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Are you missing Life?

My last blog was in honor of a dear friend who passed away five years after brain surgery.  It led me to think about those who were more fortunate to live a very long, productive life…even to 100 years or more.

One of those centenarians was 107 years old Raffaella Monne from a village in Sardinia.  She had a great statement, which is part of a very interesting book called The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner.  This is what she said that she would like to tell people today:

“Life is short. Don’t run so fast you miss it!”

National Geographic was part of the research on why some people live longer in different parts of the world.  All these so-called “Blue Zones” had several things that were important to them:

  • Diet:  Mainly of home-grown vegetables, nuts, fish and sometimes meat.  They were not strict vegetarians.
  • Strong family and friend support system…taking time to chat and relax.
  • Worked hard and walked a great deal, but slowed down to take a daily nap…less stress was important
  • Strong faith in God and belief system
  • Let the past be the past and live happily…with something interesting to wake up to each day.

Throughout the book, the American or Western lifestyle is challenged because of not only our unhealthy lifestyle, but the stress that brings on pre-mature disease and death. It is not hard to look around us at even the young who are carrying loads of fat on their bodies.

In the parts of the world that had a history of longevity, as soon as the Western-style businesses with fast foods became part of their lives, the death rate began to go up.  I highly recommend that for a more thorough understanding of the things listed above, that you give this book a read. I am grateful that a friend recommended it to me.          The Blue Zones

Dr. Amit Sood, MD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. had this to say about missing life.  “A Mind in Hurry hurries past the presentI am in a hurry when I am getting late. I am in a hurry when I am on time. I find myself hurrying even when I am before time. Hurry for me has become a habit.” 


Determine to slow down…for it could be the best thing you ever did.  Take a moment to look at the beautiful clouds, a rainbow, a bird on a branch, a small colored leaf or a child’s sweet smile.  Say a prayer to God and thank Him for all these things. Breathe a fresh breath of life.

Raffaella, of Sardinia, had wisdom beyond her 107 years…for not missing life.  We could call her short statement a God-sent, for we all would like not to miss the good things that life has to offer… simply by rushing around too fast to even notice.

“Life is short. Don’t run so fast you miss it!”

107-year-old-raffaella-monne of Sardinia

Raffaella Monne at 107


Music for a stress-free living from Boyer Writes


The Beautiful You…not cosmetics …but HABITS

Ever lick a dirty ashtray? (Disgusting…Yes?  Read on for explanation later)

Amazing how much we put in our mouths that could change us!   This does not only mean what we eat, but also what we inhale.  Ladies, you are paying a fortune for makeup.  If you could have all the money back from what you have spent over the years, you’d probably be rich…or much richer than now. These are all in the effort to look beautiful. No makeup can reverse what you may be doing to your skin and body by smoking.   Men, what about the number of cartons of cigarettes you have purchased and inhaled? (Women too)  You may not use make up, but no man wants to look older than he is.

Beautiful lady smoking will not keep this beauty long.

Beautiful lady smoking will not keep this beauty long.

Most everyone wants to look their best.  There is great emphasis on staying young…beautiful….and no one wants to be sickly.   What do the experts say?

Our skin tells on us as we get older:

“Our skin can reflect what’s going on inside our body,” says dermatologist Anne Chapas, M.D., of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City. “As part of the immune system, the skin defends against environmental factors…”

“Smoking makes you look old. That’s all there is to it,” Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a dermatologist at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery”

Recently, I saw a picture of twin men…both were smokers, but the one on the left quit fourteen years earlier.  One can see the difference in wrinkles and sagging.    Ladies, no cream can change this if you are a smoker.   Not only are you in grave danger of lung cancer, but forget the beauty…for it’s going out the window!  Smoking  weakens your heart, lungs, and bones as well.   It also raises the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Fractures of the spine can cause an abnormal curvature and “hunchback” appearance as we often see in the elderly.

