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Out of the mouths of Babes Part 2 “Give me the words….”

Akiane Kramarik is referred to as  a prodigy or artistic  genius, just as my story about Ariel Lanyi, a  gifted pianist.  Both of these children are now in their teens.  Ariel lives in Israel.  .  (See his story in a previous blog.)  Akiane lives in Illinois, USA  The writers of their stories  rarely say their talents are God-given.   I believe Ariel’s talents are from God, but we know he also had parents who nurtured the gift.

Akiane began her paintings at the age of four and told her parents that she had seen heaven and God in the  visions that God gave her. These visions inspired her, keeping  close connections with God through prayer.  She says that she is constantly praying…even in interviews.  She asks God to “Give me the words…” How did she know about God?   She has grown  up in a family that said they were atheists, at the time.   Her father is American and her mother is from Lithuania.

Another thing that has impressed me about these children is the maturity in which they speak.  We saw that in Ariel Lanyi, Jackie Evancho  and now,  Akiane Kramarik

VIDEO of Akiane by Fox News.