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Defending America From Anarchists

What does the word ANARCHIST mean? According to the dictionary, it is “One who uses violent means to overthrow the established order.” (Merriam Webster)

No one I know wants to see the “established order” overthrown. It is horrifying to see businesses burned to the ground when we can only imagine how hard the people worked to finally hang a sign “OPEN” on their doors!

Burning and looting of businesses

To even consider that people can run loose in our American neighborhoods shooting at little children, as happens in Chicago and some other places, is beyond what the average person can hardly believe is happening. Yet, over 100 people were killed in that city over one night. Call it gang violence or anything else…it is a form of “anarchy” when law and order is allowed by those in charge to disappear and call it a “new normal.” That indicates that we “just have to put up with it.”

Police are now being told by some local governments to “stay out of it.” Some places have designated zones where the police are off bounds. When a man was shot and another was critical, the police tried to go to their aid, but was attacked by the mob and they never reached the victims. In these cases, there is no control at all. No peace-loving person is safe…nor is any child.

A child’s sign says it all…for Chicago, New York and many cities

Even if there are people who believe that protesting is their right, which it is as long as it is peaceful, those anarchists who use that protest to strike at the very heart of our country should be called out for what they really are.

Written on St. John Church …BHAZ in today’s meaning… has to do with a place taken by force

200 year old, historic, St. John’s Church, known as the “Church of the Presidents,” was damaged as D.C. Firefighters found a fire in the basement of the church. A large fire also burned outside the church. Unfortunately, the people who set these fires call themselves “Protesters,” but in truth once they become violent to property or persons, they have become anarchists. Every president since James Madison has attended a service at St. John’s. It is a historic site to be protected as is any other American piece of history.

(Photo credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Because Boyer Writes is a Christian blog, I most often would not post a video that some would feel is centered on a political position. However, regardless of who my readers think should be the next President of the United States, I believe it is time to speak out about whoever is elected to the highest office in our land, MUST restore law and order. We cannot have domestic terrorism in America any more than we can have the terrorists from other countries.

I think that every American has the privilege to vote for the person whom they believe to be best qualified to not tolerate the anarchists who would destroy our country. Will that person be perfect in all decisions? Of course not.

However, it will be his or her job, Democrat or Republican, to see that our country is safe from this kind of violence. Voting our beliefs is still one of our greatest freedoms. Let’s pray that it will be the right choice in November. Our future lives depend on it!

Don’t forget those who died to keep our freedom and democracy

So why speak out about anarchists through this blog?

I could not sit with hands folded when I saw the anarchists had spray painted on the beautiful Christian cathedral in Washington, D.C. or were tearing down Christian statues.

In San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Park, the statue of the Christian missionary, St. Junipero Serra was torn down. During the 1800’s there were instances of mistreatment of Native Americans, which gave the anarchists their reasoning for tearing down the statue. We should be learning from the history that we abhor, not destroying it.

Archbishop Gomez of LA had this statement about the priest:

“He preached God’s compassion, fought for the dignity of women and the rights of America’s native peoples, and he was probably the first person in the Americas to make a moral case against capital punishment.”

St Junipero Serra stands tall before being torn down

A vandalized statue of St. Junipero Serra in San Francisco is seen June 19, 2020. The Spanish Franciscan founded several missions in what is now California. (CNS photo/David Zandman via Reuters) 

At the risk of being accused of something I don’t intend, I believe it is my duty to share with you, the reader, one of the most precise, well-thought through videos on this subject. As I write or as you watch your TV to the unfolding of events, the anarchists are planning their next move.

You may not agree to all that is said in this video and that is your privilege and mine. Thank God for free speech in America…while we still have it.

VIDEO: Turn up your sound and click this link: (please note, if you are not commercial free …give it a minute to move passed the commercials..as it will soon load.)


