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Good Morning Sunrise

If the sun is shining on you, thank God for His beauty and mercies. As we rise each morning, a new day awaits us. To brighten our lives, a good thing to say, “Good Morning, Sunrise.”

We have a chance to live a new day. What does a NEW day mean?

  • It means we are alive!
  • We have opportunities to make our world around us a better place.
  • Smile, and say “Good Morning” to those around you. They may wonder “What has gotten into him/her?”
  • Sing a new song…or hum, if you don’t carry a tune very well.
  • Look out the window for a beautiful bird flying your way.
  • Pick a flower and give it to someone you love.
  • Sit down and read the Holy Scripture…and give God your day.
  • Drink a cool drink of water and be thankful that it is pure and clean.
  • Look around you for an opportunity to straighten up…clean up…and tidy up. This makes a mind clearer and more productive.
  • Put on some beautiful music to listen to…whether at home or in your car.
  • Relax…for you have a new day…a new beginning!