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This has been a very difficult day.  My blog will be short because frankly I am exhausted. 

 Things began to unravel as I headed home from a dentist appointment in Mt. Dora for my mother.  It was so sudden…and out of the corner of my eye I saw a little dog dashing toward my car.  There was no time to brake and I heard this terrible thump.   I knew …but didn’t want to know.  Looking in my mirror, I saw the white, still form laying in the middle of the street.  There was no way that I could go on.    Running back to him, I knew that he was gone.  “I am so sorry…” is all I could say.  Taking his little red collar in my hand, I pulled him over to the grass.      Where had he come from and where was he going?   Banging on a few doors, I asked, but no one knew.  Finally, I saw a man walking down the street.   I walked over to him and ask  ” Do you have a little black and white dog with a red collar?”   He said that he did.  

Being the dog lover that I am, I knew that if my Gracie, who is our third Golden Retriever should be accidently run over by  anyone, I would feel as sense of devastation.  Surely this is what this man would feel.   Taking his arm, I  began to tell him what had happened.  He told me that the dog had gotten out and he was looking for him. He had the dog since he was a puppy. 
  We walked over to the little body.  He reached down and took him gently in his arms.  Tears were flowing from my eyes and he was also fighting it. 
 “Lady” he said. “Most people would have gone on, but you didn’t.”    I knew this was true, but I knew that in just a brief moment a little life on this earth was gone.  Things can happen so quickly.  We are never ready for it.  I know this gentleman and his family will have a hard time tonight.
  On the way home, I thought how awful for anyone who  accidently hits a child running after a ball…and it is too late.   An animal is God’s creature.  People are his special creation.   Even though this was unavoidable,  it was a lesson to me to remember that all life is precious and to be extra special careful when driving this huge machine  that can instantly remove the breath of life. 
   I read recently about a sister and brother playing in a parking lot.  She would start to drive and he would playfully jump in front of the car as she hit the brakes.  Suddenly, he jumped one time too often and she was unable to miss him.  He died later.   Along this same line,  it is beyond me how anyone can take the chance in getting behind the wheel after only a few drinks.   Lives are changed forever…..in a blink of an eye.
My slide presentation tonight is in honor of all dogs….great and small.   Perhaps you will see a picture of your dog or one that you used to have, who melted your heart. 
It has been a long day.

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