Tragedy and Gun History in the USA


Almost everyone I know in Virginia owns a gun or has a permit to carry one.  These are upstanding, law-abiding citizens, church goers who love people and America.  There is no doubt in my mind, if gun control laws should be changed in the USA to try to prevent the terrible tragedies we have seen recently and throughout the years, they would stand their ground to maintain their “Constitutional Right” of the 2nd Amendment.   Yet, each time the mentally ill or a person with evil intent goes on a rampage, harming innocent children and adults in our country, the debate over guns begins again.  The reason, of course, is that everyone wants an answer to what may be unanswerable.


Mass shootings are considered any shooting where more than 3 people are shot. This does not include the injured whose lives are often forever changed. Neither does it account for the emotional harm or fear that Americans experience.  After mass shootings, most Americans try to go on with their everyday lives.  To change what they do in attending a movie, club, or sporting event because of the fear of terrorism or criminal activity, would be giving in to the perpetrator.   That would not be the American way.

Here are a few examples of mass shootings from the 1980’s to the present:

  • McDonalds     22 died
  • Columbine High School 59 died
  • Virginia Tech  32 died
  • Sandy Hook Elementary  28 died …very small children and teachers
  • Orlando nightclub   49 died
  • Church Shootings: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. 9 dead  and  1st Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX 26 dead
  • Las Vegas 58 died
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Fla., 17 died…children and teachers

In the 1990’s 159 people died and in 1994, there was an assault weapons ban.   During the 2000’s, there were 20 incidents of mass shootings taking the lives of 170 people.

Many cities in the USA, like Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia experience single shootings every day…sometimes every hour.  Gangs are armed and the Assault Weapons Ban has done little good when criminal elements are at work. As far as mass shootings, since 2010, the U.S. has experienced at least 40 incidents, killing over 350 innocent people.

Law enforcers who try to control areas and situations are also victims. The number of deaths of law enforcers has also increased because of gangs, border crimes, and local offenders.  Their job of trying to keep our communities safe is a most difficult one.  Their weapons are essential in apprehensions…and hopefully, do not have to be used.  One can take a look at the listings on memorials and see the terrible effect on those who serve and their families.

Slides of Some Memorials to our Police who have died in the line of duty by a violent offender.


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When little children are involved, it is even harder to understand the motivation for violence.  Gang members, who shoot from their cars at random, aim at little children walking to or from school.  Adults take a chance with their own lives as they often accompany the children.  We know for certain that there will be a great judgment for those who harm children.  (Mark 9:42 in the Holy Scriptures “And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone was hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”)   See memorial to Sandy Hook children and victims at end of the video.)

The law enforcers, FBI, and even parents cannot be everywhere at all times. Schools, theaters, concert halls, sports events and even churches are having to up their security.  This is not only about the fear of terrorist attacks but for the insane or criminal element who would plan to do something terrible to average citizens. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the Florida High School even though teachers were told to not allow the shooter on campus with a backpack and the FBI had been notified of his social media postings with no real results.

I was a teacher for years in Florida and we were trained on lockdown situations, but how in the world is a teacher suppose to confront a perpetrator bent on killing as many as possible, and ask him/her to “take your backpack off campus”. Throughout the nation, most school employees have taken training courses on what to do if attacked. Others have called for the arming of teachers.

After the church massacre in South Carolina of an African American congregation, some citizens who keep their eye on odd behavior have armed themselves.  Others opposed carrying weapons into the house of worship.  If so, some states require a sign outside stating their opposition to bringing weapons inside the church.

Here is a quote around this issue:   “Before the Sutherland Springs shooting, several major church groups in Texas, including leaders of the United Methodist Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, had advised their membership to ban weapons from services. Citing the Catholic doctrine that the real presence of Jesus Christ exists inside the sanctuary,… dioceses in major cities, including Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, banned guns. But in the aftermath of Sutherland Springs, church leaders of various denominations have faced pressure to reconsider their positions on weapons.  In November, just a day after the shooting in South Texas, the Diocese of Dallas said it would not formally lift its ban on the open or concealed carry of firearms inside its churches, but it advised its parishes to consider removing outdoor signs that advertised the prohibition on guns out of fear it would make the churches more vulnerable to attack. But the move effectively allowed the carry of weapons, since state law requires any business banning guns to install a public sign formally stating that policy…”  (taken from article by Holly Bailey)

How tragic is it that one can’t feel safe in their place of worship or at school!

