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Someone who is reading this blog is wondering just how he or she can know that they will be saved when they breathe their last.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young. We know accidents happen and people are dying each day from sickness or other causes. For most religions, or for people without any particular religion, the mixture of not only faith, but WORKS, or good deeds, are part of their belief whether they say so or not. They think that this is their way to heaven. It doesn’t matter if they have sat in church services all their lives.

Is that what you have always thought? If I will be just good enough and try to be a good neighbor, family member or friend…even help out the poor once in a while, God will be pleased and just maybe I will go to heaven when I die. They may even say something like, “I sure hope the Man Upstairs will be happy with me when I walk through those pearly gates!”

Yes, God is always pleased when we are kind and caring, but adding this to your belief does not bring eternal salvation. Only GOD’S GRACE (unmerited favor) …and nothing more can do that.

There is a famous man who struggled with knowing he was God’s child, even though he had been brought up in a family of preachers and church-going people. His name is Charles H. Spurgeon. He was transformed when he wandered into a church to get out of the driving snow and cold. Little did he know that God was waiting for him there. He heard a particular word…LOOK. This resonated with him.

Young Charles Spurgeon

“LOOK unto Me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other” Isaiah 45:22

This is the verse the layman was preaching in England on the day C. H. Spurgeon placed his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior.

“I stepped within the house of God, and sat there, afraid to look upward, lest I should be utterly cut off, and lest His fierce wrath should consume me.” The minister read the verse of Scripture and Spurgeon says, “I looked that moment; the grace of faith was vouchsafed to me in the self-same instant . . .” He looked upon the wounds of Christ and could say, “Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be until I die.” From that moment on for the rest of his life Spurgeon preached God’s saving grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

I think the video of young Charles finding Christ as Savior is the best that this blog writer can share with you. Spurgeon would one day be known as “The People’s Preacher.” Give yourself time to watch and most important of all…ask God to speak to you…as you simply LISTEN.

Turn up your sound.