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Little Things

Today I was watering some flowers in a pot outside my home. I heard a little buzzing sound. Taking a closer look, it was a tiny bumble bee enjoying the taste of a red flower.

I watched it closely. It moved in and out…going from one flower to the next. Knowing how important bees are to our environment, I decided to spend a little time watching this tiny creature that will make such a difference in living things around us.

Some hours later, I mentioned to my husband that I had watched the bumble bee earlier and he said, “He’s still here.” Yes, this one little bee had spent hours and hours around this flower pot doing what was important to the bee and to our world.

There is a lesson here. Little things make a difference.

Not only in our world of nature, but in our lives…little things are important. Just like the bee, the time we spend on what is important makes a difference. Sometimes we may feel that what we are doing has little effect on those around us, but that is probably not true.

More than we know it is the little things that have great impact. The way we act to even a stranger may make a world of difference. It could only be a smile. Acts of kindness when someone is not expecting it may not take but a few seconds, but can change how someone feels for an entire day.

Today, look for something small…seemingly insignificant. It could be a flower…and how perfectly it is made. It could be a small insect or a vine growing up a trellis or wall. It may be a tiny ray of light or a small cloud that moves through a blue sky. Little things make up the big picture…our world…our lives.

Stop…look…watch…listen...for something that is little and often overlooked in our busy world. Ask God to bless you with a new desire to see the little things that He has made.


Perhaps no one conquers the sounds of the humble bumble bee better than Rachmaninoff’s composing of The Flight of the Bumblebee.

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