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Boyer Writes Stats for 2013 and Introducing Nanny Books


At WordPress, we have the privilege of seeing our statistics at the end of each year.   We are pleased to report the following BOYER WRITES stats  for 2013:

  • We were viewed in 2013 over 15,000 times in 134 countries.
  • There were 138 views in one day on Jan 11, 2013
  • Boyer Writes posted 102 new writings making a total of 375 since first beginning to write.
  • The most popular writing by Boyer Writes was   “Is the Art of Conversation going out or are we becoming idiots?”    with a quote by Albert Einstein that may have hit a nerve:   “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.”

(See this link:  Our most viewed writing on THE ART OF CONVERSATION     If you missed this one, you will want to take a look.)

Thank you, readers.  We look forward to another year!



Having seen the above writing on “human interaction” is one of importance.  We,  at Boyer Writes, has a goal for this New Year 2014.   We want to see more involvement and conversation between parents and their children.

It will not be enough to sit in the same room and leave conversation out of daily living.  Interaction within the family is a must.  When a child has his/her head buried in a game or talking on a phone, communication with parents is extremely limited.  It will never take the place of looking into a smile or the eyes of the ones we love.  Recently I found a children’s book on Virtues such as honesty.  These will be some areas that we’ll be writing about for parents and children to discuss.

The NANNY BOOKS will be a series of writings to accompany some small children’s books that I have written in the past.      (My name is Nancy, but my grandchildren call me “Nanny”…thus the name.)

These small books will be for parents to read to..or with…their children as they relate to experiences in their own lives.  They will be in print form and available on Kindle.  For more information, email us at  info@palmettospecialtygroup.com

Here is a listing of books written so far:

Monster Book  to help with fears

Monster Book to help with fears

Nanny’s Monster Book (shown on left) which helped children with fears.

  • Nanny’s Bird Book  Shares with the child pictures of nature they may have never seen up-close.
  • Nanny’s Work Book  This helps children understand that pulling their weight and doing chores is a good thing.
  •  Betty Big Ears  is my most recent book.  This  deals with bullies who may say hurtful things to children and how one little girl named Betty found a solution to her problem.   This one is now available for those who use Kindle. BETTY BIG EARS on Kindle  

 Betty Big Ears  deals with bullies and self-esteem

  • Betty Big Ears deals with bullies and self-esteem