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Amid the hysteria…don’t forget LENT

People and Politics This blog is for all Americans who may have gotten caught up in all the hysteria of the political season.   God calls on us to be quiet, reflect and pray for ourselves and our nation.  Perhaps…just perhaps, we might find leadership in our decision-making when  voting time rolls around.  I find it quite amazing that many of the religious leaders are willing to get up on a platform to endorse this one or that one…without really knowing the heart and soul of a person…or their true leadership abilities.   We hear the term, “Evangelical Christians.”  What exactly are they compared to other Christians,  you may be wondering?


An article (in part by Traci Schmaucher) explains the five main beliefs of the Evangelical:

1. …Personal conversion experience must personally trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

2…Believe in the Bible as God’s inspired Word 

3. ..The work of Jesus on the cross, through his death and resurrection, is the only source of salvation and forgiveness of sins. through faith alone. People can do nothing to earn their way to heaven and  good works is our grateful response to our pardon, not to cause it.

4. … Motivated to share the gospel either one-on-one or through organized missions… the Great Commission’s call (to go into the world and spread the Gospel)