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Bad Egg…or Good Egg?

This blog post is not about cooking. It is about something more difficult…even though my cooking can be that way at times.

Every time I go to the grocery store to buy eggs, I always open the carton to see what is inside.  Will the eggs be cracked with the possibility of salmonella? If I see one cracked, I usually call over a worker or manager to let them know.  They seem grateful for this information and it is my assumption that when they take away the egg carton, all the eggs get dumped.  Out of 12 eggs, the one and only bad egg has affected the life of all the other good eggs…all the way to the garbage.

It came to mind that this example may be the best one when comparing how society feels about one bad egg..or several, as the case may be.

Whether it is in the police force, corrupt politicians, educators cheating for students, and even clergy who turn their heads when there is child abuse, we tend to want to throw out the whole carton of eggs when there were many in all of these cartons that would have made a wonderful egg omelet…so to speak.

This is why we should expect that the majority of those good eggs have a great deal to do with our everyday happiness and security:

  • Police put their lives on the line daily. When they say “goodbye” to family they pray that they will see them again.
  • Educators work hard as teachers to inspire. They are not paid what they are worth in most cases and often use their own money to supplement funds at their schools.
  • Politicians who are elected from whatever State, not to become rich, but to go to Congress and actually vote for the people’s best interest will be remembered.
  • The clergy, who love the children in the Church and would never harm them, should be appreciated and respected.

In any of these areas, the harshest penalty should be all the bad egg deserves.

Just recently, a study was done and the statistics showed the police forces throughout the country are desperate for applicants to become part of the police force.  Many are looking at the fact that the “bad eggs” among them are getting the publicity and not enough is said about all they and their families endure when they try to keep the “bad guys” away from the majority of peaceful people.

The same report said that in some cases where they didn’t have the man-power to send someone to a 911 call, it was critical and heartbreaking to know that someone would die because the available police were on another call and would not make it to the caller on time.

Children grow up hearing all the drama and sometimes truth about those bad cops who make the headlines.  It is frightening to them and they should be able to trust a policeman when they see one…especially if they have a problem.  Those “would-be police” are just not willing to take the chance and decide on other lines of work.  We met a young man recently who did just that. Although in this case, he had already been a police officer for over 10 years. His decision to change came when he decided to put his family first.

That is why I thoroughly enjoy watching when a TV channel airs a story of an interaction between a child and a police officer…like the one in Denver shown below.  The next time you see a group of officers at your favorite restaurant, go over and thank them for their service to the community.  Pick up the tab if you are able.  They need to know that they matter…and many are family men and women also…with kids just like ours.

Video:  Turn up sound