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Pilot to Haiti needs support

Mark Mikarts is a missionary pilot working with Agape Flights, based in Venice, Florida.  Mark has to raise his own financial support.   He has regularly flown supplies to missionaries in Haiti.    Now that the earthquake  tragedy has happened, he continues to fly missions as close to the disaster as possible.  Having talked with him this evening, he said that he is short the support he needs monthly to continue this work.   If you are looking for someone to help financially in God’s service to others,  consider Mark Mikarts.   

Agape Flights in Venice, FL

Mark, Kristin and boys

The following was posted online  about Mark and Agape Flights:    



VENICE — Bottlenecks at Haiti’s major airport blocked the flow of aid from one of southwest Florida’s leading missionary aid organizations Thursday.

Agape Flights, based in Venice, sent three planes containing food, supplies and a total of nine doctors, according to interim director Dick Armstrong.After circling the Port-au-Prince airport, all three were diverted to the Dominican Republic. Armstrong said a gas shortage clogged traffic at the Port-au-Prince airport, preventing planes on the ground from clearing out.  

“We’re frustrated now,” Armstrong said. “We’ve got people and supplies, but they’re not where they’re supposed to be. We’re looking for whatever we can do to get down what we’ve got to get down.”Agape Flights is a nonprofit Christian ministry serving 380 missionary families in Haiti, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. It makes weekly flights delivering mail, critical supplies, manpower resources and equipment. About 130 of the missionary families are in Haiti. Agape has confirmed communication with 69 of those families.

 Armstrong said in one area where 26 Agape-supported missionaries work, they reported having no clean water, no food, no shelter and medical supplies that were crushed in the earthquake.  “With our supplies stuck in the Dominican Republic, I’m not sure things have changed much,” he said.  

Armstrong said there are more supplies ready to send to Haiti. One volunteer purchased a planeload of supplies and offered to pay for pilots. Another 20,000 pounds of C-rations are waiting as well.

The video below is on the founding of Agape flights and what it has done in the past to help the missionaries serving in Haiti.  Now, there is even a greater need.

 To  support  this missionary effort, see the contact information on the following video clip.  

Click here:  For video about Agape Flights          Then click below for a secure page to donate. Find Mark Mikart’s name on the list.

Agape Flights and designate your support to pilot, Mark Mikarts on  secure donation link