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In 1825…the House of Representatives elected the President

About two weeks ago, I sent out this blog, Is there another choice?, on the fact that there could be a chance that another person could derail both political parties in his bid for President as an Independent.   The readers who responded said, “It is too late. There is no chance.”

It seems that this candidate, Evan McMullin,  is banking on a strategy that has not been successful since 1824…but could it be a possibility considering the dislike of many people for both of the other choices?

Do you know how the House of Representatives plays into this stategy?   Here are the facts:

John Quincy Adams was elected President on February 9, 1825. The election was the only one in history to be decided by the House of Representatives under the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution after no candidate secured a majority of the electoral vote.

Look at this link which explains the pros and cons on Mr. McMullin’s run and the hope that history could repeat its self.  (See    Strategy    )


Below is the content of the first post with a video of Mr. McMullin, in case you missed it: “Almost everyone that I have talked to since the Democratic and Republican conventions, have said that they are “holding their nose” as they go to the voting polls this November. We know that huge amounts of money have been spent, as well as billions of words uttered, to promote two choices, but is there another choice?  ”   


Video  interview of Evan McMullin on the issues

Evan McMullin running as independent for Preaident.jpg

Evan McMullin’s Open Letter to Americans 


Just a few beers..and CHOICES

So often we hear the sad stories of both young and old not making it home because of an accident where there was a DUI (Drinking Under the Influence)  involved. The heartache that goes with these reports is probably indescribable. So what is the problem with “just a few beers”…probably nothing…if a person knows when too many is definitely too many.

I remember one date I had in my youthful years…and he definitely was not able to drive anyone anywhere. The choice I made that night was not an easy one…because it was not only embarrassing, but a definite let-down to a night that could have been a happy one. I asked another guy that I knew was not drinking that night to take me home.  He did.

Recently I saw a Budweiser commercial that had a good message of choice…even if it was a bit sad. It had a lesson in CHOICES:

  • The CHOICE not to drive.
  • The FACT that some made a CHOICE to drive…and did not make it home.
  • There may be those at home WAITING…and counting on you to return. It would be best to think  before it becomes just a few…or a few too many.

Watch this video and see what you think. (or better still…watch it with a young person.)

Breaking all the rules

Often in life, one has to decide whether to go with the thing that he thinks is right…or follow another path. This was the case with a man who fought in a different way with the American military in Afghanistan.  Some would say he was brave and wise in the way of warfare…the best at what he did.    Others would say he dishonored the uniform and the rules of warfare as well as conduct expected in the American military.

When one listens to former Green Beret Maj. Jim Gant, in the videos, filmed by his mistress and war-correspondent lover, Ann Scott Tyson,  he is foul-mouthed and extremely confident in the type of warfare he believes will secure the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan. He looked at them not as a nation of individual citizens, but as a tribal communities who have been warriors for centuries.  He chose to “go native” in his approach to them.

The article and video shown below is not one of condoning  the decisions that Gant and Ann Tyson  made.  It is, however, worth watching to look deeper into decision making.   When one has to decide for one’s self what should be done under extreme situations, he takes many others with him…under the challenge to “trust me”.

Major Gant with tribal leaders

Major Gant with tribal leaders

I leave it up to you, as readers, to draw your own conclusions. Where were they right or wrong? In some cases, it will be easy to decide by drawing lines clearly black and white. Decisions were made by both of these people which effected the lives of many.

We all make decisions in life. Some work out for the best.  Others are disappointing.  Regardless, there are consequences.   Breaking all the rules.. even if the person/ or persons breaking them thinks it is the only right thing to do…may leave many regrets.  It takes digging deep in the soul to finally  to decide if it was worth it all.

Gant and Ann Tyson

Gant and Ann Tyson

The article below is written by Dylan Byers in Politico.  Give yourself time to listen to the ABC video interview.  It is revealing that the struggle continues.

Article and Video (For best viewing, enlarge video picture)The case of Ann Scott Tyson.

Which Jesus do you choose?

Jesus carried crossRecently I heard a comparison of two men, both with the name of Jesus.   On this Good Friday when we consider the crucifixion and all that it means, we may want to look at the position that Pilate found himself in as he addressed the angry crowd.

