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The Cost of Free Speech

Jimmy Lai’s family brought him from mainland China to Hong Kong when he was very young. He had $1 and has risen to be the most prominent newspaper owner in Hong Kong. As a voice for the pro-democracy movement there, he has been arrested, draped in chains and silenced. He is the face of what it means to lose free speech.

Here in America we sit by, calming thinking “This could never happen to us!” Anytime, the freedom to peacefully speak out or to write is cut off, the loss of free speech can happen. Our nation may be at this point. People are tired of the riots, destruction and want the government to take control. This is not the free speech we are talking about. That is vandalism. Yet, we have to ask ourselves…”How much control should authorities have…locally or nationally over what we say or believe?” There is a thin line that can be crossed.

After you have watched the video shown above, think about this seriously. The people of Hong Kong are in the middle of a fear campaign being forced upon them. Fear is a great deterrence to speaking out or being associated with those who do. Freedom of Speech is one of democracy’s most precious commodities.

Here is Jimmy Lai’s story as published by BBC. The reporter who spoke with him before his arrest would never get this interview today. Click the link below and turn up sound.