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Is it Thanksgiving in an unthankful world?

This year I have a question: Have we forgotten what real THANKS to GOD means?

Each day we wake to violence, wars, and much more. Yet, once a year, we as a nation stop to say we are “Thankful”.  Are we really?

It may be a time for family sharing a carefully prepared meal or watching games on T.V., but do we really stop to thank God for the many blessings given to us on a daily basis?

We are sharing today a prayer for better times. There have been great sacrifices that have been made for our freedom and the ability to continue to have a THANKSGIVING DAY. Therefore, we must not forget to be thankful for religious freedom.

Our young people need to see that it is not a casual prayer of thanks before stuffing ourselves at a special meal, but a life-lived thankfulness for each day to be made better by us and by them.

Our youth need to be taught who they are and what is expected of them for a good and productive life. This means self-control, courtesy, and respect for others. This country and world will be better if each parent or family member takes on the challenge to train and demonstrate by our lives what real love and thankfulness is in a very troubled world. Our youth, as we know, will be the adults of tomorrow. If we do not do our part to wipe out violence toward one another, it will one day fall upon their shoulders.

Yes, we, as individuals and charitable groups, hand out food for those who need it on Thanksgiving and one will hear the words, “Happy Thanksgiving” as we in America once again show our generosity and caring.

No, we are not all unthankful…only those who have lost hope. Reach out to those who need to once again see that we have so many blessings in this country. Our hearts must remember to show real thankfulness everyday…all year.

As a Christian writer, I share this song to all readers about our thankfulness for a wonderful Savior, Christ Jesus.

Boyer Writes wishes you a blessed Thanksgiving.

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