Pilate asked a question of the crowd.  “Whom do you want me to release…Jesus Barabbas or Jesus, the one called the Messiah?”  He wanted them to make the choice.  (Matthew 27)

We know that the demands of the crowd grew stronger to release the man Jesus Barabbas.  Pilate’s wife had a terrifying dream concerning Jesus, the Messiah…and warned her husband.   The politically correct thing to do at the moment was for Pilate to distance himself from the situation and as he washed his hands…he told them that he was” innocent of this man’s blood”.  Backing away from being a leader was the position Pilate took.  The rioting world often brings leaders to their weakest point. Fear had a strangle-hold.

Yet the crowd persisted and Barabbas was released.  Jesus, the Messiah, was thrown to the crowd to be humiliated, tortured and put to death on a  cross…the worst of all deaths during this time.  He hung there with two thieves beside Him.  What had He done?  He had preached the love of God; healed the sick; and drove out those who would dishonor God’s house of worship.   He had stepped on the toes of the those in charge.  Everyone had to make their choice.   The disciples ran and hid.  Earlier Peter wept that he had not had courage…and had denied his Lord.

Pilate did not want to choose. When one is in a “hot spot”, it is easier to try to fade away behind those who are vocal.  The crowd knew what they wanted. It is also easier to shout with other voices rather than to allow our own voice be heard alone.

The choice had been made.  The one Jesus (Barabbas) represented the sins of the world…a man convicted and jailed for his wrong doing.   Jesus, the Messiah, was feared by the governing body of His era and the religious, who did not understand His message of redemption also feared him.

We, too, have a choice…to join the ways of the crowd and those of the world who do not understand  what Jesus was doing when He died on the cross.   The other choice is to identify ourselves and our souls with Jesus, the Messiah.  Could it be a costly decision?    Yes, as it was for the disciples who all died a martyrs’ death.   Choosing the Cross has never been an easy path.  It wasn’t for the Savior and it is not today.

Even after His death, his followers had to make decisions.  Mary Magdalene could have been fearful to go to his tomb, but she went.  God honored her decision by allowing her to see the angels at  the empty grave.  She then became the first witness who went back and told the others that He was no longer there.

In parts of the world, Good Friday is already here.  Tomorrow will be our Good Friday in the USA.  The only “good” thing about Good Friday is that God had a plan for redemption.  Jesus, the Messiah, would not stay buried in the tomb. His suffering was in our place.

Today, we drape the crosses in black…but Easter morning is coming.   Not Jesus Barabbas, but Jesus, the Messiah is the  RESURRECTED Jesus .

Which Jesus do you choose?

ABANDONMENT …. Where are the fathers?

My last post showed the beauty of birth as we know it can be in the human and animal world.  Sometimes, however, it is not the act of giving birth, but the place that the birth takes place for humans that leads one to ask….why?

slums India

Poverty and the sexual drive do not mix when it is in conditions that cannot support life.   Recently, I was appalled to see a video that could have been made in many parts of the world…even in some less impoverished parts of the United States…but with the same problems….no money…no decent place to live…no fathers who take responsibility.   The question is not only “why?”, but why would a person who fathers a child ABANDON that child…or another question:    Why would a woman who is receiving no help keep allowing that same man to come back for more of the same?    It is certainly baffling.











The pictures that you see here are from areas around the world. There has always been some poverty in the United States.  Because of the economic down-turn and the loss of jobs, there is more.   Women who have baby after baby with no father to help provide is common in certain areas.

For the most part, we sit in our existence of plenty compared to these parts of the world.  The average person here really does not know what the rest of the world is like.  Even those who get government assistance to help feed the family, may still try to find a cell phone or a special electronic game because the children want it.  Hunger or malnutrition may exist, but it is rare that anyone will starve here.  There are community food banks run by churches and organizations and shelters for those without homes.  Some take advantage of these and others do not.   Yet the problems here are similar in some ways to the devastation seen in other places.   Again, we ask…..“Where are the fathers….who fathered these children?” 

