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Young people around the world are much the same.

They want to live life for themselves.

They don’t want their parents to dictate to them what to do.

They will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

The ones that you will see today are much like our young people here in America. They have the same “growing up pains” and hopes for the future. They, unlike the young people of Ukraine, live in a communist country, where “freedom” is only a hoped for experience.

Leaders and dictators of communist countries know that to indoctrinate the children is an important means of controlling a future generation of adults. They control the media and limit what the general public is to know. They set down certain regulations on what children and youth should believe.

Rebekah Koffler, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer, had this to say about what is being taught to the Russian children today:

The Ministry of Education has launched a nationwide program called Open Lesson, where they teach the children through videos. Teachers are explaining the objective of the special operation in Ukraine, and they call it a liberation mission...” (article by Adam Sabes)

In another article, it emphasized the strong teachings to Russian children and young people of the importance of NATIONALISM and that even the STATE and RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH should be seen as one. In many cases, the approved, state religion is part of the curriculum. Other churches that are not affiliated with the State Church must go through various investigations to be allowed to remain open.

Even as the young men, sent to fight in Ukraine, find themselves hampered by problems with their equipment and that some captured did not seem to understand the severity of their ground mission, there are questions about their desire to fight a country that is so closely related to them in culture and even family connections. A few of these very young Russians were told that they would be released if “their mothers come to get them.” It is likely that most would not want to fight if they had any choice.

” … Pictures on social media indicate that troops carried expired rations from 2015 and the equipment appears dated… Tanks and vehicles abandoned during combat show evidence of poor maintenance and care.” (article by Peter Aiken)

Could this be because of the mass wealth of the Russian oligarchs who operate in every sector of Russian society…and the funding for military readiness was neglected?

We not only need to pray for the people of Ukraine, but for the people of Russia…that they will be able to know the truth…the whole truth about the invasion of Ukraine and the killing of children and civilians who were living in peace. IT IS NOT A “LIBERATION MISSION.”


Let’s take a look at some of the Russian young people and what their thoughts are about freedom and their desires for the future. They have the same strange hair styles, jewelry in the nose and lips, liberal thoughts…and more….just like some of our young people! Since their interviews were a few years ago, they are most likely finding themselves in the midst of a NEW phase in their lives…in war with a friendly nation.

God give the people of Russia the wisdom…and courage to stand for what is right.

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