on the earth?    Are there greater beauties that our eyes have never seen?   Are there places where God will eventually show us?    Are our loved ones, who are no longer here, experiencing this even now?

Some speculate that there will be the  greatest of sun flares in 2012 and that a large unknown object is rushing toward the earth…moving at terrific speeds.  As it goes by us , all the continents will collide leaving mass destruction!   Well, that should make us all want to get out of the bed in the morning.

Do I understand astronomy or astrophysics?    No, but I understand that the universe has been wonderfully made  and even though I am only a tiny part of it… I am part.  Whatever ability I have, I want to continue to develop.

Perhaps after more than two hundred writings, I will have made some difference to those who read and contemplate.  Does Boyer Writes have an impact like others…the famous writers of history or in the 21st century?   I would say, ” Of course not!”   Does that matter?  No, if only one person has enjoyed these writings and looks forward to what may be next, it is all that I can expect.  It is like looking up in the sky to the millions of stars.   Once in a while, we focus on a small one and find it interesting.

  •  Hubble and I will finally  run our courses.    A new telescope, the James Webb telescope, will be looking at our universe with new eyes in 2014  if our government supports it.   Somewhere out there,  people will decide to begin a blog because they believe  that it can make a difference…if only to themselves.  They may help people look at things with new eyes.

In the mean time, I will roll out of bed, get a snack, and start writing toward  another milestone.  That is, unless a sun flare happens.

Thanks for being my reader.     Nancy Boyer


Mark Twain

Why are people so afraid to say  exactly what they think or believe? 

 Mark Twain had a great gift for this ability.  Speaking of  William A Clark, a  wealthy man who built his fortune from the bottom up as an immigrant and finally became a United States senator, Twain put it this way: 

  ” He is as rotten a human being as can be found anywhere under the flag: he is a shame to the American nation, and no one has helped to send him to the Senate who did not know that his proper place was in the penitentiary with a chain and ball on his legs.” 

Oratory is  a lost art, as may be speaking with no hidden agenda.  ( You will find a short video on this page of a young English politician who has this gift. ) 

  Political correctness or the fear of assassination..real or political.. has silenced those who would speak up and spit it out.   For the most part, we have lost our guts and our way. 

   The only real nerve that we see anymore are those young men who bravely put their uniforms on and walk into harms way.   Our chaplain friend is serving among them with no weapon to defend himself…only the word of God to comfort those who are afraid or dying.    Courage, determination, and the ability to say or do without too many thoughts of personal safety is probably not something being passed to our future generations. 

   Watching the movie, Valkyrie , the other evening, the only thing that ran through my mind was the steel-like , raw courage that made this German soldier go after Adolf Hitler, knowing that his wife and children’s future rested on a peaceful Germany, not a world dictatorship.   His efforts and those brave men who stood with him may have failed for that moment, but they left a legacy that would make  freedom loving Germans proud.   His courage was not in vain.    There is no doubt that in death, the great gulf divide between those who live for evil and those who choose the higher good is a wide one.   


Courage to live and to speak is a gift.  Some choose to receive it.  Some have the ability to use it.  Others only follow, meekly hiding in the shadows.   Few ask the consequences that not speaking up will bring.  Few look at the big picture and ask themselves what their actions will mean to themselves, a neighbor or the world.   Today is to be lived.   Leadership is also a gift.  Some use it for good.  Others use it for evil.   Some do not use it at all.  

What is your gift? 

Mark Twain may have said it best when he minced no words.  Here are a few of his words  for your pleasure: 

  • Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.
  • Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
  • All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
  • Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
  • Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.
  • Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.
    Mark Twain

Halloween Night

Some people love it….and just can’t wait until the end of October. I speak of Halloween.

For me, I’ve always hated Halloween! What deep psychological feeling would make me think this way? Was it the night I rode the Grayhound Bus from North Carolina to Alabama after my Grandfather died? Peering out the window into the dark of the night, the little “goblins” walked with their flashlights and bags to search for the house with the most candy. Candy that will be eaten under the covers that night and the effects felt in the stomach far into the next days. As an educator, I remember the kids who had plenty of candy under the desk…hiding it from the teacher and skipping lunch if possible.

No, these were probably not the reasons. It just seems that the fun is gone. Too much worry about who has tainted the little goodies. Who might try to “ask inside the house” these little ones. Thankfully, the parents are wiser these days and make the rounds; watching from a distance.

Why do we want to be frightened out of our pants? What ghoulish thing hides there in the dark where we can’t see? Such a short life. Do we dread the thoughts that it may end soon; especially thinking of this fact on Halloween?

As my husband and I visited the Tower of London, my imagination ran wild knowing that many people were brought there to be tortured and to die. The many wives of Henry VIII were beheaded in that courtyard and of course properly buried in the floor of the church. We got to walk around the church and over these bodies…or bones.

What is it about graveyards that make us afraid. The bodies are not going to rise up…at least not now. Yet, we are afraid to walk through a cemetery at night. Listen to the foot steps coming up behind you? Are they friendly or will I be slaughtered and left next to one of the “Rest in Peace” tombs?

Anyway, enough of my speculations. The chills that run up and down the spine feel wierd, but give a good since of relief after they are gone. Down deep, we don’t expect to die this moment just because our hearts pound a little harder.
Nothing makes me feel better about this season or makes me wait for its arrival.
If you love it, then ENJOY. Soon it will be Thanksgiving!
BOYER WRITES by Nancy Boyer

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