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Today is a new day of getting back to my blog writing after spending weeks…and many early morning hours writing my new book, GREAT RECIPES and FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Now it is published and available to you! Thank Heavens…I mean literally, Thank Heaven!

My dear husband has always said to me, “Do what you think God wants you to do.” He knew that I was an educator with lots of dreams to do wonderful things, but he probably didn’t know that after retirement, I’d strike out to Mongolia or Ukraine to teach English…or to the mission fields of Guatemala…but I did thanks to Bill’s unselfish encouragement.

My creative side never retired, however..so I decided to become an author. Thank God for spellcheck! Many books later, with Bill as my patient editor, I finally found a book that I had never written...A COOKBOOK!

What? Now, here comes the confession… I’m not really an excellent cook, but I can read and can generally follow directions! This is the case with most people who find that trying new things can be exhilarating and exciting, even if it takes a great deal of work…and if they are not certain what they are doing! As Julia Childs said, “I just love to eat!” Don’t we all…and thank God we are so very blessed with food.

It is heartbreaking to think that the “Bread Basket of the World in Ukraine”… that fed so many throughout the world, is in a total disaster because of an unprovoked attack. The World Food Program, with its member nations, is having to cut its supply by 50%, as recently told by a director. He also said, that the tragedy in Ukraine will effect the entire world’s food supply. Continue your prayers.

While writing and researching, I could not get out of my head the challenges that are so beautifully portrayed in the movie, Julie and Julia. Many of you may have seen it, but for those who haven’t, it is really worth your time to spend a night on the couch with your favorite dessert, drink or popcorn and have lots of laughs! Just the thing after you have thanked the lady in your family, frequently and on Mother’s Day, for all that she does to make a home a home…COOKING, not being the least!

Dear Boyer Writes Reader, I hope you will look at my book, Great Recipes and Food for the Soul. It is now available online and if you decide to purchase it…and love it or even just “like it”…please write me a review. All my royalty, which believe it or not, is about $1-2 a book goes to Christian missions. Hopefully, it will add up for a very good cause, and with God’s blessing.

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For some laughs, Enjoy this video.