One article that I read in my research said that there are so many guns in America, both criminal elements and the law-abiding, that no decision on gun control will help the situation. The criminals are fully armed. The insane usually can find a way to get a gun, which may be within the home of people with good mental health.

Various organizations have opposed labeling anyone as a “mental risk”. We ask people to get psychological help if depressed or have other concerns, but some may be hesitant to go to a psychiatrist for treatment.  Why?  The fear is that government may eventually require names of patients who are seeing the physician…just to determine if John Doe is a security risk to the community or nation. What about HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act) which is an act to protect your privacy? It may be a good thing to read who HIPPA allows having information on you.

Do the mentally ill have rights under the HIPPA laws?  According to Mental Health America is the following statement:  “While providers generally follow their clients’ wishes, there are emergency situations when a provider may disclose relevant, protected health information to an outside party, including family members or law enforcement. These special circumstances include times when a provider believes there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others, or where an individual is deemed “incapacitated,” lacking the ability to make one’s health decisions, and sharing information is in the best interest of the client’s care”.   (Mental Health America link)   

Parents may not look at their minor teens as a public security risk, but feel that their odd behaviors are “going through a phase” which they expect will eventually be outgrown.  In the Sandy Hook incident, the mother allowed her son to have weapons, which was used to kill her and the children of Sandy Hook Elementary. Some feel that even beefed up mental health improvements could have some problems.  Others wonder if they can trust the government to guarantee their Constitutional rights.  It is all most complicated.

Police recommend over and over “Say Something if You See Something”.  Our hat is off to the young man who photographed the threat made as a comment about “being a professional school shooting” online and talked to the FBI.  This young man had no connections and lived in another state from Florida. Yet he spoke up, saying “I just couldn’t let that go by.”   Teens communicate almost exclusively through social media.  They are aware many times of who is sending out signals of desperation, hatred, and intents.   Parents also need to keep an open conversation and awareness with their children.

Another call is for a renewed effort on mental health.  It will also take people beyond government or medical intervention to change the mental attitudes in American.  The clergy can bring faith and understanding.  Parents should get off their phones and get involved in real, everyday conversation with their children.   All people in communities should keep their eyes open and be unafraid to speak out when needed.  We are all in this together.   Nevertheless, the debate goes on about gun control and mental health because the grief is real and most Americans hope that there can be an answer to the insanity.



In Memory of Each Child and Teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary link


Free Speech on one side… Path to Radicalization

Protesters at Trump rally Chicago

Is anyone surprised that the University of Chicago students would mass to express their right to free speech, while denying it to those who may have opposing views?   This is what happened at a political rally this past evening in Chicago.  One by-stander said, “I came to just hear what the candidate was saying. I’ve not made up my mind on how I will vote.”  He never had the chance to hear and make up his mind because the Chicago police advised that the thousands protesting outside might get dangerous.  The rally was called off. Free speech was stopped.

rally chicago 2016


It may not surprise anyone either that one particular man who has been a professor at the University of Chicago and a guest speaker at many universities throughout the country has been himself a radical activist since the 1960’s. His name is William Charles Ayers (Bill).  He was part of the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), which was organized on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan in 1969 as an American radical left-wing organization. Mr. Ayers was arrested three times in Chicago during political rallies of the ’60s.


