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Everyone Belongs…to Somebody

Ever wonder when you ride by a homeless person on the street exactly what put them there? What is their story? Do they deserve to be hoping that someone will find them and make things better? Have they just made begging a lifestyle?

Do we want to know the real person behind the sign?

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly why people end up in such conditions. Most simply drive on by. Others reach out. Some make their way for a meal at the homeless shelter. During bad weather, they find whatever shelter they can find…and wait for things to change.

CHANGE…THAT IS A BIG WORD. To help someone find change is when another person reaches out with the heart. One policeman did this in the story you are going to learn about at this Christmas season. Especially at Christmas, we know that not having a home or family to love is an even deeper wound to the soul. Another man entered the picture because, as a detective, he knew that EVERYONE BELONGS TO SOMEONE. They just may not know who…or where that person may be.

When you lay comfortably in your bed this holiday season, remember to pray that some of those people on the street will find a special someone who cares…and even more so…a family to love them.

Merry Christmas from Boyer Writes.

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