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A Hero Indeed…Neil Armstrong

American Hero, Neil Armstrong

Some people go down in history because they have been the best at what they have accomplished.  Others go down in history because they have not given the world anything good.   Good is all that can be said about this man….Neil Armstrong.   Those of us who remember his walk on the moon and the day he died, can be  especially grateful.  The moon will never look the same to us.



Here are the pictures that you may not have seen.   ( Friday, Sept. 14, 2012)


A footnote:  A Reader wrote to me this information which I did not know: ” I’m pretty sure the urn used for Neil Armstrong was made of salt.  They are designed to decompose rapidly….”
Arthur P. Hilbish L.F.D.

Pictures by NASA/Bill Ingalls

Folding flag ceremony

Presenting flag to family

Preparing remains for burial

Ceremony on US Navy ship