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The Life Changing Tangled Cord….and a Tribute to our Wounded Warriors on Veterans’ Day

Michael Davenport paints with his mouth

Special note from Boyer Writes:Over a year ago, I wrote this blog and then I received a comment from someone who knows Michael Davenport personally.  It reminded me that today, Nov. 11, 2012 is Veteran’s Day and there are many veterans who have given their all for their country.   Many are now learning how to use their new limbs and wrestling with what they can do in life.   I decided to share this blog again to encourage them through this young man. Michael Davenport, had a terrible accident but  he was able to rise above his circumstances, as difficult as it was.  Michael was not a veteran, but has much to share by his life experience and courage.

Michael Davenport was big fan of the University of Georgia football team and  faced with a world in which he never expected to be a part.  Michael  is now disabled.

 At the age of 13, while playing in his yard and holding a copper wire, he became entangled in a live electrical cord.

The accident left him with no hands and only a prosthetic arm .  Everything had to be re-learned.   His life, before  the accident, had been one of heavy drinking,  but now a decision had to be made.   He would have to face life the way it would be.  It was like being born into a new body…one that he must learn to use all over again.

This was his opportunity to start over; to find a passion and to trust in God to lead his life.  He had to learn to write with his new hand and in  doing so, he  found out that he had  artistic ability.   Drawing the University of Georgia mascot, the Bull Dog, he began to sell them to tourists at ball games.  This brought him an income that he needed.  He found also that the football fans and others have became his followers.

It has not been an easy road, but Michael continues because  he believes God gave him his life for a reason.   He believes this is the challenge that he wants to leave with all young people: “Follow your dreams.”

(note from Boyer Writes)   Michael, our prayers are that you will continue to grow in your new life.   Regardless of our abilities, God makes a way as we trust Him. We do not know what each day will bring, but we can trust each day to the One who knows.

I wonder if anyone ever told Michael Davenport how especially proud they are of him…for all he has tried to do in the face of such  personal devastation?   I have a friend who is trying hard to break the cycle of caffeine, nicotine, and sugar addiction.  As he was walking on a road, he was hit by a car and  broke his neck…ultimately having to cope with the addiction  of pain killers.   There are so many people who need a word of praise and the simple words, “I am proud of you for what you are trying to do.” He has made an appointment with a doctor and is on the right path. Picking up the phone this morning, I decided it was time to say those words to my friend.  Maybe he has never heard them.    Who do you know that may need encouragement or a simple word of praise?

(A reader wrote this note about Michael after reading this blog.  Thank you so much.)

“I have known Michael Davenport for many years now. We had not seen each other in a while and he came to visit me a few days ago. I was once again reminded of what an amazing person he is.  I think we all could learn a little bit from the way he views his life and the manner in which he choses to live. Michael branches out from the canvas by giving motivational speeches to others who also have a disability. You might also find Michael in your neighborhood drawing cartoon characters for children where he uses his god given talent as a tool to pass along the message to tell children to “follow your dreams, stay in school and don’t do drugs”. To say that Michael is a kindred spirit with an amazing story and incredible talent would surely be an understatement. I consider him to be a wonderful friend who always seems to have a smile on his face. I am very blessed to know Michael Davenport and he truly is a wonderful compliment to Athens, Georgia.

Video showing Michael and his artistic talent using his mouth: