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The Right Idea

Sometimes when the world is ready to throw up its collective hands, maybe we need to take a lesson from some who have the right idea about things:

  • If someone enters your territory for a little rest, let them.
  • Give them an extra push when needed.
  • While they rest, you rest.

Life is too short to do otherwise. 

Have a great day and enjoy this video below which illustrates the words above. They have the Right Idea!  (Great music…click video, move mouse over picture and click on sound)




Cat Takes Care of Dog



Puppies and a pig

Puppies and a pig

In the animal world, some are able to set aside their natural differences.   Perhaps we humans could take a lesson from a blind and hard of hearing chocolate lab and a cat named “Pudicat”.  It is well known that cats usually do not like dogs.  I have seen this unusual situation even with my golden retriever, Gracie, and a neighbor cat…now deceased.   Gracie would be laying outside the door and “Patches” would come up to her.  Ever so gently, Patches would tip-toe between Gracie’s legs…maneuver a bit   and lay down between Gracie’s paws.    Gracie never tried to move her…or pull away.  They would lay there for a very long time.  Usually it was Patches who would get up and travel along her way.

In the video below, you’ll  notice the words...vulnerable.sensing….which  says to us to  be more keenly aware of the vulnerable around us…sense their needs and do something about it if we can…just like “Pudicat”.