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A Snowy Train Ride in Scotland

I promised you a snowy train-ride to Scotland, leaving from London.   Back home in Florida, the weather was approaching 80 degrees F. which only made the scenes out the window of the train even more beautiful to us.   Often we would see people walking their dogs through the snowy meadows …high mud boots are a must here.   My, how the people love their dogs.  It is probably the most dog friendly country, along with France, where dogs are often seen sitting under the restaurant tables or in one case in a chair.  In my slide show below, you will see a dog on the train.  In fact, this man had two dogs with him.

There are scenes of the old Manor House that I mentioned in my last blog.  Thanks to our hosts there who took very good care of us when we were experiencing a little jet lag.

The coastline to Scotland is especially beautiful as one can see the old mixed with the new. Come “straight a way” and lets begin our journey.  So here’s to beautiful Scotland. I think you will find it to be quite lovely.

Many of the pictures here are available at www.palmettospecialtygroup.com