The plan of the WCO  was to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the U.S. government. Their first public demonstration was in 1969 with a riot in Chicago timed to coincide with the trial of the Chicago Seven. This was a group that issued a declaration of war against the U.S. under the name of Weather Underground Organization.  There were bombings to private property connected to the group and in 2001, Mr. Ayers told the New York Times that he was sorry he did not do more. More recently, when asked about any regrets to his involvement in the WUO, he tried to defend his position by not calling it acts of terrorism. Yet, he remains an author for text books used in many of our Universities.


The Weather Underground went on to take responsibility for placing several small bombs in empty offices… We did carry out symbolic acts of extreme vandalism directed at monuments to war and racism, and the attacks on property, never on people, were meant to respect human life and convey outrage and determination to end the Vietnam war. Peaceful protests had failed to stop the war. So we issued a screaming response. But it was not terrorism; we were not engaged in a campaign to kill and injure people indiscriminately, spreading fear and suffering for political ends.”   Bill Ayers

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Most people today, especially the young, probably are not aware of the violent and destructive methods of his organization.  Nevertheless, his beliefs in  Marxist ideas spill over in his talks to faculty and students under the name of “Reforming Education”. Most of our high schools have never taught any of these students what Marxism really is nor  the results of anarchy  in history.  Yes, Chicago and Mr. Ayers are quite familiar with disturbance and public abuse of the rights of all people to free speech on any side of the issue.

When a reporter tried to talk  with the protesters in Chicago, some said they did not want to tell the press why they were protesting or share any valid reasons.  They were just simply  there in mass at the encouragement of someone somewhere.   Then the rally was cancelled and the thousands who wished to be part of it left.  The demonstrators knew one thing and declared it, “We won!”    Some were following Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist and it might be interesting to know what their response would be if he had to cancel his rally because many were denying his followers their free speech.  Students were also asked during other discussions why they were following Senator Sanders.  “I like him because he believes in  social media”. Somehow “social media” and “socialist” don’t connect in meaning.  This,however, is probably the extent of their understanding of the word “socialist“.

The disturbance in Chicago  would  certainly be part of Bill Ayers’ play book and back ground.  He has been an expert on this for years…disrupt…and control.

Bill_Ayres_and_Bernadine_Dohrn wife speak at FSU 2009In 2009, Florida State University had Mr. Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn,  as a guest speakers.    There have been many other universities that have welcomed him with open arms to bring his ideology to the impressionable minds of  young people.  He has taken on the respectable position of a professor of education, guest speaker, author and modern-day activist. Often universities wash their hands of responsibility to students by saying varied guest speakers, like Mr. Ayers, are not endorsed by the University. They make certain that the money paid to these people is other than college funds.  Yet, by giving a nod to radical free speech, the University disallows an opposing opinion  because of concern for disturbance which the radicals will likely promote.  The fairness of a truly open education is  then abandoned and our young people as well as our nation suffer.

Mr. Ayers is a soft spoken, smooth talking person, who could win over most anyone who does not know history or the results a nation faces when there is a movement for disruption and abolishing of  opposing free speech.   This is the first step in radicalizing the young and uninformed, especially when someone can speak or write in a convincing manner. I’m certain Mr. Ayers, and those like him, believe they are doing our youth a favor, as well as our country.

If the young people of today actually learn to stand for democratic ways and cherish them as their heritage, we may have hope in the next generation…unless they are led by anarchists  down a path of  violence, disruption and lack of respect for the opposing view.  If so, look out candidates for Presidency in  both Democrat and Republican parties in November!   It may get very ugly. Even your first amendment rights may be in peril.

Before ending this blog, I would like to pay respect to those university young adults who do recognize the dangers  in denying  individual rights.   In 2013, a student group from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin interviewed students on campus to see what they were aware of in their educational experience.  Who was teaching and  leading them?  Who was writing books that certain courses made required reading?   When they learned about Mr. Ayers, their reaction was one of surprise. They had trusted their  professors and their institute of higher  learning to give them the best in their educational experience.    Our  young people deserve more so that they will not be led blindly. Free speech is wonderful thing in a democracy, but it must be free for all opposing sides.