Mother Teresa went to the most poor of the poor in India.   People I know go to Haiti on mission trips to try to help. Natural disasters do happen and wars make people flee for safety.  The very wealthy are trying, through their foundations, to eradicate disease and bring pure drinking water to those who need it around the world, but this does not change behavior.    Behavior is defined as:

  1. The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, esp. toward others.
  2. The way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation.slums2

Again, we wonder if behavior is not changed, how can anything else be changed?   Men who have little self-worth to impregnate a woman and walk away…wherever he lives…in whatever country has degraded  human worth.  The woman who becomes an enabler to the one who abandons will, unfortunately, die in her own filthy bed.     Until behavior is changed, this situation around the world will only become worse…and the few who care can not prevent it from happening.

Turn on sound

Drugs Suck the Life from the Most Talented

Recently I wrote about using our talents, whatever they may be, for God.   The enemy of all that is beautiful will suck the life completely out of whatever one has to give and through choices that are made.   The power of it is strong and often crushing.  Some get help and survive.   Others never recover, whether psychologically or physically.   The reason may not be clear…but in the end, we all lose that talent; that gift that was given.  How very sad.    The war on drugs is not just at the border on those who would profit from this curse.  It is in  the minds, hearts, and lives of all, who would for  just one moment, think that they may be exempt from its wrath.

In Memoriam…in better times

Going Grey-The Power to Choose

Meryl Streep goes grey in her movie


Women are finding a power to be themselves. Many are throwing out the expensive salons and bottles that have kept the grey from shining through!  It takes courage.  I know first-hand, but I also know it has saved me literally hundreds of dollars!   In a harsh economy, that is something to think about.   

Meryle Streep


Recently, I read that  young men are more concerned about their grey than about balding. It is a kind of epidemic in England.  Where in years past, the greying man was considered distinguished.    I recently had dinner with a young man I know quite well.  He was always a little blonde  with a touch of grey beginning to show through.  I wondered what the darker…somewhat redish look meant?   

While doing business at my bank the other day, I noticed the man behind the desk (in his 50’s-60’s) had definitely dyed his hair blonde.  It was so distracting that I found it hard to keep my mind on what he was saying.    This is not good for a business-man.   

When my husband and I visited  Japan recently, I noticed that women much older than I had  jet black hair.    Having seen articles on the chemicals in hair dye that may cause cancer, I began to wonder about the medical implications of Japanese women.  Even though it is not polite to stare in this culture, I noticed a glance or two my way.   

My stay in Mongolia showed me many things about their culture. I was treated with dignity because this society honors the person who has grey hair.    He/she is respected.  Almost always they  are  spoken to with politeness and given  a special place of honor. I was ushered into the Ger (Mongolian traditional home) and seated beside the gentleman that they considered wise and the father-figure in their society.   

What brought all of this to mind was that I walked into the court-house yesterday to vote in the Florida primaries. A  kind woman surprised me with a nice comment, ” I love your hair.  I noticed you when you walked in.” (For those who don’t know me, my hair is snow-white.)  I explained to her that I had thrown the bottle away many years ago.   (My thanks to you, dear volunteer, from the Women League of Voters.)   

Take a look at some of these women.  They may be well-known or an ordinary person.  It is true,  each has  a great haircut. Perhaps this is the key and not the color.   Would you say they are:   

  • Attractive or even beautiful?

    Dame Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth


  • Sheik and modern?
  • Perhaps even desirable?

Short and Smart


An article I read  recently had this to say:   

“In a society that worships youth and makes us afraid of aging… going gray is not as much about style as it is about attitude. Going gray lets us celebrate our wisdom, maturity and throw out the script that says older women can’t be sexy, strong and happy.”   

Men have this choice also. They can be happy with themselves. It’s about energy and contentment.   No society should dictate the value of a person at any age.  Take a look at these famous grey-haired men..from various age groups.   There is nothing “shabby” here.   

Journalist Anderson Cooper


Singer Taylor Hicks


Actor Morgan Freeman


Actor George Clooney


Marketing has placed a lasso around our necks.  It’s time to be who we are and resist being dictated to by the media or the norm.  We do have the right to choose….to be ourselves…whether grey or not.    

This may be the beginning of an American trend.   Watch for the  women and men who smile, full-of life, and are definitely grey!