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A Golf Champion and Life Winner!


Byron Nelson and Tiger

Maybe we should remember a great golfer like Byron Nelson and what he believed was important in life, fame, and the use of his money.

  Below is the news (not National news) on his death and quotes on his life.  I find this particularly interesting.  We either give the best we have in life, for at the end there will only be a few lines to remember us by:   who we were; what we have done; who was our family, and  perhaps what we felt was important in life.  

Here is what was written about  Byron Nelson and what he  had to say about his life as a  Christian and  being a professional golfer:

“Legendary golfer Byron Nelson, a lifelong Church of Christ member known as much for his gentlemanly conduct as his 52 PGA Tour victories, died at age 94…

“We’ve lost a great man,” Abilene Christian University President Royce Money said of Nelson, a former ACU trustee who long supported the university’s golf program.

 “Byron Nelson was a wonderful Christian example whose life had a profound and lasting impact on everyone he met.”Nicknamed “Lord Byron,”

 Nelson established one of the most enduring records in sports when he won 11 straight tournaments — and a total of 18 — in his remarkable 1945 season.

 In an interview with The Christian Chronicle at his home last year, Nelson discussed his commitment to attending services every Sunday and Wednesday night, using a scooter to maneuver his way through the crowd. “I wouldn’t know what to do without being at church,… “The good Lord blesses me every day.”
For 39 years, he hosted the EDS Byron Nelson Championship, his namesake PGA Tour event. In recent years, the tournament at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas generated more money for charity than any other PGA tournament.

In all, it has raised more than $82 million for Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers, which provide education and mental health services for thousands of Dallas area children and their families.

“It has become the best thing that has ever happened to me in golf, better than winning the Masters or U.S. Open or 11 in a row,” Nelson wrote in his 1993 autobiography, “How I Played the Game.”

The reason: “Because it helps people.”      For those who knew Nelson, that attitude epitomized how he approached life.”

Today Boyer Writes honors a famous golfer’s life-   “Lord Byron” Nelson.     Those who have gone before stand as the real role-model to people like Tiger Woods and others who are famous with so much potential to be all they can be. 

Life is a long lesson in humility.