Twin men...one on left is now a non-smoker

Twin men…one on left is now a non-smoker

Progress is being  slowly made in the United States. “Twenty percent of Americans are smokers, and tobacco use has dropped nearly 30 percent in the U.S. over the past decade, reports the Centers for Disease Control but the use by women has increased. ”   Those of us who love to look at the vintage movies of the 40’s and 50’s notice that practically every star lights up sometime during the film.  This, of course, was commercial promotion of those funding the movie makers…but never showed the end of the stars lives who never kicked the habit.  Some of those may be names you know as Peter Jennings (TV broadcaster), Beverly Sells (Opera Star), Steve McQueen, Vincent Price and John Wayne (Movie stars)

“Lung cancer might not get as much attention as other forms of cancer, but it kills more men and women than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer combined. In 2006 (the most recent year for which statistics are available), lung cancer killed 89, 243 men and 69,356 women. “

Ladies, NOTHING is cool about a habit that takes away your beauty and your health.   It may even take away your chances in meeting and perhaps marrying a wonderful man who does not smoke and would never consider dating a women who does.   A teacher used to tell her fifth grade students that “kissing a smoker was like licking a dirty ash tray.”   She of course got the reaction of “UGH!!!

Here are some pictures that may help you make a very wise and life changing decision.

Damaged teeth and gums from smoking

Damaged teeth and gums from smoking

Increased risk of psoriasis

Increased risk of psoriasis

Developing of cataracts in the eyes.

Developing of cataracts in the eyes.

Crows feet develop on face

Crows feet develop on face

Increased hair loss and balding..men and women

Increased hair loss and balding..men and women

What the use of Meth has done to this woman.

What the use of Meth has done to this woman.

We have not discussed here other things that go in the body, like methamphetamine and other drugs that effect the central nervous system. Meth, as it is known, is even more devastating. This illegal drug acts as a central nervous system stimulant. Not only is the drug highly addictive, people quickly build a tolerance to it, leading them to use more and more of the substance. Side effects of using meth include paranoia, hallucinations and repetitive behavior, according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America. People can also have delusions of parasites or insects crawling under the skin which leads them to scratch themselves. Long-term use of meth, high dosages, or both can cause psychosis and paranoia. In some cases, it can even lead to stroke and death. (This will be a topic of another blog, but simply wanted to add this to subject of how we can harm our bodies.) The picture below gives the before and after of a user. Tragic and certainly not beautiful.

What are the benefits to quitting smoking?   

  • Blood flow improves
  • Skin starts to receive more oxygen and looks healthier.
  • Teeth may get whiter
  • Stains disappear on fingers and nails
  • Most of all, you may not die

When you came into this world…a perfect little human being…God had a plan for your life.  He still does.  Don’t miss it.

Fresh and new to the world

You can change your habits. Do it today by your own decision or with professional help.  Do it for YOU and the ones that love you.



Just Relax…for longer life!

You are in the middle of trying to explain yourself and someone says, “Just relax!”    What they are really trying to tell you is that you are more stressed on the subject than you need to be…or they may be saying, “I am really tired of hearing you go on and on!  I need some rest.”

This leads us to explore what relaxing is really all about and whether it is necessary. Donna Raskin, in her article, The Benefits of Relaxing, seems to think that relaxing is a  good thing.

 “Relaxation and flexibility are joined in the fitness world because the mind-body connection seems to best flourish in an atmosphere of gentle, slow movement. You can breathe deeply, slowing down your entire respiratory system and, in turn, soothe your nervous and parasympathetic nervous system.”

I think being soothed would be a great thing.    It has always  been my thought that  the people south of the border took an afternoon siesta because of the hot weather. However, I live in Florida, which can get really hot in August, and never do I see a business close at noon to reopen later in the cooler evening. Just the same, it sounds like a good idea to me.

Animals seem to have it right. Take a look at these guys. We smile…but do they have something going here?

Now, this is complete relaxation!!

Maybe this is relaxation with a couple guards!   It’s easier that way…knowing someone is watching!

This could be just ridiculously relaxed….but can we learn something from this way of life?

  • Forget who is around…just do it!
  • Someone may see the example and join us…you think?
  • If you see someone already relaxed, just climb up and settle in.  They won’t care.

A good nap….a place on the floor…or in the easy chair….soothing music….may increase our lives to nap another day.           (I’m hurrying to send this up to my husband who practices more often what I preach!  I have to work at it….or not work at it…as the case may be.)   

Below some music to relax by    Sweet dreams.